Two youngsters of Jan van der Putten (Handel, NL) finish in the top 20 Ace Pigeon Youngsters TBOTB 2013

Jan van der Putten has had another splendid season and he has managed to breed another round of young birds that have been able to stand out from their competitors.


Jan van der Putten lives in Handel in the province of Brabant, where he lives in a wooded area together with his wife. Their two daughters Linda and Anne have already moved out. Jan is 54 years old and he works in construction. He started keeping pigeons in 1983, taking part in pigeon races together with his brother as the Van der Putten brothers. Jan has to get up at 6:45am every morning and he returns home at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. He wanted to get the most out of his career as a fancier so he decided to race with the young birds only. His main goal has been to win top 10 prizes in the national ace pigeon competition The Best of the Best (TBOTB). We provide an overview of his best results of 2013, which were achieved in his club CC Uden:

30/06/13          Hannut             2,219 p.        3-5-7-8-9-10-11-12-32 etc. (27/60)
14/07/13          Isnes              1,000 p.        1-2-3-4-11-12-15-17-32-37 etc. (23/40)
17/08/13          Pithiviers           194 p.        1-4-7-8 (4/15)
18/08/13          Isnes              3,171 p.        4-5-7-23-24-25-26-32-47-50 etc. (20/21)
01/09/13          Orléans              131 p.        1-14-18-24-26-39 etc. (7/20)
07/09/13          Laon               1,954 p.        1-2-3-6-17-27-28-65-66 etc. (16/33)
15/09/13          Chimay             1,076 p.        2-3-4-6-7-8-9-10-22-23 etc. (18/21)
15/09/13          Orléans              118 p.        2-3-6-8-14-20-21-25-33-34 (10/14)
22/09/13          Chimay               762 p.        1-4-16-19-28-36-41-42-45-54 etc. (14/33)

Click here for an overview of his most impressive achievements over the years

The Best Of The Best

This is a national competition in The Netherlands in which ace pigeon titles are won. Every Dutch fancier is allowed to join. Jan baskets young birds only so he only competes in the category of ace pigeon young birds. A young bird has to win at least six prizes per 10 (1:10) including two prizes 1:100 to be able to compete. This means a pigeon has to perform really well throughout the season before even being able to join this competition. Jan van der Putten made it his mission to breed young birds capable of winning this title. He has managed to finish in the top 10 of this ace pigeon ranking five times in six years, an impressive achievement! We would like to introduce a few of these ace pigeons to you.

Supertje 917

Jan won a sixth place in 2009 with his NL09-1365917 Supertje. This blue coloured cock won a first ace pigeon in CC Uden and a first ace pigeon young birds in District East Brabant that same season. The grandfather of Supertje 917 is NL02-4147018 De Toury, the stock cock of this loft. Toury is in turn a son of NL01-5162072 Young Devil, which originates from Ad Schaerlaeckens. The introduction of Schaerlaeckens pigeons has had a major influence on the achievements of this loft. He purchased, for instance, two sons of Home Alone (1st Creil 13,203 p.), Young Devil and a sister of Invincible. One of the grandmothers of Supertje 917 is NL06-1257111 ’t Asduifke, first Ace Pigeon CC Uden 2006. Supertje 917 is the dam of a first Pithiviers against 11,790 pigeons in district Brabant 2000.

Supertje 917, 6th ace pigeon TBOTB 2009

Click here for the pedigree of Supertje 917.

Jessie J

Another great pigeon in the loft of Jan der Putten is the NL12-1776557 Jessie J. She won the title of first ace pigeon young birds sprint in CC Uden in her year of birth and she was 6th ace pigeon TBOTB. Her sire is the NL07-1999490 Young Toury. He is winner of a 1st Epehy 2437 p. and a son of De Toury x 't Asduifke. This proves that Jan has a solid and proven breeding strategy. Ace pigeons are bred from ace pigeons in Handel.

Jessie J, 6th ace pigeon TBOTB 2012 

Click here for the pedigree of Jessie J.

De Twan

One of the most talented sons of De Toury is De Twan, a blue coloured cock and winner of a 1st ace pigeon young birds middle distance in CC Uden and 17th ace pigeon TBOTB. His best results include a 1st Reims 10,291 p, a 1st Chimay 1944 p. and a 1st Orléans 397 p. This pigeon illustrates the breeding qualities of Young Devil, Twan's grandfather. His other grandfather is NL99-5978518 Black Dream, whose descendants have won quite a few first prizes against high numbers of pigeons.

De Twan, 1st Reims 10,291 p. and 17th ace pigeon TBOTB 2012

Click here for the pedigree of De Twan.

The Gentleman & Zn 2nd nat ace young

Jan had once again managed to breed a number of pigeons that have been performing outstandingly well in the demanding 2013 young bird season. His two best young birds were very successful and finish in the top 20 of the TBOTB championship 2013. We introduce them to you:

The Gentleman

The NL13-1387264 The Gentleman owes its name to his gracious way of arriving at the loft. This young cock arrived in Handel together with a loft mate two times and he had the habit of letting his flight companion enter the loft first. The following results will be taken into account for the TBOTB ace pigeon competition in which this pigeon finished fourth:

30/06/13          Hannut           110 km            7/2,219 p.
14/07/13          Isnes            139 km            2/1,000 p.       
18/08/13          Isnes            139 km            4/3,171 p.
01/09/13          Chimay           196 km            6/  356 p.
07/09/13          Laon             272 km            2/1,954 p.
15/09/13          Chimay           196 km            3/1,076 p.

This cock was bred by Wim Vermetten (Alphen, NL). Jan got acquainted with him when Ad Schaerlaeckens (Baarle-Nassau, NL) told him about the impressive results of the Vermetten pigeons. The two fanciers exchange youngsters from their best breeding pairs regularly, which explains why The Gentleman originates from a few of Jan's most famous lines including Young Toury, Son Young Devil, 't Asduifke and De Crack. The sire and the dam of The Gentleman are also the parents of NL13-1329224, winner of a third prize from Nijvel against 4,718 pigeons for Wim Vermetten. Click here for the pedigree of The Gentleman.

The Gentleman, potential top three winner TBOTB 2013

Zn 2nd nat ace young

The NL13-1387268 Zn 2nd nat ace young bird performed equally well this season and finished 15th in the young bird championship:

30/06/13          Hannut           110 km            9/2,,219 p.
14/07/13          Isnes            139 km           17/1,000 p.
28/07/13          Laon             272 km            3/  337 p.
11/08/13          Hannut           110 km           19/3,079 p.
18/08/13          Isnes            139 km           23/3,171 p.
15/09/13          Chimay           196 km            2/1,076 p.

He has won four more prizes, making for a total of ten prizes. This resulted in the title of first ace pigeon champion in Rayon 2 of pigeon club CC Uden. The sire of this promising racing pigeon is the NL06-1257172 Second Champ, winner of a 2nd national ace pigeon young birds NPO. Second Champ is a grandchild of one of the stock pairs of the Van der Putten loft; NL99-5978518 Black dream paired to NL99-1130981 Blue Dream. The dam of Zn 2nd nat ace young is NL08-1722672 Lady Dina, winner of a first prize from Menen against 1,746 pigeons. Click here for the pedigree of NL13-1387268.


The pigeons of Van der Putten have been performing at a high level in other lofts as well. The most impressive reference is that of Super 01 of Evert Diepeveen from Keldonk, a cock that has won five first prizes and 18 prizes 1:100 in only three years. The sire of Super 01 is NL05-5539043 Den Twan, a cock with a story. He was named after the late Twan Brouwers (Gemert, NL). Twan was visiting Jan's loft when Jan showed him a pigeon that would win a first prize sooner or later. The pigeon took a first prize on the day when Jan heard about the death of Twan. This has also had an impact on the career of Jan van der Putten. Click here for an overview of his best results.

Jan is a passionate pigeon fancier who likes to compete with the very best pigeons. The performances of his Gentleman allowed him to top several championships this season. It seems his mission has been accomplished this season.