PIPA auction season 2012-2013 sets new records again

The PIPA auction season has just come to an end and it was again a memorable season, in which nearly all records were broken. This is thanks to the fanciers that continue to offer high quality pigeons, and to the increasing number of potential buyers, who have confidence in PIPA.

The record auction of Leo Heremans, an absolute highlight!

The 2012-2013 PIPA auction season has come to an end. An auction season typically runs from mid-August to the end of May. The opening of the record auction of Leo Heremans had been delayed however, as a result of which the season ended only in mid-June. It was a great ending: the final auction of the season was actually the absolute highlight in the long history of PIPA. Indeed, the Leo Heremans auction will long be remembered, because two records were broken. In fact this auction achieved two quite impressive records: BOLT (sold to Mr. Gao for 310,000€) is now by far the most expensive pigeon in a public internet auction and the auction had a total yield of 4,346,500€, which is significantly more than the previous record holding auction. This raises the question whether we have reached the limit. We would love to give you the answer but we cannot predict the future. Perhaps we might see a new record sooner or later. We can only wait and see.

Bolt, currently the most expensive pigeon in a public auction ever

We took a look back at the past season and we are proud to tell you that 2012-2013 has been PIPA’s most successful auction season ever. This would not have been possible without the full confidence of buyer and seller in PIPA. Fanciers were selling pigeons of outstanding quality and this allowed us to offer you a wonderful collection of some of the best birds on the market. This was widely appreciated by the potential buyers who continue to invest in great pigeons year after year but we also notice a steady increase in fanciers who register on our website to join our auctions. When closing the auction season of 2013 we had nearly double as many bidders in our database compared to last season (2012). So PIPA saw some significant progress in this field as well. We would like to say thank you to our clients for having trust in our company but also to all the newcomers!

The PIPA sales team is currently preparing for the next auction season. They are keeping an eye on the most successful pigeons of today and they hope to present them to you in our new auction season of 2013-2014, which gets under way on 19 August. We will have a few surprises for you but we will tell you more about it when the time is right. It is something to look forward to!