Marcel Sangers (Eefde, NL) faces a new challenge in 2014

Marcel Sangers and his assistant Paul Ung auctioned all old racing birds and all breeding birds in early 2013 and they now have a new challenge ahead: the creation of a super class loft. This will not be an easy task, particularly because both fanciers were truly outstanding from 2005 to 2011.

The results of 2005-2011 were quite amazing. Over the years, they became one of the very best one day long distance lofts in The Netherlands. They had no less than 44 top 10 finishes in national races or NPO one day long distance races. This made them hungry for more. This partnership is ready to give it all in 2014, with the support of Marcel’s wife Christel and his son Brian.

A fresh start

Last year they seized the opportunity to have a quiet season. The old birds were not pushed to the limit and the young birds had the chance to gradually gain confidence in the natour flights. However, the youngsters trained regularly and they were in great shape after the natour races. This allows the fanciers to begin 2014 with an excellent group of 40 pairs. This new team is composed mainly of the last young birds that were bred from the stars sold on PIPA in early 2013.

The two champions Fast Red and Edani were sold to Andy Larentzakis and a Chinese fancier respectively and the two fanciers asked Marcel to pair these pigeons to a few top class hens. Marcel would race some of these youngsters; the others would be bred for them. We remind you that Edani won a 3rd Nat. Cup Long Distance 2012 and a 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon in the national NPO competitions and The Best of the Best. She is also 1st Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance District GOU 2011 and 3rd Ace Pigeon District GOU 2010. She has also won a first NPO Châteauroux against 2,957 pigeons. Click here for the pedigree of Edani NL08-1174978.

Fast Red is winner of a 1st, 7th and 7th NPO and was bred from Fast as Lightning (winner of a first Heverlee 9,076 pigeons and two top ten prizes NPO). Click here for the pedigree of Fast Red NL08-1174967.


Marcel Sangers and Paul Ung decided to work with a group of breeding pigeons in which descendants of Fameuze 05 play a prominent role, crossed with the Koopman line. Marcel said this breed could use some reinforcements so he added pigeons of the golden Fameuze 05 line to his collection. This line comes from Alwin Petrie, arguably the best performing fancier in the sprint and the middle distance in The Netherlands. Youngsters from all of Alwin’s best pigeons were added to the pigeon family of Marcel Sangers.

This new pigeon family offers room for talented pigeons that have the potential to develop into new champions, and one of them is Olympic Lotus.

NL10-1426241, better known as Olympic Lotus, became a very successful pigeon for Arie den Hartog (Culemborg, NL). She has been winning top prizes very regularly and she represented The Netherlands at the Nitra Olympiad in the middle distance category. This is the list of achievements of Olympic Lotus:

1st Nanteuil    – 1,844 p.
1st Salbris     – 1,414 p.
1st Breteuil    –   388 p.
1st Nanteuil    –   167 p. (5th prize 2,288 p.)
1st Pommeroeul  –   130 p. (4th prize 2,031 p.)
1st Ablis       –   121 p. (7th prize 1,461 p.)
3rd Salbris     – 3,970 p.
3rd Nanteuil    –   961 p.
4th Nivelles    – 2,254 p.
4th Morlincourt – 1,783 p.

Olympic Lotus was bred from the lines of Janssen and Koen Minderhoud, as a descendant of several outstanding pigeons. Marcel Sangers and Paul Ung are now trying to create new champions from this top quality bird. Click here for the pedigree of Olympic Lotus NL10-1426241.

In late 2013 they purchased an excellent cock from the late Piet Steenbergen (Zutphen, NL). Piet used to keep pigeons the old way and he was particularly successful in tough weather conditions. Stone Mountain NL05-2132894, the best pigeon in his loft, is winner of an impressive 17 clean first prizes:

1st Pommeroeul   1,339 p. 
1st Morlincourt    404 p. 
1st Noyon          298 p. 
1st Arras          285 p.
1st Strombeek      278 p.
1st Pommeroeul     262 p.
1st Pommeroeul     229 p. 
1st Peronne        182 p. 
1st Pommeroueul    145 p.
1st St.-Quentin    127 p.
1st St.-Quentin    114 p.
1st Pommeroeul     109 p.
2nd Arras        2,120 p.
2nd St.-Quentin    844 p.
3rd Morlincourt  2,155 p.
3rd Strombeek    1,284 p. 
3rd Morlincourt    912 p.
7th Pommeroeul   1,626 p.

This is without doubt a very talented pigeon, who won a 4th NPO Peronne against 4,900 pigeons at the age of six.

They also obtained four pigeons from Daan Besseling: two pigeons from Euro Marseille and two from Super 80 (the sire of Euro Marseille). The NL10-5018071 Euro Marseille won an 8th international from Marseille against 11,314 pigeons in 2012. There was a hard wind and he was the only Dutch pigeon to arrive home on the day of the release (at 22:44’18”). He arrived home late at night after completing 945km.

Passion leads to success

Pigeon racing is a family business for the Sangers and everybody is very enthusiastic and passionate about the sport. Today they have a solid basis that consists of a wonderful group of yearlings and a number of reinforcements, and that is why we believe 2014 will be another big season for this partnership!