Gert Rondags (Grote-Spouwen, BE) is first National Champion Youth KBDB 2013

Not only did Gert win the youth championship title, he also took the title of 2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance old birds with his pigeon First lady (BE10-5124154).

Gert with the star of his pigeon family: First Lady

Inconsistent rules

The title of First National Champion KBDB Youth is yet another crowning achievement in the early career of Gert Rondags. He learned how to keep pigeons from his grandfather Laurent (the national champion KBDB 1999 & 2001) and Gert decided to start his own pigeon family in 2010. He managed to win the title of General Provincial Champion KBDB in Limburg in 2011 already and 2013 was a great season as well:

National titles 2013

1st Champion Youth (coefficient 0,6132)
4th Champion Sprint Young Birds
4th Champion Shorter Middle Distance
2nd Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance Old Birds with First Lady (BE10-5124154)
8th Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance Yearlings with Special Lady (BE12-5043154)

Provincial titles 2013

1st  Champion Shorter Middle Distance 1+2
2nd  Champion Sprint Young Birds 1+2
10th General Champion
1st  Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance Old Birds with First Lady
1st  Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance Young Birds with BE13-5135481

He was not completely satisfied with his season, despite his titles. That is because the KBDB regulations have a few inconsistencies. His First Lady won the 3rd prize against 895 pigeons in the first race of the middle distance competition from Marne-la-Vallée on Saturday 27 April, making for a total coefficient of 1.1. This resulted in the first prize ace pigeon shorter middle distance old birds but it turned out that this result was not taken into account for the ace pigeon championship shorter middle distance KBDB. Apparently, this championship started one week later. “Just as if the football games of the first weekend would not count for the national competition”, said Gert’s father Frans.

First Lady, 2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB Shorter Middle Distance Old Birds

Paul's sharp eye

How can a young fancier manage to gain such results in such a short period of time? A first requirement is a decent pigeon family, which is overlooked by many. You need to have good pigeons if you want to get somewhere. Secondly, his father helps him and gives him advice and thirdly fancier Paul Huls (Zonhoven, BE) has always been a good friend of the Rondags family. Paul decides which pigeons will eventually be moved to Geert’s breeding loft, because he knows what a good breeder’s eye looks like. “A pigeon does not get in the breeding loft if Paul does not give it a four out of five, no matter its pedigree.” Gert emphasises that the eye is not the only criterion. “We have many requirements, including the skeleton, the softness of the feathers, the wings and we prefer pigeons with a number of good results as well.”

The result of this selection method is that other fanciers have also been doing very well with Gert’s pigeons, including, for instance, a fancier from Germany who purchased pigeons from Gert two years ago. He used to achieve average results but he is now quite successful: 2012 was a good season and 2013 was an excellent year for the German. As a result, four members of his club in Germany have purchased pigeons from Gert as well.

Den 165 (BE09-5118165)

We see a lot of envy among fanciers but Gert knows very well that friendship and cooperation is of great value in pigeon racing. The 165/09 is a cock that could have won five first prizes but unfortunately he just would not enter the loft after the race. He was then moved to Gert’s breeding loft in Grote Spouwen, where he became an invaluable breeder in a combination with Dochter Tom. Four daughters from this pair joined the breeding team in 2013 already. One of them was paired to Lewis BE05-5076817 (a top racer with 9 first prizes and a grandson of Bom x Speedy Girl) and she became the dam of the quartet 474, 475, 442 and 420. Click here for their full pedigrees. These are some of their best results of 2013:


Villers: 1st of 409 p.
Reims:   1st of 260 p.
Chimay:  2nd of 520 p.
Villers: 6th of 507 p.
Vervins: 6th of 382 p.
Reims:   9th of 402 p.


Vervins:    2nd of 382 p.
Reims:      3rd of 402 p.
Reims:      4th of 260 p.
Senzeilles: 8th of 326 p.
Villers:   12th of 419 p.
Villers:   12th of 409 p.


Marne:    1st of 224 p.
Marne:    4th of  98 p.
Vervins:  8th of 442 p.
Villers: 12th of 458 p.


Reims:      2nd of 260 p.
Senzeilles: 7th of 326 p.
Villers:   13th of 409 p.
Villers:   13th of 409 p.

BE13-5135475 (as a young bird): the strongest of the four brothers

Speedy Girl (BE98-6165012)

The hen that has played the most important role in the Rondags pigeon loft (initially for grandfather Laurent and now for Gert) is without doubt Speedy Girl. She was the best young bird of Belgium and is winner of four first and two second prizes. It was again Paul Huls who discovered her at the pigeon event in Dortmund. Several competitions for German pigeons were organised, as well as a competition for Belgian pigeons. It was there that Paul got to see her list of achievements. When he was back in Belgium he did everything he could to obtain this pigeon and with success. She was paired to the best cocks of Paul and Laurent, including, for instance, De Sprint (26 x first), De Bom (11 x first) and De Sterken (from the Karel Broeckx line). 80% of Gert's pigeons are related to her, just to give you an idea of her role in this loft. We give you some of her most renowned descendants:

First Lady (BE10-5124154)

2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Shorter Middle Distance Old Birds
1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB Limburg Shorter Middle Distance Old Birds
Laon:  3rd of 895 p.
Marne: 1st of 969 p.
Marne: 3rd of 895 p.
Melun: 4th of 1,058 p.
Gien:  8th of 5,599 p.
16 prizes per 3 in 2011, including 7 x per 100 
21 prizes per 3 in 2012

First Lady

Zus First Lady (BE10-5124155)

Reims:  1st of 452 p.
Reims:  1st of 102 p.
Laon    1st of 62 p.
Gien:   1st of 34 p, region: 13th of 3,222 p.
Mettet: 1st of 60 p.

Click here for a pedigree of the two sisters.

Special lady (BE12-5043154)

8e Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Shorter Middle Distance
Marne:  1st of 288 p.
Marne:  1st of 274 p, region: 1st of 1,701 p.
Melun:  1st of 194 p, region: 1st of 1,146 p.
Marne:  1st of 274 p, region: 3rd of 1,351 p.
Melun:  3rd of 282 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Special Lady

De Rambo (BE11-5145513)

Gert's focus is on the sprint and the shorter middle distance but he was always baskets a few pigeons for the extreme middle distance as well, usually no more than two per category (sometimes only one but never three). This makes his provincial (and almost a national) victory even more impressive.

Argenton (556 km):

1st prov. of 792 p.
1st nat. zone C2 of 859 p.
2nd nat. of 5,941 p.

The cock that has won these impressive prizes is BE11-5145513, now called De Rambo. His amazing pedigree is top of the class; he originates from the best of the best, including Kannibaal (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB 1996), Figo (1st Nat. Bourges and winner of 16 first prizes) and Aline (1st Nat. Argenton. You can take a look at his impressive pedigree here. De Rambo was in great form this season as well, so his victory did not really come as a surprise:

Laon:  4th of 212 p, region: 10th of 825 p.
Marne: 4th of 170 p, region:  8th of 895 p.
La Souterraine: 4th of 53 p, region: 8th of 162 p, zone: 24th of 949 p.
Châteauroux: 1st of 87 p, zone: 3rd of 646 p, prov.: 15th of 697 p.

De Rambo: 1st prov. Argenton 792 pigeons

So much talent

Many fanciers would be happy to have just one of Gert's top quality pigeons. In fact it would take us too long to include all of Gert's top quality pigeons and their long lists of achievements. Gert started the season with 35 widowers and 11 racing hens and 27 of them managed to win at least one prize per 100 this season. Twelve pigeons have even done this more than once (without duplication). These pigeons have won 19 first prizes in 2010, 29 first prizes in 2011 and a total of 53 victories were won in 2012. 2013 was even better with 63 first prizes. You can never get tired of winning.