Rufin & Luc Buyl (Nieuwenhove, BE) missed the international victory from Barcelona by a thread and finished 2nd in the international scene

Did Rufin & Luc Buyl lose their title shot at the 1st Internat. Barcelona because their pigeon hesitated for about half a minute before entering the loft upon its arrival? Since the difference between Rufin & Luc Buyl and the eventual winner, Luc Wiels, was just 44 centimeters per minute, this may well be the case.

Rufin & Luc Buyl clocked their pigeon at 10h13’30”, 5 minutes and 40 seconds before Luc Wiels did. The difference in distance between their lofts is just 5.843 km, the difference in speed between the 1st and 2nd only 0.44 m per minute (Luc Wiels 944,29 m per minute and Rufin & Luc Buyl 943,85 m per minute). One could not get closer to winning an international race! Since both pigeons had to return home to the region of Ninove - Geraardsbergen, it is not unthinkable that they spent a large part of their journey flying together, only to go their own way during the last few kilometres. This edition of the Barcelona race turned out to be a classic one with sun throughout the whole line of flight and a strong headwind coming from the northeast. A race for true champions! Achieving 1st Provincial and 2nd nat. and internat. therefore is an incredible result that will not be forgotten easily.

Luc (l) & Rufin (r) met hun 1e provinciaal Barcelona, tevens 2e internationaal

The pigeon of Rufin & Luc is a late youngster of 2011. This year he participated in Noyon and Angerville as part of his training schedule. Before flying an amazing race and winning 2nd Internat. on the Barcelona flight, he already won prizes on Bourges and Cahors:

Barcelona Local     265 p. 1
          Prov    2,137 p. 1
          Nat    10,685 p. 2
        I.Nat    25,382 p. 2
Cahors    Local     319 p. 72
Bourges   Local     502 p. 132

Normally pigeons that are basketed for the Barcelona race get to see their hen for about half a day. Since the pigeons participating in Agen and Orange were only released on Sunday, they could already basket their pigeons that same day during the late afternoon. Matador got to see his hen for about one hour, but this short time still provided him with enough motivation and firepower to fly an excellent Barcelona race. Before the start of the season, he was allowed to breed twice for a period of 5 days. Their best racers are matched to a breeding hen and their eggs then moved under a nursing couple.

2nd international Barcelona 2013 in the hand

2nd international Barcelona 2013

Its pedigree includes many different winners. His mother turns out to be a super breeding hen, proven by the great results of her descendants, while his father originates from another great champion from the lofts of father and son Buyl: de Kleinen Blauwen:

Father: Son Kleinen Blauwen - BE09-2200843. His father is a superb athlete that was immediately put in the breeding lofts. He is a son of long distance miracle Kleinen Blauwen 105/03, winner of:

1st Nat Zone B Brive  4.670 p.
2nd National Brive   16,007 p.
1st Bourges             350 p.
1st Carcassonne          75 p.
2nd Perpignan           141 p.

Kleine Blauwen 105/03

His mother is Granddaughter Witbuik 507/03, mother of 57th Nat. Perpignan 3,796 pigeons, 70th Internat. Perpignan 10,020 pigeons and 100th Nat. St.-Vincent 4,666 pigeons in 2005. She herself is the child of Son Witbuik 153/94 x Daughter 1st Nat. Montauban.

It is worthwhile to mention that BE08-431356, winner of both 20th Pau 144 pigeons and 5th Barcelona 265 pigeons on a local level, is also a direct son of Kleinen Blauwen, while one of his grandsons ranked 7th out of 278 yearlings from Libourne.

Mother: Golden 025 - BE05-4408025. The mother is a late youngster of 2005. She is not only mother of 2nd internat. Barcelona, but also grandmother of Hans de Rijck’s 1st internat. Narbonne 9,966 yearlings and fastest of all 22,571 pigeons in 2011. Another grandson of hers, BE10-4026271, helped Rufin & Luc Buyl to win 22nd nat. Montauban 6,822 pigeons last year, while winning 2nd Libourne 296 pigeons on a local level last weekend and most likely ranking in the top 100 on a national level. Hans de Rijck won 1st Libourne 278 yearlings with BE12-4136715 (also a grandson of hen Golden 025) and this bird is currently ranked 20th in the provisional National rankings. Golden 025 is also mother of 6th Libourne 278 yearlings while two of her grandsons won 10th and 11th 278 yearlings in the lofts of  Jo and Steven Ronsijn.

Gouden 025-Duivin BE05-4408025

She sure has proven to be a successful breeding hen! This does not come as a surprise since she is the daughter of Son Dubbele 226/99 x 220-Duivin 220/04. De Dubbele 557/88 won 1st provincial St. Vincent 1,160 pigeons and 1st provincial Ruffec 2,343 pigeons, while 220-Duivin won 172nd nat. St. Vincent 3,320 pigeons and 423rd nat. St.-Vincent 10.020 pigeons. Click here for the full pedigree of Matador.

Wing 2nd international Barcelona 2013

The Matador is a sturdy pigeon and its pedigree includes many top performers and winners in the middle and long distance races. A full sister of The Matador won 3rd Orange 88 pigeons on a local level this year. Last weekend, 9 descendants from this very same bloodline achieved top 20 results in the races of Barcelona and Libourne. They have proven to be powerful pigeons with lots of willpower and perseverance. Their unique characteristics helped them to achieve the following results under hot temperatures and strong headwinds from the northeast during last weekend’s Libourne race.

Libourne local 296 old birds: 2-6-52 (3/5)
Libourne local 278 yearlings: 6-7-10-13-14-20-35-42-47-48-52-53-59-64-67-78-81 (17/26)

A successful weekend nearly rewarded with an international victory! It is a pity to come so close, but a second place in a difficult Barcelona race sure is impressive. Congratulations!

Eye 2nd international Barcelona 2013