Eddy & Maarten Leutenez (Kruishoutem, BE) have a flying start with their young birds

The young birds of Eddy and Maarten Leutenez have had three provincial classics this season and no less than 15 birds were able to win a national top 100 place, as well as two victories at local level. The young birds of Eddy and his son Maarten have really had a great start to the season.

Since their comeback in pigeon racing Eddy and Maarten have been having a lot less pigeons, because of a lack of time and space. They were forced to keep the number of racing pigeons to a strict minimum. They have five old birds, seven yearlings and four young birds for the 2013 season. We have to say that this is quite a small number of racing pigeons for the busy national calendar in the greater middle distance.

Excellent start for the young birds

That is the least you can say when you take a closer look at the results of their young birds below. Eddy and Maarten have opted for the races in the greater middle distance in the club of Ghent this season, just like in the early days of their career. In this club they played a key role in the first three provincial races that took place before the seven consecutive national races. They had at least four pigeons in the local top 11, two first prizes from Bourges and Blois and a second prize from Orleans. Fanciers from Ghent now know the value of the Leutenez pigeons, which were able to win fifteen provincial top 100 prizes in three provincial classics. This is a great achievement! Let’s take a closer look at the results of their young birds:

30/6 Clermont (192 km) 400 p.: 2-3-7-17-19-22-… (18/35)

06/7 Orleans Local Gent (354 km) 209 p:
2-4-9-11-14-19-25-27-28-… (22/33)
Provincial 3,205 p.: 21-42-62-77-93-181-234-242-244-292-…

13/7 Bourges Local Gent (436 km) 209 p:
1-3-5-6-11-12-14-21-24-25-28-29-… (15/28)
Interprov. 1,838 p.: 7-16-27-32-86-91-132-173-…

20/7 Blois Local Gent (406 km) 261 p:
1-6-8-10-14-21-29-… (15/34)
Interprov. 2,333 p.: 5-47-64-70-112-174-244-256-…

This looks promising for the national classics coming up in the next seven weeks. They have decided not to take too many risks so they will not basket too many birds for Bourges. The three consecutive provincial races were pretty hard due to strong headwind and hot temperatures. This was a difficult task for the young birds and that is why Eddy and Maarten decided to give their pigeons a week’s rest  before the national from Châteauroux on 3 August. In the build-up to the season the pigeons were not basketed for the shorter middle distance race from Angerville; their young birds were basketed for the provincial from Orléans immediately after the flight from Clermont.

Investments lead to success

To invest in top class pigeons and to get the most out of these investments, that is the road to success for Eddy and Maarten Leutenez. You need to have an eye for talent and you should not be afraid to pay a lot of money to obtain a special pigeon. Such an investment pays off in the end. This is the success story of Eddy and Maarten Leutenez, which is entirely based on the bloodline of Het Bolleken. This pigeon can be found in the pedigrees of their best young birds of today, including:


Blois      261 p. 1
   Prov  2,333 p. 5
Orleans    209 p. 2
   Prov  3,205 p. 21
Clermont   609 p. 18
Clermont   400 p. 22

This hen is a granddaughter of Het Bolleken.
Sire: BE06-437015 De Grote Milan (Marc De Cock) – a grandson of top class racer Milan. His nest brother, New Superbreeder, was purchased as well at the latest PIPA auction of M. De Cock.
Dam: BE10-4007915 Bolleke 915 – a daughter of Het Bolleken


Bourges    209 p. 6
   Prov  1,838 p. 32
Blois      261 p. 6
   Prov  2,333 p. 47
Clermont   400 p. 17

This hen is a great-granddaughter of Het Bolleken.
Sire: BE11-4232135 Bolleke Witte Pen – a full brother of Het Bolleken
Dam: BE12-4215069: a daughter of Brother Chipo (Benny Steveninck) x Bolleke 915


Clermont   400 p. 2
Blois      261 p. 10
   Prov  2,333 p. 70
Orleans    209 p. 11
   Prov  3,205 p. 77

This cock is also a grandson of Het Bolleken
Sire: BE11-4232097 Maubol, a son of Het Bolleken
Dam: BE08-4347741 Siska (Marc De Cock), an outstanding breeding hen and the dam of seven national top 100 winners and 12 national top 100 winners in the zone! She is a granddaughter of top racer Milan.

Het Bolleken has been a golden investment, especially when you consider the impact of this invaluable breeding dam on the Leutenez pigeon family in such a short period of time. She was particularly useful in crossings with pigeons from Benny Steveninck and Marc De Cock. Eddy and Maarten have created a young and powerful breed of top class pigeons!

-BE09-4108109 Het Bolleken (purchased from Jose De Noyette) is becoming a phenomenal pigeon and an amazing stock dam!
This dam won three first prizes herself, including a 1st interprovincial Blois 2,257 p.!

She is the dam of for instance:

21x top 10 local including 4x1st and 4x2nd
20x top 50 provincial / interprovincial
3rd best young bird of Belgium in four national races in 2010
12th National Argenton 7,046 p.
53rd National Bourges 31,719 p.
69th National Gueret 13,885 p.
167th National Bourges 16,859 p.

She is grandmother of for instance:

25x top 10 local including 2x1st and 3x2nd
19x top 50 provincial / interprovincial
56th National Poitiers 13,135 p.
74th National La Souterraine 11,236 p.
118th National Argenton 7,046 p.

Several other first prize winners and national top class racing pigeons were bred from (half) brothers and (half) sisters of Het Bolleken as well. A good example is Bolleke Crack (see further down).

Old birds and yearlings doing great as well

The one year old pigeons have had a strong few weeks as well with excellent results from La Souterraine national and Blois provincial:

06/7 La Souterraine Local(544 km) 245 p: 8-9-20-… (4/5)
            Provincial F.V.O.V. 2.118 p: 20-21-111-…
            National Zone A2    2.146 p: 28-29-163-…
            National           11.236 p: 72-74-470-…
20-07 Blois Local Gent (406 km)   208 p: 2-… (2/3)
            Provincial F.V.O.V. 1.854 p: 4-…

To conclude we give you the list of achievements of two top class racing birds in the old birds' and yearlings' category:

-BE12-4215103 Bolleke Blois (hen)

 1st Local Blois         542 p. 2012
 4th Inter-Prov. Blois 5,645 p. 2012
 2nd Local Blois         208 p. 2013
 4th Prov. Blois       1,854 p. 2013
 4th Local Poitiers      491 p. 2013
17th Prov. Poitiers    3,845 p. 2013
23nd Zone A2 Poitiers  3,342 p. 2013
56th Nat. Poitiers    13,135 p. 2013
15th Local Chateauroux   646 p. 2013
44th Zone A2           4,503 p. 2013
11th Loc. La Souterraine 512 p. 2012
77th National Zone     7,450 p. 2012
13th Local Fontenay      608 p. 2012…

Sire: BE11-4232036 Balou – a son of Het Bolleken, and winner of a 5th Clermont 146 p., 7th Arras 109 p. & 14th Clermont 263 p.
Dam: 08-4216905 – a pigeon of Steveninck B. and a granddaughter of Chipo
Het Bolleke Blois is also the nest sister of BE12-4215104, winner of a 74th national from La Souterraine 2013 against 11,236 p.

-BE11-4232051 Bolleke Crack (cock)

1st Local Angerville     277 p. 2013
2nd Local Argenton       381 p. 2012
4th Inter-Prov Argenton  950 p. 2012
13th Zone Argenton     8,476 p. 2012
41st Nat. Argenton    22,384 p. 2012
3rd Local Clermont       521 p. 2011
4th Local Blois          251 p. 2011
7th Inter-Prov Blois   3,090 p. 2011
6th Local Clermont       146 p. 2012
9th Local Chateauroux    299 p. 2012
42nd Zone Chateauroux  6,962 p. 2012
43rd Nat. Chateauroux 15,902 p. 2012
5th Local Poitiers       302 p. 2013
29th Zone A2 Poitiers  3,122 p. 2013
81st Nat. Poitiers    13,813 p. 2013
13th Local Ablis         614 p. 2011
21st Local Angerville    558 p. 2012
15th Loc. La Souterraine 189 p. 2013
90th Prov La Sout.     1,594 p. 2013
123rd Zone A2 La Sout. 1,974 p. 2013

Sire: BE08-4200981 De Schone Blauwen – a halfbrother of Het Bolleken
Dam: BE08-4216026 Josje – Benny Steveninck, a granddaughter of De Crack

The more you select the better your results will be. The pigeon loft of Eddy and Maarten Leutenez is a good example. They have a limited amount of space so they have no choice but to keep only the best pigeons and that is what makes them so successful. We wonder if their talented team of young birds will be just as successful in the national races that take place in the next seven weeks. However, the aim is on the races from Châteauroux onwards. We keep you informed!