Patrick and Dimitri Houfflijn (Wortegem-Petegem, BE) take an impressive provincial victory from Montauban

This provincial first prize was already their sixth victory this season. Their first prize from Montauban last weekend is the icing on the cake. It makes them hungry for more!

It had always been their dream to be able to compete with the most successful national long distance and extreme distance fanciers. It appears this dream has come true: they have won a first national from Cahors 2010 and several provincial first prizes and they have been awarded as 2nd nat. Champion Long Distance KBDB 2006 and 2nd General Champion KBDB 2006. It is a fact that that the pigeon breed from Wortegem-Petegem is very well thought out. The Willequet x Vandenabeele combination proved a great success and it brought the Houfflyn pigeon family to the highest level in national pigeon racing. Their Geronimo (50% old Houfflijn breed and 50% Vandenabeele) is their very best breeding pigeon and the stock sire of their current generation of racing pigeons. This bird breeds nothing but top class pigeons. The birds of Desmet-Matthijs appeared a good match for their breed as well. They did several crossings and joint breedings with a few other great long distance lofts in Belgium, including of course the pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem. The lines of Blauwe Fideel (first nat. Brive ’95), Ronker (first nat. Limoges ’95, first prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’94) and Wittenbuik (3 x first prov. winner) have greatly influenced the further development of the Houfflijn pigeon breed. The fresh provincial winner from Montauban is a product of these successful lines as well.

These are his best results:

Blois       Loc      354 p. 2
            Prov   4,094 p. 26
Blois       Loc      558 p. 57
            Prov   5,142 p. 519
Châteauroux Loc      351 p. 3   
            I.Pro  1,110 p. 5
            Nat.  22,718 p. 29
Tulle       Nat.   8,323 p. 520          
Limoges     Loc      242 p. 14
            Prov   2,960 p. 87
Châteauroux Loc      514 p. 47
            Prov   5,500 p. 264
Limoges     Loc      406 p. 3
            Nat.  13,781 p. 65
Tulle       Loc      162 p. 5
            Nat.   6,817 p. 85
Montauban   Loc      181 p. 5
            Nat.   6,822 p. 126
Souillac    Loc      332 p. 18
            Nat.   7,760 p. 174
4th Best pigeon of Belgium in four national races (PIPA ranking)
Montauban   Loc      118 p. 1
            Prov   1,466 p. 1
            Nat.   6,772 p. 20
Angerville  Loc      118 p. 1      
Limoges     Loc      299 p. 25
            Prov   3,610 p. 212
            Nat   14,241 p. 676

He originates from a number of very talented pigeons. His father is for instance winner of a first Barcelona 119 p. and a 40th nat. Barcelona 11,802p, a 2nd Barcelona 240 p. and a 45th nat. Barcelona 11,484 p. He originates from Broer Gullit (Gullit, 5th Primus Inter Pares Barcelona) of Desmet-Matthijs, as well as the Ronaldo line of Etienne Devos. His dam has also won a fifth prov. Tours 1,553 pigeons and she is a daughter of the Cippolini (1st Brive 126 p, 21st nat. Brive 9,466 p, 53rd prov. Tours 2,658 p, 73rd prov. Orléans 7,233 p.). She stems from the Blauwe Fideel and Ronkertje, two stock pigeons of Houfflijn. They are pure Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons, paired to the Super Ludo Hen of Frans Waerniers. Click here for the full pedigree of Zoon Red Barcelona.

The list of achievements below shows that the Houfflijn pigeons are having a great season. They achieve a remarkably high prize percentage and they have won a high number of top prizes, including six clean first prizes, in addition to the provincial victory from Montauban last weekend. They hope to add another win to their list of achievements in the coming weeks, which is not unrealistic considering the fitness of their pigeons. Congratulations Patick and Dimitri!

Best results of 2013

18/05 Angerville Club 101 old birds: 1-5-14-20-21-32-34. (7/10)
25/05 Bourges    Club 340 old birds: 9-10-12. (3/5)
  3,489 old birds: 203-207-251 (3/5)
01/06 Chateauroux     366 old birds: 1-9-27-35-36-119 (6/8)
01/06 Limoges    Club 299 old birds: 1-6-22-24-25-32-36-39-45-83(10/14)
              Prov  3,610 old birds: 15-68-190-208-212-317-352-451
              Nat. 14,271 old birds: 60-201-593-660-676-1074-1119-1181-…
08/06 Montelimar Club  78 old birds: 1-11-15-26 (4/5)
              Prov    741 old birds: 6-81-91 (3/5)
14/06 Cahors     Club 142 old birds: 2-22-36-42 (4/5)
              Prov  1,754 old birds: 23-238-407 (3/5)
14/06 Pau        Club 100 old birds: 2 (1/2)
              Prov    303 old birds: 3 (1/2)
14/06 Pau     Nat.  2,025 old birds: 33 (1/2)
14/06 Montlucon  Club 317 old birds: 1-2-3-72 (4/5)
22/06 Montauban  Club 118 old birds: 1-2-5-11-14-33-39 (7/8)
              Prov  1,466 old birds: 1-7-27-65-109-269-318 (7/8)