Une délégation de PIPA est parfois invitée à un événement à l’étranger ou décide de rendre visite à un amateur ne vivant pas en Belgique. Un reportage de chaque voyage est publié dans cette section.


(24/03/2011) PIPA visits Derby Arona Tenerife 2011

From Friday 18th of March, till Monday 21st of March, Minna Yi and Fien Amez represent PiPa in the 6th Derby Arona Tenerife final race week.

(19/03/2011) PiPa a visité le Maroc - Le pays ou le sport colombophile devient de plus en plus populaire!

Vers la fin de l’année 2010, PIPA a été contacté par deux sommités de la colombophilie marocaine, présidents de deux associations pilotes au Maroc, relevant de l’Union des Colombophiles casablancais et Région » pour effectuer une visite à ce pays où le sport colombophile est devenu trés populaire.

(03/02/2011) PIPA visits Tavira - Portugal National Day January from 14 to 16 - Photo report

From the 14th to the 16th of January 2011 the Portuguese National Days took place in Tavira. PIPA and a few top fanciers from Belgium and the Netherlands were invited to visit this 38th National Days.

(03/02/2011) PIPA rocks - Busiest stand at the Olympics in Poznan, Poland

Coming and going of many international pigeon friends … that’s how things were in the wonderful PIPA’s stand at the Olympiad in Poznan (Poland) last weekend. Nikolaas and Thomas were overwhelmed with questions and compliments on the sensational 2010/2011 auction season

(16/12/2010) PIPA visits the Philippines - 50 year existence Philippine Homing Pigeon Association

This trip to the Philippines came after an invitation from mr. Paul Ung, who, on behalf of the PHA, invited PIPA to celebrate their 50 year existence. PHA stands for Philippine Homing Pigeon Association, the oldest and best known pigeon association of the Philippines. They were the first pigeon federation in the Philippines, founded in 1960. Fifty years later there are about 200 clubs in the ...

(16/11/2010) PIPA visits China again!

On the 11th of November, a PIPA delegation embarked on its journey to China. Minna Yi ( COO PIPA ) and Thomas Van Cauwenberghe ( President of the board ) left together with Miss Sarah Jung ( SG Jung-Jupid ) for a short trip to China where they would visit the Lang Fang Pigeon Exhibition, the Gala-evening and final of the One Loft Race of Sissi, a visit to the final of the the One Loft Race of ...

(05/11/2010) Visite au Maroc Novembre 2010

Au cours de l’année 2010, PiPa a été invité au Maroc par les responsables de la fédération colombophile de Casablanca. Malheureusement, la date de l’invitation ne nous convenait pas donc aucun représentant de PiPa ne s’y est rendu.

(04/10/2010) Trip to Germany - PiPa at visit by some of the best fanciers in Germany !

At the end of august PiPa was at visit by some of the best fanciers in Germany.

(30/09/2010) PIPA IT-team visits DrupalCon in Copenhagen

The Pipa-IT-team joined the 4 day Drupal conference in Copenhagen (Denmark) to hear about new web-initiatives, tips and tricks, and to meet other web developers.

(19/06/2010) PiPa trip to China - All pictures + text online

PiPa visits China - June 2009. Nikolaas (CEO/Founder PiPa) Thomas Van Cauwenberghe(President of the board PiPa) and Luna Lai (responsible for China & Taiwan market PiPa) of the PiPa-Team are going to spend the next 2 weeks travelling all over China. Also top pigeon fancier Marcel Sangers from The Netherlands is joining. Today, 6th of June we arrived Beijing...