Paul & Jelle Roziers (Bevel, BE) have made themselves the favourites for Bourges II

The first provincial young birds’ flight in Antwerp took place last weekend, and Jelle Roziers has always been one of the main contenders in the young birds’ competition here. He achieved an impressive overall result in Antwerp in the provincial race from Gien with 21 pigeons in the top 100 against 6,446 pigeons!

Most fanciers from around the neighbourhood knew that the pigeons of Jelle Roziers were in great form, winning several top results in all sprint races. They did even better in the first important longer middle distance flight of the season, with an overwhelming result in the province of Antwerp. Take a look at the amazing results below:

26-07 Gien (410 km)

Union Antwerpen 1,356 p.
1-3-4-6-8-11-12-13-14-16-17-18-19-21-24-25-26-31-32-33-36-37-41-42-48-49-50-...  73/104

Provinciaal 6,446 p.
1-4-5-12-17-22-24-25-26-33-34-38-41-52-58-63-68-84-85-88-98-...  73/104

At provincial level, he won 42 prizes per 10, 34 prizes per 20 and 16 prizes per 100.

Thanks to Queen L

The bloodline of Roziers is closely connected to stock dam Queen L, whose descendants have continued to achieve great success at national level. Click here for the list of achievements of Queen L's descendants in 2013. She plays an important role in today’s success as well: the four first pigeon in last weekend’s race from Gien are related to Queen L, as well as 9 pigeons in the provincial top 100!

His impressive performance in the race from Gien makes him one of the big favourites for the opener of the national young birds’ racing season from Bourges II next weekend. All eyes will be on the pigeon team from Bevel!