Andre Roodhooft (Pulderbos, BE) takes an impressive double national victory from La Souterraine!

The town of Pulderbos saw a really exceptional performance last weekend. Andre Roodhooft, the king-emperor in the union of Antwerp clocked both the first national young bird and the first national old bird in the race from La Souterraine.

Andre Roodhooft and his wife Annette

Top class fancier Andre Roodhooft

Admittedly, the fanciers from around Antwerp have been fairly pleased with the weather conditions over the past few weeks. And yet, the achievements of the fanciers from Pulderbos were no coincidence, as Andre has been the man to beat in the shorter middle distance in recent years, winning an impressive number of victories. Andre has been king 14 times and emperor 7 times in the union of Antwerp. It takes a lot to win so many prizes season after season, including a solid pigeon breed, great knowledge and a lot of experience. He gained a lot of experience in the Natural breeding station, where he spent many years examining pigeons.

Despite his many championship titles and victories, including a magnificent win from La Souterraine, Andre continues to be an honest man: “These achievements bring a lot of stress, but that is something we readily accept. I like to put everything in perspective, but this time we think our double victory calls for a celebration.” In addition to his two national first prizes Andre had no less than nine pigeons finish in the national top 100 in the two categories combined.

A double national win

The national victor in the young birds’ race against 18,588 pigeons is BE14-6264011; you can find the pedigree of BE14-6264011 hereShe has won quite a few prizes this season already:

06/7 Noyon                1 reg.  2384 p.
23/8 Souppes-sur-Loing   17 reg.   733 p.
14/6 Sourdun             55 reg.   699 p.
26/7 Gien               575 prov. 6446 p.
09/8 Souppes-sur-Loing  157 reg.  1598 p.

Andre gained an excellent overall result from La Souterraine with his team of young birds:

1-4-34-56-82-167-190-241-253-281-302-322-424-646-884-1793-… (21/38)


Andre and his 1st national La Souterraine young birds (BE14-6264011)

His BE13-6165049, winner in the old birds’ race, is a great looking hen with a proven record. She could have been first national ace pigeon shorter middle distance as a young bird, if Andre had submitted her results of that season. Click here for the pedigree of BE13-6165049. She did really well in her first two seasons as racing hen:

29/6 Dourdan  2 reg. 2179 p.
10/8 Dourdan  8 reg. 2580 p.
22/6 Melun   11 reg. 2109 p.
31/8 Dourdan  4 reg.  774 p.
06/7 Dourdan 25 reg. 2729 p.


05/7 Argenton            7 prov.  1178 p.
17/5 Souppes-sur-Loing  20 reg.    841 p.
31/5 Bourges           792 nat.  24019 p.
02/08 Bourges           57 prov.  1318 p.
7/06 Chateauroux       164 prov.  2664 p.
21/6 Montlucon         220 zone B 3631 p.
26/7 Gien              150 prov.  2231 p.
23/8 Tours              49 prov.   665 p.

The experienced old birds of andre did great in the race from La Souterraine as well:

1-17-24-25-113-120-… (7/12)


The 1st national La Souterraine old birds (BE13-6165049)


Andre has been using a fairly straightforward nutrition plan in recent seasons. He used to feed them separate portions, including a racing mixture, followed by sweet seeds or peanuts for dessert. Nowadays he mixes everything together. The feed and supplements are provided by Natural. When the pigeons arrive home, they get a small portion of diet mixture, along with some beer yeast and garlic oil; electrolytes and amino acids are added to the drinking water. Some Naturalin, cider vinegar and garlic are provided during the remainder of the week. Andre tries to keep the use of medicines to a strict minimum - treatments are provided only if necessary. “Take it from me: a loft that performs at a top level for many seasons will hardly use any medicines.”


Andre used to take away his pigeons for training flights regularly prior to the season, but this is no longer the case, simply because he has too much work in the loft. In fact, there is not even a nest bowl in the lofts by the time the longer middle distance competition takes place.

The young birds are motivated using the sliding door. They were darkened from 1 March until late May and lightened from 1 July onwards. All old racing birds are raced in classic widowhood; the racing hens were raced from a nest after the national race from Bourges II. His winner BE13-6165049 had been basketed with an eight days old youngster.

Congratulations Andre!