I.F. Convention New York 2011 – Photo report

The I.F. Convention is an annual three-day event organised in the US, and gathers pigeon fanciers from around the United States. New York hosted this year’s edition.

This year, four fanciers from Belgium were invited to attend the convention: Erik Limbourg, Etienne Meirlaen, Jacques Vandenheede and Andre Verbesselt, who could not be present due to illness. PIPA was invited as well; Thomas Gyselbrecht was our representative.

The Belgian delegation arrived in New York on the 10th of November. The next day, a visit to one of New York’s most famous fanciers was planned: the Lion Gate Lofts, known as the lofts of Neil Migliore. He has a long history as fancier, and he is one of New York’s most remarkable people in the last 50 years.

Migliore, 78, is still a passionate fancier. He took us around the property and his lofts, and invited us for dinner afterwards.

On Saturday, the day started with a seminar, allowing the fanciers to ask questions to Erik Limbourg, Etienne Meirlaen and Jacques Vandenheede.

In the afternoon, there was a public auction with about 60 pigeons. Every year, an auction with local top fanciers is organised at the I.F. convention, with good sale prices.

Later in the afternoon, the pigeons were expected to come home from the I.F. Convention Race, for which registration is needed in the beginning of the season. Rings can be purchased for 100 USD, with prize money for the last flight of approximately 500 KM. About 1450 pigeons participated, and 500 small pigeons raced in the finals, the winner of which was awarded 15,000 USD.

This was not a One Loft Race, but rather a Derby Race: lofts from New York raced against each other with pigeons from other fanciers. In other words, fanciers from all over the country could send their pigeons to the partner lofts in New York, who could then fly them.
In the evening, a dinner was held and the winners were celebrated.

Pictures of our trip can be found below!


Guys the race is 480Km to 550Km. Great to meet you All

Thank you Thomas for your visit. It was nice to meet you all. Pipa is doing a great job for our pastime and sport.
Thank you to the fancier that brought over a nice collection of birds. Certainly was a great opportunity to obtain one of the kind birds.

Keep up the great work.

congratulation for JAPS LOFT//and all pigeonflyers from long island @new york, best regards Mike from Romania

How are you doing Mike this is Eddie from Elite Fleet Loft, Niels loft hasn't been the same since you left, but that is good for me I had a Great old & young bird season many prizes!!!!!

Thank you Thomas,it was great meeting you. Next time I'll take you on a tour around the country like my friends did in Morocco.
Many thanks and appreciations to PIPA founders for connecting pigeon fanciers all around the world and keeping pigeon fanciers up to date with the sport.

Sami's Loft, NY