Auctions ending: Mark Gilbert, Erik Plant, Andreas Drapa, Danny Roelandt, Nat. Acepigeons KBDB and Super Performers (BE+NL)

On Sunday 23 November six auctions will end.

Mark Gilbert (U.K.): 18 youngsters from the best breeders

Incl. 2 children Starlight X 1. Int. Bordeaux

A pioneer in our sport in Great Britain, Mark Gilbert managed to bring some of the best Dutch, Belgian and German bloodlines to the United Kingdom, enabling him to achieve great successes in all disciplines.

His impressive results in the sprint and middle distance competition were not immediately picked up in Europe but he earned a solid reputation by achieving great results in the international classics. National and international top prizes were followed by three national victories from Agen, Pau and St.-Vincent in 2014. This makes a totel of 13 first nationals in the UK and three international wins. Mark now offers a fine selection of young birds from his impressive long distance collection for sale on PIPA.

Erik Plant (NL): best racers and breeders

The auctioning of his best breeders and racers marks the end of a highly successful career for Erik Plant in Leuvenheim. Erik asked PIPA to auction his impressive collection of major prize winners and ace pigeons, along with his best breeders.

The teletext pair Son Garfield x 948 hen plays an essential role here and the key bloodlines in this loft include mainly that of Janssen (via Eijerkamp, Alwin Petrie and others) and Leo Heremans (via Arie & Jos Van Roon). This is an auction with top quality racing birds and proven breeders from one of the best sprint/middle distance lofts in The Netherlands.

Andreas Drapa (DL)

youngsters + some top racers and breeders

Andreas Drapa is probably the most successful pigeon fancier in Western Europe, and his pigeon loft is home to an impressive number of Olymiad pigeon and national ace pigeons.

The fact that famous fanciers from abroad have reinforced their breeds with pigeons of Drapa illustrates that this great champion has an excellent reputation. A collection of his young birds will be auctioned especially for PIPA, including descendants of his famous champions Carl, Champ, Pokerface, Flirzer, Rihanna and Hero. A number of top class racing pigeons will be sold as well. This top quality auction will likely draw the attention of many fanciers looking for high quality pigeons.

Danny Roelandt (BE): Gaston vd Wouwer collection

Incl. son Kaasboer, children 098, brother/sister Kim,…

Danny Roelandt made it to the Olympics as a professional athlete and became a successful businessman later on, and so he was expected to gain success in pigeon racing as well. He owes quite a few of his top results to his invaluable collection of Gaston Van de Wouwer pigeons.

Significant investments were made in an effort to obtain some of the best pigeons available, including a direct son of the legendary Kaasboer, as well as brothers and sisters of national winners Laura and Kim. These introductions proved a great success, and Danny Roelandt now offers his Gaston Van De Wouwer collection for sale on PIPA.

Nat. Acepigeons KBDB Auction

Brothers/sisters and children to national KBDB Acepigeons

Many fanciers consider the national ace pigeon championships the hall of fame of pigeon racing. After all, a national ace pigeon is a pigeon capable of excelling in a number of important races. It goes without saying that these highly talented pigeons have what it takes to breed new generations of equally talented racing birds as well.

PIPA asked a number of top class fanciers to offer youngsters and brothers and sisters of their national ace pigeons for sale in what promises to be a unique KBDB auction.

Super Performers (BE + NL)

Some top racers from Belgium & The Netherlands

In this auction we bring you a collection of racing birds with a proven record both in Belgium and The Netherlands. This collection includes successful first prize winners and ace pigeons that have excelled at regional, provincial and even national level. This is a greatly varied group of pigeons that have one thing in common: they are all top class racing birds that would prove a great addition to any loft.