Lex Udo (Heilo, NL) turns promising birds into highly successful racing pigeons

Lex Udo knows how to achieve brilliant results in the region of North Holland on a regular basis. His exceptional pigeon breed is capable of winning top prizes one after another. Even the unpredictable circumstances of the 2013 season could not keep his young widowhood cocks and hens from winning prizes.

Lex Udo gained an excellent reputation with his outstanding collection of pigeons that originates from such iconic racing birds as Ultimo, Excellentia, Marvin, Cartouche, Jonge Voormiddag and Special. These bloodlines have been combined together and they have turned this into a really successful loft. Lex Udo basically excels in the sprint races, the middle distance and the young bird competition and 2013 was no exception:

20-4-2013 Meer (123 km) 3,711 p.
1-2-3-6-7-9-12-13-18-19-29-etc. (24/26)
27-4-2013 Duffel (168 km) 3,551 p.
3-5-20-26-27-28-38-etc. (23/26)
25-5-2013 Nivelles (226 km) 1,614 p.
2-11-21-22-38-39-41-47-etc. (16/22)
1-6-2013 Soissons (374 km) 2,271 p.
6-9-27-etc. (17/23)
8-6-2013 Nivelles (226 km) 1,423 p.
3-4-5-6-9-10-20-26-27-28-29-32-38-etc. (19/24)
29-6-2013 Morlincourt (357 km) 1,111 p.
1-9-31-etc. (12/21)

Many fanciers would be really satisfied with these performances but Lex is always looking to further improve his results. “My pigeons win enough prizes but they never seem to win true top prizes. That is what I’m looking for. I couldn’t push them to a higher level but that could be related to the poor weather conditions lately. My loft needs high temperatures! My cocks however are not really influenced by the weather and they have been performing very well. I have been working with a lot of yearlings this season and they are of course vulnerable in the tough races. Still they have won quite a few prizes and it appears I have a couple of really talented yearlings this season. This sounds promising for the future!”

Lex Udo is not a fancier with a lot of pigeons and his racing team consists of a maximum of 28 pigeons. They were trained approximately four times, because it was difficult to train them regularly in the cold spring. “I was surprised by the great start we had; my pigeons usually need sunny weather to really get in shape. Despite the cold weather they still managed to reach a high level. My pigeons perform at their best in longer races with lower speeds, for instance in the last middle distance races and the NPO races for young birds.”

Lex's strongest racing pigeons in 2013 give us a good idea of the quality of his pigeon family:

- NL12-1506646 Widower 646

1st Meer (123 km)        – 3,711 p. 2013 
2nd Nivelles (226 km)    – 1,614 p. 2013 
5th Nivelles (226 km)    – 1,423 p. 2013

Sire: Widower, winner of six clean first prizes and a full brother of top breeder Ultimo
Dam: a daughter of Super Breeder 02, winner of two clean first prizes for Steef Duijn
Click here for the full pedigree of Widower 646.

- NL12-1486806 Ultimo 806

1st Morlincourt (357 km) – 1,111 p. 2013
3rd Meer (123 km)        – 3,711 p. 2013
9th Soissons (375 km)    – 2,271 p. 2013
12th Grimbergen (185 km) – 1,704 p. 2012
13th Soissons (375 km)   –   832 p. 2012

Sire: Ultimo, stock breeder and sire of many first prize winners
Dam: Dochter La Toya, winner of three first prizes in big races - an inbred Excellentia.
A sister of Ultimo 806 has won a first prize against 194 pigeons in the first young bird's race of the 2013 season (10th rayon 2,889 p.)
Click here for the full pedigree of Ultimo 806.

- NL11-1605224 Avanti 224

2nd Meer (122 km)       – 3,711 p. 2013
2nd Soissons (375 km)   – 2,163 p. 2012
5th Nivelles (226 km)   – 3,588 p. 2013
5th Duffel (168 km)     – 3,551 p. 2013
7th Soissons (375 km)   – 1,350 p. 2012
11th Nanteuil (408 km)  – 1,517 p. 2012
14th Nivelles (226 km)  – 3,234 p. 2012
15th Meer (122 km)      – 3,625 p. 2012

Sire: Avanti, winner of three first prizes in big races; grandson of Ultimo x Excellentia
Dam: Paris, a talented racer from stock pair Marvin x Excellentia
A son of Avanti 224 has won a first against 186 pigeons in the second young bird's race of the 2013 season
Click here for the full pedigree of Avanti 224.