Aad Kuyt and his talented cock Levi win another first national from St. Vincent in 2013 against 3,281 opponents

10,944 pigeons were released on Friday Morning 9:00 am for a tough trip to their lofts in the north, including 3,282 birds from The Netherlands. The talented Levi (NL08-1438715) from Aad Kuyt (Katwijk aan Zee, NL) was released as well and he did an impressive job, being the only Dutch pigeon with a velocity of over 900 m/min.

Aad and Ans showing their first national St. Vincent Levi

The kind fancier Aad (61) had prepared five racing pigeons for this race, one of which was his favourite racing bird Levi, named after his grandson. This cock is raced on widowhood and he had showed his potential in previous races already. He was for instance 4th national St.-Vincent Sector 2 – 5,336 p, 128th national St.-Vincent Sector 2 – 4,858 p, 203rd national Cahors Sector 2 – 7,195 p, 317th national Perpignan – 5,608 p. and 843rd national Albi Sector 2 – 4,809 p. His first national St.-Vincent against 3,282 pigeons this season is a crowning achievement.

Indeed, this soft-feathered pigeon has already won a first and fourth national in his career. His fourth national prize of 2010 was won with a velocity of 1,058 m/min; his first prize of 2013 was won with an average speed of 918 m/min over a distance of 1,037km. This is a powerful pigeon that never gives up.

St.-Vincent 2013

Aad kept a close eye on the first arrivals and he had calculated that a pigeon could win a first prize if it landed before 11:30 am. He was working in the garden when he noticed a pigeon sitting in his homemade sputnik. It was 10:11’07” am. It was his first nominated Levi that was calling for him. Levi is a very tame pigeon and Aad had no trouble picking him up and having him electronically clocked. The pigeon won a first national against 3,282 pigeons. Based on the preliminary results Levi is expected to win a fifth international prize against 10,944 pigeons as well. This really is an impressive performance, especially because he had to fly an additional 240 and 290 km compared to his four closest opponents.

1st national St.-Vincent The Netherlands

Levi had a quiet start to the season, especially because of the cold first months. His first important flight was on 14 June, also from St. Vincent. He had done barely 1,000 training kilometres prior to this race. This was in fact the first time that Levi could not win an expected prize. Levi had not been basketed for a race in between the two flights from St. Vincent. “I had not planned to basket him anymore after the first St. Vincent but he showed some great fitness two weeks ago and he started to behave differently”, Aad explains. “That is why I decided to basket him anyway. It was as if he asked for it himself.”

The sire of this national winner is the 458 (NL05-1284458), one of Aad’s strongest pigeons. The 458 was winner of a 181st national Perpignan 2008 – 5,662 p, 192nd national Pau 2009 – 2,751 p, 252nd national Perpignan 2009 – 6,507 p. and 352nd national Tarbes 2009 -3,601 p. He also originates from the well-known Fiets (NL99-2224795) from Hans Knetsch (Katwijk aan de Rijn, NL) and pigeons of grandmaster Theo Ernest (Halsteren, NL). The dam of the national winner from St.-Vincent is the NL00-1844588, a pigeon from the bloodlines of Velden/van Wanrooy.

Aad keeps his pigeons in a very small loft of only five meters long, in which 14 nest pairs and 14 widowers on classic widowhood are housed. He also has a group of about 30 young birds but he does not have any real breeding pairs. With this in mind we can only conclude that this is a fancier with excellent skills who works with a family of high-class pigeons. In the past four years his remarkably tame pigeons have managed to win the following top prizes:

1st national St. Vincent 2013 – 3,282 p.
1st Champion Western European Super Marathon ZLU 2011
2nd international Barcelona 2011 – 26,044 p.
3rd national Narbonne 2009 – 3,773 p.
4th national St. Vincent Sector 2 2010 – 5,336 p.

We would like to remind you of the fact that Aad had already won a first national St.-Vincent 1988 in his first marathon season. We can only conclude that Aad is without doubt a really an outstanding fancier.

The race from St.-Vincent was particularly demanding this season and the top class cock Levi once again showed that he has great talent. Meanwhile the excellent fancier Aad has noticed that his youngsters are just as talented as their sire. We are curious about the next achievement of the fancier from Katwijk aan Zee. Many congratulations!