Vermeulen Frans, "1st against 21.272 young pigeons on the Argenton race of August 13th 2005"

Frans Vermeulen with his national winner, Kessel (BE)

Frans Vermeulen from Kessel experienced the most unbelievable moment of his career on August 13 at 1.49pm. Winning the first national and also having the highest speed against 30.029 pigeons, not something that happens every day. The 13th became his lucky day in pigeonsport. His winning pigeon has a speed of 1408m/m. “De Argenton” still had a lot of energy when he came home from the flight of 554 KM. The young cock with ringnumber 6231224/2005 was raced as a widower. Frans basketted 4 young pigeons on the Argenton race.

The young pigeons are trained and race to twimes Quiervrain, two times Noyon and after that the middle distance. The motivation method is very easy in his case. The pigeon comes home for his boss and the most dominant pigeon on the loft is most of the time the best pigeon too. He never races with old hens.

In the eighties he started with some strains out of his region. Why would he purchase pigeons far away if there are very good fanciers in your neighbourhood? He got a.o. pigeons from Karel Schellens, Maurits Voets and later on also at Vervoort & Sons and Vandenbranden Louis, all these fanciers live in Kessel too.

He administers vitamins once a week but he never uses antibiotics.

Pedigree of "De Argenton " : Click here

Palmares (partly) :
Noyon young p. 167 / 1713
Orleans young p. 124 / 8255
Bourges young p. 715 / 4364
Melun young p. 2 / 649
Argenton young p. 1 / 21.272 national

Topperformances in the past :
Sister of "De Argenton" 6231223-05

won :
Prov. Antwerpen – Orleans 108 / 8255 Reg. Mechelen – Melun 174 / 649
Reg. Mechelen – Dourdan 23 / 762
Reg. Mechelen – Melun 151 / 896
Another sister of "De Argenton" 6218142-05 won :
Orleans 185 / 17057
Bourges 372 / 48553
Dourdan 35 / 903
Dourdan 67 / 746
Bourges 1st august 1998.
Young pigeons 3rd national against 49.153 p. also 102nd, 365th, and 1402nd of 49.153 pigeons.

Championships :
2003 Broechem1st Champion Young p. Noyon – 1st with his 1st nominated.
Old p. Noyon 3rd – 1st with his 1st nomintated pigeons
Pallieterverbond Noyon 2003 : old pigeons 11th place
Young pigeons 1st place.