PIPA visits pigeon exhibition in Jinan (China)

PIPA was invited by the organization of the 1st Jinan International Pigeon Exhibition, hold on October 30 to November 01, 2011 at Shangdong Technique and Equipment Exhibition Center. Two of PIPA team members - Minna and Jianming came to Jinan for this important pigeon event in central part of China.

You can find pictures of the exhibition below.


always great China!!!

Where are the visitors???

Hello IBS Portugal,

Your remark is not totally unright, this exhibition had really limited visitors.
I was also one of the exhibitors, after 2 1/2 days we totally sold out but Walter de Rijck was one of the only ones who sold out after two days and my conclusion is that they had more unsatisfied exhibitors than satisfied ones.

Regards Robert

Congratulations From Morocco .

This is a real pigeon exhibition.