PIPA visits Derby de Andalucia

From the 24th of June until the 26th of June, PIPA employee Fien Amez visited the Derby de Andalucia in Jerez de La Frontera.

We were invited by the organiser Mariano Villalba, a passionate pigeon fancier, and his wife, Carmen. We would like to thank them once more for their great hospitality and the time they took to accompany us to Jerez and the race.

The race took place on Saturday, 26th of June. About 500 pigeons were released at a 7h15 in the morning from Tarancon (450 km). Because of the very hot weather (+40°C) it was a very though race. On  Saturday evening, only 13 pigeons came back. However, on Sunday evening the organisers already counted 97 pigeons. 

The least we can say is that there was a very international podium:

1st prize goes to Ferreira Sergio, a Portugese fancier that lives in Holland. Sergio also won the 15th prize. The winning pigeon arrived at 14h22 and is also the second ace pigeon. 

2nd prize goes to Tandem Barcas, from Andalusia.

3rd prize goes to Johan Lantsoght, a Belgian fancier that lives in Malaga, Spain.

Below you can find the photos and some more information about the race event:



Dit lijkt me op het eerste zicht toch al wat beter dan de Derby Arona....1 op 5 thuis na 2 dagen van een vlucht van 450 km lijkt me niet echt iets om over te roepen...maar toch dit is een vlucht die naam waardig en uiteraard in Andalucia is het deze tijd van het jaar altijd "muy caliente".....
Toch tevreden als dierenliefhebber dat het geen "ramp" is geworden.....

Derby de Andalucia...vaya con Dios.

D'Heedene Eddy . "Casa Barca" de Belgica.