Maurice & Luc De Laere (Anzegem, BE) miss out on a national win from Chateauroux with their ace pigeon Sproet Tieke (BE11-3115645)

Sproet Tieke (BE11-3115645) was the fastest of 39,835 pigeons with a velocity of over 1800 m/min, but it did claim the national victory from Chateauroux because its control ring had been clocked too late.

De relativiteit der dingen

This is no reason for Luc to lose his good temper, because he is really satisfied with the excellent achievement of his Sproet Tieke, the fastest pigeon in the national race from Châteauroux on 7th July. This race will be remembered as the most surprising flight of 2014. The pigeons released from Fontenay, Souppes-sur-Loing and another few middle distance races achieved a velocity of 1400 m/min, which most fanciers had not expected. Several were caught by surprise. For instance, the unofficial winner in the long distance race from Valence had clocked his winning pigeon only after it had landed in the loft. The media have reported extensively about the peculiar circumstances of last weekend, and so most fanciers will understand that the fancier from Anzegem is the moral winner of the race from Chateauroux. However, Luc understands that you should always follow the rules, and the only thing left to do was congratulate Philippe Dobbelaere from Olsene on his national victory. It shows that Luc is not only an engaged but a fair fancier as well.

Luc De Laere met Sproet Tieke

The De Laere family was having a quiet drink while their Sproet Tieke was busy leaving all other pigeons behind. Luc suddenly heard from Rino Verheye that some of his pigeons had already landed, and Luc hurried to his own loft. Luc’s wife told us in jest that Luc had probably sprinted faster than Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt.

Bound to happen

Luc’s wife had swept the driveway and she had also given Luc a haircut in the morning. Luc told us it was as if she was making preparations for a national victory later that day. He had a feeling that his best pigeons were up for an exceptional performance. The team of Delaere had a great start to the 2014 season, just like in previous seasons, with several top results and first prizes. However, he noticed after the tough race from Fontenay (often referred to as Gaby Vandenabeele’s birthday race) that his best pigeons were not in their best form. They did well but they could not win top prizes, and Luc did not like this. He knows he has one of the country’s best pigeon families but they did not seem to get fired up. He then consulted his vet, and his pigeons were quickly diagnosed with a minor coccidiosis infection and an eye condition. They were given a treatment, which means they would lose fitness as well. He had to take things slower and give his pigeons the time to get completely healthy. They quickly regained fitness and he saw they were getting back in shape.

Ace pigeon titles and first prizes

We wrote in February last year that the De Laere pigeons are experts in winning ace pigeon titles and first prizes. We cannot stress enough that this Tieke based pigeon family is a really strong breed capable of winning top prizes and ace pigeon titles in good and bad weather alike, and they seem to claim victories with ease. This is thanks to Luc’s efforts to strictly yet carefully select the pigeons with the greatest potential. The bloodline of Tieke is a great combination with particularly any bloodline, and the introduction of a number of top class pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele did wonders as well. He has also been successful with his German pigeons, as Luc likes to call them.

Sproet Tieke (BE 3115645-11), a true crack!

This champion had already won the title of 1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance in both the Flanders last year, and he can now add the moral victory of a first national prize from Chateauroux to his list of achievements as well. He is a son of Accident Tieke (BE-3015171-08), a full son of the renowned Tieke paired to Annette (Anton Peitz x Koopman). His dam is Fredje (BE 7273409-10), a daughter of Der Star x Sister of De Gigant (Prange bloodline).

Sproet Tieke BE11-3115645

We give you an overview of Sproet Tieke's impressive list of achievements:

1st interprovincial ace pigeons old birds Both Flanders 2013 with a 17th Arras (298p), 3rd Clermont (253p), 2nd Clermont (373p) & 11th provincial (8,462p), 1st Fontenay (310p.), 50th Orléans (330p), 9th Fontenay (187p), 1st Fontenay (228p), 6th Fontenay (145p), 4th Fontenay (130p), 2nd Fontenay (76p - behind loft mate), 3rd Tours (277p) & 29th provincial 2,093p, 1st Tours (163p) & 2nd provincial (1,033p) in 2013.

In 2014, he won a 24th Arras 178p, a 13th Clermont 177p, 7th Clermont 134p, 13th Tours 196p and 159th 6,400p, 19th Chateauroux 342p and 172th 3,842p, as well as a 5th Chateauroux against 503p (being clocked 17 minutes after his actual arrival).

In last week’s race from Cheateauroux, Luc had also clocked his yearling BE 13-3054713, which arrived shortly after Sproet Tieke. This yearling is winner of Arras 18th 196p, Arras 2nd 152p, Clermont 33rd 203p, Clermont 39th 176p, Fontenay 3rd 219p, Chateauroux 20th 387p, Chateaudun 39th 369p, and Chateauroux 2nd 695p in 2014 (he could have just as well won the first prize in the club). He does not have a name yet, but the name The Burglar has been suggested! He is a son of Perfect Tieke (BE07-3204750) and Strong Lady (BE12-3116526), which is in turn a daughter of Late Baron (the line of Tieke x Bliksem Gaby Vandenabeele) and Fredje (Wouters x Prange).

We could conclude that the pigeon family of Luc is back on track after a minor setback, ready to win great prizes with several talented pigeons. Four top prizes have been won in the demanding race from Poitiers on Saturday 14 June, which indicates that the De Laere pigeons can perform in all weather conditions.

We expect them to win several more great results this season. We have seen quite a few pigeons during our visit and they appeared to be in great form. Their opponents will have to watch out for them!