Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL) did great in other lofts in 2014

Jan Hooymans is a particularly ambitious fancier. The now well known and highly successful pairing of the superior bloodlines of Koopman’s Kleine Dirk and Vandenabeele’s Bliksem have given him the renowned Harry NL07-2007621, and the parents of Harry have bred several more outstanding descendants. These pigeons have been really successful in one loft races, while having won quite a few prizes in other lofts as well.

We take a look at a number of impressive results in other lofts in 2014:

BEL 13-6122233 of Dirk van Dyck bred from a daughter of Zuster Harry

Gueret 30-06-2014     Provincial          1 - 1,562 p.  
                      Zone Gueret         1 - 2,247 p.
                      National            3 - 9,815 p.  yearlings

Platino NL14-1651344 of the Vertree Combination with a son of a Daughter James Bond (= brother Harry)

Troyes 13-09-2014     Provincial          1 –  6,372 p. young birds
                      Interprovincial     1 – 12,748 p. young birds
                      National Sector  3  3 – 17,351 p. young birds

This pigeon has also won a car.

Harriette NL12-1784261 of Peter Netten with a granddaughter of Harry; a direct Hooymans hen

Montlucon 24-05-2014 Province 3 NPO       1 -  ,787 p. old birds

Click here for the pedigree of Harriette NL12-1784261

NL 13-3346779 Van Wanrooij combination, from a brother of Harry

La Souteraine  21-06-2014 Province 3 NPO  6 -  4,239 p. olds

NL14-1211126 of Rien van Oss & Son, from a son of Daughter Harry

Troyes         13-09-2014 Province 7 NPO  5 -  6,390 p. young birds
                          Nat. Sector 3   8 - 17,351 p. young birds 

NL14-1211202 of Rien van Oss & Son, from 508, a son of Harry

St. Quentin    23-08-2014  Province 7     4 – 10,974 p. young birds

NL14-1211090 of Rien van Oss & Son, a 50% Hooijmans, from a grandson of Cees (brother Harry)

St. Quentin   23-08-2014  Province 7     7 – 10,974 p. young birds

NL14-1211072 of Rien van Oss & Son, from a son of Harry

St. Quentin    7-09-2014  Province 7      7 – 7,407 p. young birds

NL14-1211143 of Rien van Oss & Son, a 50% Hooijmans, from a grandson of Harry

St. Quentin    7-09-2014  Province 7      9 - 7,407 p. young birds

​NL14-1211217  of Rien van Oss & Son, a 50% Hooijmans, from a grandchild of Harry

Morlincourt 31-08-2014 Province 7         5 - 8,735 p. young birds

He was also 4th pigeon champion young birds in Province 7

NL14-1219811 Hawky Harry of Team GPS, bred from Beauty Harry, a son of Harry

Troyes        13-09-2014 Province 7 NPO   9 - 6,372 p. young birds
This resulted in a 3rd teletext prize. Click here for the pedigree of Hawky Harry NL14-1219811.

NL14-1209357 of Crehan - O'Connor; a direct Hooymans, from a son of Harry x a sister of Harry

Portland     13-09-2014                   2 – 1,600 p. young birds
Yeovil       30-08-2014                   1 -   846 p. young birds

These were some of the outstanding results of 2014. Another performance worth mentioning is the following top result in the overnight long distance in 2012:

NL10-3017961 De Bordeaux of Cor de Heijde Made, from a full brother of Harry

Bordeaux                 National         1 - 4.509 p. old birds

In addition, Broer Harry NL09-1375264 developed into an invaluable breeder for the Van Wanrooij combination. This cock is the sire of:


La Souteraine 2012       Province 3  NPO  2 - 6,327 p. old birds


Randy  2nd Golden Crack Young Birds FZN 2012

And the grandfather of:


Poitiers 2012            Province 3 NPO   2 -  4,494 p. old birds 
Sezanne                  Province 3       8 - 21,881 p. old birds
Sezanne                  Province 3      16 – 10,501 p. old birds
Argenton                  Nat. Sector 1   25 - 20,816 p. old birds

Another brilliant result came from Rivaldo NL11-1394247, a pigeon of the Verbree Combination

Tours                    Province 7 NPO   5 – 1,353 p. old birds

This cock is a grandchild of James Bond NL06-1267007, in turn a full brother of Harry.

And last but not least, grandmaster Gaby Vandenabeele achieved great results with the line of Harry as well

One of the great champions in Vandenabeele’s loft (BE) is Benjij, a cock that was bred from a daughter of Cees (a nest brother of Harry and winner of a 2nd, 5th and 11th NPO). Cees was paired to a daughter of his brother Harry, and this combination has bred Daughter Cees. Daughter Cees is the dam of several top quality pigeons for Gaby Vandenabeele, including


 3rd Prov. Argenton 3,024 p.
10th Prov. Chateauroux
30th Prov. Argenton

She is also the dam of the outstanding Benji, which is basically a grandson of Cees and a great-grandson of Harry. Benjij has won an impressive number of top prizes over the course of two seasons:

 1st Prov. Argenton ('13)
 1st Nat-z Bourges 3,788 p. ('14)
 2nd Prov. Bourges 1,661 p. ('13)
 3rd Prov. Chateauroux 3,469 p. ('13)
 3rd Prov. Vierzon 8,394 p. ('14)
 8th Prov. Fontenay 7,568 p. ('14)
50th Nat-z Poitiers 3,324 p. ('14)
(no doubles)

This illustrates once again the outstanding breeding qualities of this bloodline. This inbred hen comes from the line of stock pair Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje!



This impressive list of results in other lofts illustrates the strength of the Hooymans bloodlines, and the line of Harry NL07-2007621 in particular. We take a look back at some of the exceptional achievements of this top class cock:

1st Nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance WHZB 2009
1st Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance ‘The best of the best’ 2009
1st The Netherlands Ace Pigeon Western European Countries Cup Long Distance in Dortmund 2009
1st NPO Blois          5,653 p. (1st N.U. 22,747 p. and fastest of 37,728 p.)
1st NPO Chateauroux    5,979 p. (1st Van 22,340 p.)
3rd NPO Chateaudun     8,781 p. (3rd of 21,520 p.).

A super class pair

As we said earlier, Harry was bred from super class pair Jonge Bliksem (B01-3266512) x Dirkje (NL05-1936558). Jonge Bliksem comes directly from the loft of Gaby Vandenabeele, and Dirkje is a direct Gerard Koopman. Jan is very clear about the amazing breeding value of this pair: “This is a once in a lifetime pairing.”

A dream come true

Everything suggests that Jan is very serious about achieving his goals in pigeon racing. He is fond of breeding great pigeons and his impressive collection of top quality pigeons in his loft was a dream come true for him. In addition, he enjoys seeing his pigeons perform really well in other lofts too. New plans have been made for 2015, and we will surely be watching him in the upcoming racing season. We are also curious about the results of the Harry descendants in 2015!