Gaston Van de Wouwer (Berlaar, BE) wins the 1st interprovincial Vierzon and has the fastest of over 15,000 pigeons

Last weekend's interprovincial race from Vierzon for Derby Hainaut took place in excellent weather conditions. This was a great weekend for the big favorites, who had no excuses not to do well.

Quite a lot of fanciers joined the interprovincial race from Vierzon of Derby Hainaut last weekend, with the mild and often sunny spring weather leading to a near 40% increase in participants for this season’s first extreme middle distance race compared to 2013. A total of 15,359 pigeons were basketed in the provinces of Henegouwen, Antwerp and Brabant, including 9,950 old birds (6,422 in 2013) and 5,409 yearlings (3,001 in 2013). One week ago, pigeons were faced with very windy racing conditions but this weekend’s race saw the kind of weather that allowed for an honest and demanding race. Unsurprisingly, the big favourites from all the provinces were present, which means Gaston van de Wouwer was a name to reckon with. His two year old hen Noor, which completed 472 km with a velocity of 1180m/min, proved the fastest of a total of 15,359 pigeons.

Gaston and his team of hens is ready for the national racing season, winning 13 prizes with 14 basketed old birds and 11 prizes with 13 basketed yearlings.

Noor, BE12-6023320, yet another top class pigeon from the Kaasboer line

The majority of Van de Wouwer’s victories are being won with descendants of stock breeder Kaasboer BE98-6335690 and his interprovincial first prize from Vierzon was no exception: both the sire and the dam are grandchildren of Kaasboer. His winning hen originates from a son of Kaasboer that was paired to a direct Van Eynde-Goovaerts hen (a daughter of Miss Argenton and winner of a 4th Nat. Argenton and a 29th Nat. Guéret as a young bird) on her father’s side. The dam of Noor, the BE09-6111515, is a full sister of Tia, which won a 2nd Nat. La Souterraine, an 11th Nat. Guéret and a 42nd Nat. Bourges before turning into an outstanding breeding hen. Tia is the dam of the two provincial winners Jetje (1st Prov. La Souterraine) and Maya (1st Prov. Blois). The sire of both Tia and the dam of Noor is 098, a great breeding bird. He is the sire of Tia and the grandfather of Jetje, Maya, Gaston (1st Olympiad Pigeon Dortmund for Uwe Berg), Miss Vierzon (1st Interprov. Vierzon for Van Eynde-Goovaerts), De Genopte (1st Interprov. Toury) and many others. You can find the full pedigree here.

Palmares Noor, BE12-6023320

Vierzon        Interprov. 9,950 p.     1 - fastest of 15,359 pigeons
               Prov.      2,991 p.     1
Dourdan        Club       1,228 p.     4
Bourges        Nat.      13,588 p.    17
               Prov.      2,658 p.     7
Argenton       Nat.      22,463 p.   117
               Prov.      2,768 p.    40
Guéret II      Nat.       2,656 p.   146
               Prov.        514 p.    63
Montluçon      Nat.      21,827 p.   708
               Prov.      2,892 p.   175
Guéret I       Nat.      15,007 p. 1.060
La Souterraine Nat.      11,236 p. 1.190
               Prov.      1,588 p.   117    
Nevers         Nat.       2,918 p.   479
Melun          Club       2,023 p.   100
Orléans        Club       1,414 p.   100
Dourdan        Club         665 p.    55
Noyon          Club         598 p.    25

This is not the first impressive achievement for Noor, which won no less than six prizes per ten in the national races as a yearling! The overall results in the provincial race from Vierzon below clearly show that the pigeon loft of Van de Wouwer is in great shape.

2,991 old birds
1-30-52-64-89-153-155-171-179-286-398-414-543 (13/14)
1,998 yearlings
25-58-226-256-277-369-393-403-445-493-584 (11/13)

Impressive references

It goes without saying that the Kaasboer bloodline is a breed with a lot of great references, and Noor’s victory last weekend is just one of many great achievements by the team of Gaston. Of course, it takes excellent references in other lofts as well to become a truly outstanding stock pigeon. For instance, Cleirbaut-Van Riet won a first prize with a 100% Van de Wouwer pigeon, claiming victory in last week’s race from Sourdun in Union Antwerp with Iron Lady. Several more fanciers from all over the world have achieved great results thanks to the descendants of Kaasboer, including:

- Theo & Markus Lecke: 1st Prize Final One Loft Race Hebei Movie-TV Race China with a 100% Van de Wouwer pigeon and a Kaasboer inbred
- Belgica De Weerd: Car winner - 1st Prize Hotspot Sun City 1 Million Dollar Race South Africa with a 75% Van de Wouwer pigeon from the line of Kaasboer x Geerinckx hen

Fanciers from all over the world have been expressing their gratitude to Gaston for the prizes they have won with his descendants. He enjoys this just as much as winning prizes himself but he would not mind winning some more trophies this season.