Pieter Veenstra (Drachtstercompagnie, NL) is back at the top

This season’s achievements of the Drachtstercompagnie in Friesland were again as they used to be, with Pieter winning both the nominated and not nominated championship title in ACG 10 in District Friesland ’96.

Pieter and Gea Veenstra

The pigeon auction in January 2012 meant a significant loss for Pieter Veenstra’s pigeon family and he had to go back to the start with the late youngsters of 2011, which he bred from his best pigeons. Today he is back to where he was. He won another title of not nominated general all-round old birds in 2013 over the entire Friesland ’96 district with a team of mostly yearlings. This title shows that Pieter is a very competent fancier with a high quality pigeon collection. Click here for Pieter Veenstra's best results with the old birds in ACG 10 in 2013.

His old birds have won the following championship titles in ACG 10:

Nominated Sprin
Nominated One Day Long Distance
Not-nominated One Day Long Distance
Not-nominated General Allround
Nominated General Sprint
Pigeon Champion Sprint
Pigeon Champion One Day Long Distance
Ace Pigeon Sprint

NL12-5200214, ace pigeon sprint

This blue coloured cock was pigeon champion in the sprint races and he won the title of Ace Pigeon Sprint in 2013. This pigeon originates from the stock pigeons that have really launched his career as a fancier. The dam is a daughter of NL08-2020821 Dolce Vita, which dominated the international news after the 2012 auction and which has won, for instance, the title of National Ace Hen WHZB 2010. Dolce Vita was paired to NL02-5255446 Mr. Blue, 3rd best cock WHZB 2003 and best cock WHZB 2004. The sire of the Ace Pigeon Sprint is NL07-1180473 Golden Blue, the 10th best cock WHZB 2008. Golden Blue is a grandson of Mr Blue. Pieter illustrates that inbreeding can lead to pigeons of superior quality. These are the best results of NL12-5200214:

04/05/2013   St.-Truiden 269 km 1,808 p.  1
01/06/2013   St.-Quentin 418 km 1,172 p. 19
08/06//2013  Tongeren    265 km   962 p.  4

Click here for the pedigree of NL12-5200214.

NL11-1159860 Sister Sissy, pigeon champion one day long distance

Pieter has also won the pigeon championship in the one day long distance in ACG 10 with a sister of Sissy, the best hen in WHZB 2009. Sister Sissy is a granddaughter of NL97-5700643 Super Kweekster, a very important breeding hen for Pieter. She is, for instance, the dam of Mr Blue. The grandfather is NL99-1585506 Darryl, sire and grandfather to many first prize winners. Darryl is a son of world-famous Kleine Dirk of Gerard Koopman. Sister Sissy has won the pigeon championship with the following results:

25/05/2013 Sezanne      521 km 320 p. 18
08/06/2013 Sens         586 km 398 p. 29
06/07/2013 Chateauroux  772 km 317 p.  5
20/07/2013 Bourges      724 km 217 p.  2

She had already won a first prize frmo Wijchen against 1,731 pigeons earlier on.

Click here for the pedigree of NL11-1159860.

Aant Arjen and his young birds

Pieter and his son Aant Arjen

We saw the name of A.A. Veenstra appear in the results of the young bird races as well. This is Aant Arjen, the nine year old son of Pieter and Gea. He has been running his own compartment in Pieter’s pigeon lofts since 2011, keeping 15 young birds, which Aant Arjen has selected from his father’s collection. These young birds have been very successful, with an impressive first NPO Pommeroel against 14,502 pigeons. It was remarkable to see that 14 of these young birds appeared at the start of the race from Morlincourt in September. Pieter races young birds as well and he will be basketing a team of summer youngsters in the Natour races from late August. You can take a look at the best young birds' results of Pieter and Aant Arjen in 2013 here.

These results have made Aant Arjen first not nominated champion young birds in the entire Friesland ’96 district and he has also won the pigeon championship young birds in ACG 10. His 13th place in the preliminary results of the national pigeon championship young birds demonstrates the impressive capabilities of this young fancier.  His father Pieter finished in the top 10 as well, with a 6th prize not nominated in district Friesland ’96.

NPO wins

He won the race from Pommeroeul with NL13-5305259, one of Aant Arjen’s young birds. The dam is a sister of Dolce Vita and this highlights once more the value of this fabulous hen. The sire of this NPO winner is a son of BE05-6054296 Zwarte Diamant, which is an outstanding breeder of Bart & Nance van Oeckel (Oud-Turnhout, BE). Click here for the pedigree of NL13-5305259.

Pommeroeul was not the first NPO win for Aant Arjen, because he had already won a first prize from Morlincourt in 2012, this time with his NL12-5200162 Dolce Gabbana. This chequered cock was the fastest pigeon in the race against 8,834 competing pigeons. The sire of Dolce Gabbana is NL08-2020953, a brother of Dolce Vita. The dam is a daughter of Mr. Blue paired to NL06-1097230 Kristel, which has won an NPO victory from Ablis against 28,270 pigeons. Click here for the pedigree of NL12-5200162.

Pieter really had to motivate himself again after the 2012 auction before he could get back to the top of the sport but the enthusiasm of his son Aant Arjen has helped him a lot. The Drachtstercompagnie has some exciting times ahead for sure.