New auctions online: Ludo Claessens collection, Best of Britain and Ireland 1, Lücking Loft, Mira One Loft Race and Peters Ross

On the 26th, 27th and 28th of August five auctions started which will end on Sunday the 8th of September. We would like to present them to you.

Ludo Claessens collection

Top lofts based on Ludo Claessens bloodline

Many years after ending his activities in pigeon sports, the formidable pedigree of Ludo Claessens (built up during the eighties and nineties) has an ever strong impact on the international pigeon sport. PIPA is mobilising some of the most treasured pigeons of the Ludo Claessens-pedigree in a unique collection. Joksch-Bremen, Sakis Minovgioudis, Roger Debusschere, Wout Spierings, Geert Willaert and Rens van der Zijde bring together a rich collection representing icons such as Jonge Supercrack, Meeuwke 82, Mister Tours, Vedetje and many more from Ludo Claessens.

Best of Britain and Ireland 1

As some of the first in the world, pigeon fanciers from the UK came to Belgium and the Netherlands to collect pigeons of high quality in order to bring their pigeon sport capabilities to the next level. In the meantime they’ve succeeded in doing so. British and Irish fanciers are now more than capable in performing at international long distance races and worldwide one loft races. PIPA is auctioning British and Irish pigeons bred from icons in a very impressive collection. This auction includes among other: Premier Stud, Mark Gilbert, G. & C. Cooper, Crehan & O’Connor, H. & A. Kallmeyer, Brian Clayburn, Castle view lofts, Jos Reilly and Shaun McDonough.

Lücking Loft

De Rauw-Sablon, Veenstra & Koopman collection

For many years Lücking Loft has made a strong impression on everyone with their many successes in the German races and international one loft races. Next to the old lines of Pilot, they have collected pigeons from the best of the best from among other Gerard Koopman and Pieter Veenstra. But especially their De Rauw-Sablon-pigeons guaranteed them unique breeding performances in the past few years. Lücking is offering a small but very potent group of pigeons on PIPA, with children and inbreed products of De Rauw-Sablon top pigeons, such as Lucky 848, Den Dromer, Freddy, but also children of Mr. Surhuizum and Mr. Blue of Veenstra and the wonder line of Lücking top pigeons Last Baby (father 1st Grand Average ace pigeon Million Dollar Race) and Little Smile (mother 1st Int. Ace pigeon HCI).

Mira One Loft Race

Auction of the winners & ace pigeons

Strong pigeons know how to stand out from the crowd under harsh Portuguese flying conditions in the official FCI one loft race in Mira, a competition that by now has built up an outstanding reputation because of its great organisation and winners coming from strong fanciers and lineages. This auction includes the winners and ace pigeons of the FCI one loft race.

Peters Ross (U.K.)

Verreckt-Ariën collection

With the total auction of Verreckt-Ariën on PIPA in 2012 came an end to an era of unlimited successes. A variety of lofts all around the globe took advantage of their investments in pigeons purchased off of Agy Verreckt and Pascal Ariën, one of those lofts being the British partnership Peters Ross. Pipa selected 9 from his collection and he is now offering them for sale.