Order the Gaston Van de Wouwer catalogue now

As from 13 October Gaston Van de Wouwer, famous for breeding De Kaasboer and for winning numerous prestigious races, will sell all his birds on PIPA except two rounds of youngsters of 2014. To give all people interested an idea of what Gaston has in store, you can already download or order the auction catalogue.

It is beyond question that Gaston Van de Wouwer has hands of gold. So far his pigeons have won two national races, two 1st zonal prizes, dozens of 1st provincial prizes and numerous provincial and national ace pigeon titles. All this success can be ascribed to one single pigeon, the stock cock De Kaasboer. After all, all pigeons housing in Gaston's lofts carry De Kaasboer's blood. They are characterised by an iron constituion and an unseen drive to win. That these characteristics are also passed to other lofts when cross-breeding Van de Wouwer birds is shown by the countless top performances put in by fellow fanciers. A small collection of references, including no less than five national winners in the last four years, can be found here.

Would you like to increase your chances of winning? Seize your opportunity from 13 to 25/26 October when all Van de Wouwer birds, excluding two rounds of youngsters of 2014, are up for auction. Download the English catalogue here to find out which bargains you can pick up. Do you prefer a paper version? You can order the catalogue here by filling in this web form. The cost is 5 euros, including shipping. After submitting your order, you will receive our bank details for the bank transfer. Have fun reading!