Flanders Collection (Liedekerke, BE) performed outstandingly in the national race of Bourges I

Flanders Collection, or Deridder-Van den Brande, achieved much success in this weekend's first national race of this season. They basketed 5 old birds for Bourges I, 4 of which won a top 10 prize at club level. According to the preliminary results, they will win the 2nd Nat. Zone B1.

Last weekend we informed you that Flanders Collection, along with Frans Sablon, is working on a new generation of De Rauw-Sablon pigeons. Click here to re-read the report. That they can turn the breeding of pigeons with an excellent strain into success in racing was already known. Yesterday, they underlined this once more. They basketed 5 old birds and achieved the following result at club level again 127 old birds: 1-5-8-9 (4/5). No final provincial or zonal results are currently available but according to the preliminary results, their first old bird will win the 2nd Nat. Zone B1 from Bourges in the old birds' category.