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35 years in the sport. Have won combines,Feds and even have my blood lines on sale at Louella Pigeon World for the last 10 years ! I would like to see club racing change to a limited entry of 5 birds per fancier, but with high entrance fees of say (10 pound sterling) per bird, giving very good prize money and a good level fair playing field to all fanciers. This would bring the sport level up with prize money into the thousands each week and would also help keep the cost of running clubs down,no need for huge transporters and admin time to a minimum ! This would also get rid of the need to breed loads of young birds each year from any old pigeons and would make each fancier breed only from their best, therefore lifting the quality of birds being bred and reducing the mass losses reported week after week and also enabling the fancier to afford only the best for their birds. Simple really ! PS I don't do political correctness, I just tell it like it is !




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