Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede, Zingem… the ‘stunt team’ of the 2010 sport season!

Excelling week after week… dominating… wiping the floor with the opposition… admit it, it is not for many! But it’s a piece of cake for the ‘brothers’ Vandenheede… in 2010 they are clearly ‘lord and master’! Time then to pay a visit to Zingem to get everything straight!

When looking through the mass of pigeon results that are placed on the internet weekly via a wide variety of channels… or via the ancient traditional method of the ‘pigeon magazines’  which reach the fanciers… it is not always ‘evident’ who has raced the best during a certain weekend. It is usually so close… and one has to take other factors which can affect the result into consideration. Wind, location and mass can sometimes steer the result of ‘the day’ in a certain direction… yet, when one studies the results closely week after week… and regularly come across the same names… then it is simple… they are racing well. Those are then the people to keep an eye on, to follow… and in our case… to pay a visit and get everything down on paper!
One of the colonies which sticks out above the rest in 2010… which stands ‘head and shoulders’ above the rest is the colony of the Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede brothers from Zingem. Their performances in 2010 are of a level that far transcends the competition… we have hardly or never seen such an ‘outstanding’ and ‘classy’ colony. Together with the success formation from Limburg, Verreckt-Ariën, they are the ‘seasoning ‘of the 2010 sport season, the absolute ‘top 2’ of our country… there’s no arguing with that!

You can and may consult the report we made about the Vandenheede colony two years ago… when Freddy & Jacques decided to join forces and continue in the pigeon sport under a joint name. We had already asked ourselves … what would happen if the results which Freddy and Jacques had already achieved in their separate lofts… were to be merged into one ‘joint performance’… and we gave a couple of examples of what this could mean in the future! Not that we have a ‘crystal ball’… but knowing the ‘class’ of the modern Vandenheede pigeon, in addition to the ‘craftsmanship ' , in other words the ‘skills' of both men in charge… then you can predict with the same ‘absolute certainty’ as that apples grow on apple trees and pears grow on pear trees… that the opposition would face ‘tough times’… that it would be blooming difficult to race against the Vandenheedes … let alone win anything, unless they can be satisfied with some  proverbial ‘crumbs’. We don’t have to explain that the ambition of many a fancier stretches further than that! Freddy & Jacques decided at the time to also try their ‘cocks’ in widowhood… with the aim of including the ‘national long distance races’ in their programme (Read: 600- 800 Km-races)… which was something ‘new’ to them, and a new challenge!
Well… we are just 2 years further and we can safely say that Freddy & Jacques are fully redeeming all their ‘nice predictions’… even more… even exceed all the wildest expectations ‘with verve’. Because whichever way you look at it… honesty forces us to say that it is almost impossible to race against the Vandenheedes at the moment… not locally… not provincially… they are even holding the ‘torch’ at national level at the moment… they have grown to become the ‘leading colony’ of our country in the provincial and national ‘grand middle distance’ and national ‘long distance’! Let us illustrate this with some ‘bare figures’, whereby at the moment the counter is coming to stand at 6 x 1° Provincial victories…

15/5 Vierzon Prov  3.614 yearlings 1-8-9-32-43-75-76-90-95-129-172-175-185-
187-246-255-279 or 19 pigeons per 10 and 28/53
22/5 Bourges Prov  3.025 yearlings 3-5-6-18-25-29-33-45-49-54-66-103-107-
117-117-131-159 or 27 per 10 and 37/54
29/5 Chateauroux   4.794 yearlings 3-4-14-40-47-55-60-82-129-140-151-28-
281-300-332 or 18 per 10 and 37/97
05/6 Chateauroux   4.775 yearlings 5-6-7-15-16-19-24-33-38-40-41-57-58-59-
61-110-111-117-141-143-146-147-149 or 32 per 10 and 43/47
13/6 Chateauroux   5.547 yearlings 1-7-12-17-18-27-41-46-49-68-76-81-86-87-
90-93-112-121-129-130-132-135-135-142 or 46 per 10 and 61/75

19/6 Montrichard   2.726 yearlings 1-7-7-10-21-36-36-51-72-77-79-89-92-123-
142-145-150-162-183-223-251 21 per 10 and 31/40
26/6 Argenton Prov 5.453 yearlings 2-4-5-7-18-19-25-26-64-92-145-194-224-234-
265-277-279-282-286 or 29 per 10 and 38/56

This is just a sample of the ‘tidal wave’ from Zingem in the provincial ‘grand middle distance’. But so as said earlier, 2 years ago Freddy & Jacques decided to start focusing on the ‘national  long distance’… with namely the races Brive-Cahors-Limoges-Souillac… and since last years Tulle also… holding their preference, because this programme can be raced with more or less the same team of pigeons. Well… 2009 was the first season where a team of 2 year olds were ready to start the races, now…. 1 year later… and so 2 editions of each race further… wee see that the Vandenheedes have managed to win the victory flowers in each of these races… in just 2 years of ‘long distance’ the 1° prize was achieved at local level in each one of these races… even winning 2 x 1° Nat Zone A Limoges… in addition to a few provincial victories, like last weekend from Tulle against 1.345 old birds! In 2010 they performed as follows… (performances at local level, since not all the prov + national results have been published):

29/5 Brive    323 o.b. 1-3-11-30-37-41-52-67 10/17
       Zone 6.470 o.b. 10-40-158-537-663-833-1070-1377
       Nat 16.815 o.b. 19-56-214-831-1067-1435-2005-2683-3401
13/6 Cahors   171 o.b. 1-7-8-12 (8)
       Prov 1.703 o.b. 4-50-51-99 (8)
       Nat  8.651 o.b. 6-112-113-249 (8)
04/7 Limoges  221 o.b. 3-6-8-15-20-51-54-55-58 (14)
       Nat 10.448 o.b. 117-528-596-813-868 (9/14)
18/7 Souillac 136 o.b. 1-2-3-5-8-10-19-20-22-24-25-26-29-31-43-45 (17)
31/7 Tulle     90 o.b. 1-2-3-4-8-9-10 etc
       Prov 1.345 o.b. 1-3-4-5-25-32-35-45 (or 8 pigeons within the Top-50 Prov from 18 p)

And what about the yearlings?

11/7 Limoges  390 YL   1-1-8-11-18-19-28-46-62-66-73-77-86-112-129 (21)
       Prov 3.709 YL   10-10-56-103-137-160-224-459-664-693-785-880
24/7 Libourne 138 YL   1-2-6-7-23-24 (8)
31/7 Tulle    155 YL   2-3-4-5-7-7-9-10. Etc.
       Prov 1.718 YL   4-5-6-7-22-23-30-31-37-44 (or 10 pigeons within the Top-50 Prov from 26 p)

It was the  3° year in a row that the ‘cocks’ took part in the Limoges for yearlings… and for the 3° time in a row that they won the 1° prize… even more, they clocked the 1° + 2° prize each time… although in 2010 it was a double victory, since both yearlings walked over the antenna at the same time
’08 Limoges   333 YL   1-2-4-5-11-12-13-17-18-23-32-37… (30/45)
’09 Limoges   493 YL   1-2-4-7-27-40…. Etc
’10 Limoges   390 YL   1-1-8-11-18-19-28…. (see higher)

And when I now ask Freddy and Jacques which long distance performance they have found the best up until now… then they answer in unison… the ‘Cahors’ from 2009 with
’09 Cahors Nat 7.347 o.b. 28-35-60-72-79-279-356-1767 (8 / 8)

A score of 100% prize with no less than 5 pigeons by the 79° prize national!
Maybe just mention that the cocks and hens are still raced according to the ‘classic’ widowhood… so with partners which stay at home. The old cocks normally race a long distance race every two weeks… whilst, for the first time,  in 2010 the hens were basketted ‘ever y week’ for a race of 400-500 Km… in contrast to earlier when after 3 weeks, there was a ‘rest week’ was built in! The hens should then come ‘harder’ than before… but it is a public secret that pigeons in ‘blood form’ can always do something ‘more’… this was more than proved in Zingem! It is still the old very strong Vandenheede stock… forged and formed by father, the late Rene Vandenheede… which was kept and extended further by both Freddy and Jacques as if it was their ‘own child’  and this was reinforced with the input of a dash of ‘fresh blood’… wherefrom the ‘world class’ De Rauw-Sablon was more than ‘bull’s eye’, the introduction of the descendants of the ‘Dream Couple’ also played its part here… these pigeons let the Vandenheedes go a notch higher… to act at real ‘champion level’… as the ‘Barca’ of our national pigeon sport!
Admit it… if we speak in ‘song terms’, then this spectacle is ‘simply the best’… impossible to beat, let alone equal! The aims lie at a lonely height… it is a question of how much ‘higher’ they can go? In any case the 2010 sport season  has demonstrated that Freddy & Jacques still have ‘growing room’… that the maximum is far from reached! The opposition is waiting with bated breath as to what the ‘stuntmen ‘from Zingem still have up their sleeve! Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede can be described as the ‘hero’s of 2010’… the best that our country has to offer at the moment in the provincial and national ‘grand middle distance’… and national ‘extreme middle distance’! The road to ‘eternal fame’ is already paved for them… a road which they have worked hard on themselves… and are still working on! Simply the best of the best…


Amai wat die mannen doen in Zingem, jawatte !!!
Proficiat !

Waarom eens geen interview van de Vandenheedes hoe ze hun duiven soigneren en voorbereiden op de vluchten, altijd uitslagen op pipa, maar tis ook de rest dat ons als duivenliefhebber interesseert.

Alle weken een vlucht van 500km zonder rustperiode.......???
Ik zou wel eens willen weten hoe ze weer in topvorm geraken na een zware hete vlucht van 500 km en direct de week daarop (5 dagen na thuiskomst) inkorven op een nieuwe vlucht van 500km.

Gillis Gebroeders

Rudi, een terechte opmerking. We houden hier terdege rekening mee en plannen iets moois na het seizoen rond de gebroeders Vandenheede.
Groetjes, Nikolaas

En gij nie alleen!!!
Ik zou da met mijn duiven nie kunnen !!! Rolling Eyes Very Happy Exclamation

ik denk niet dat deze duiven op water en graan vliegen nergens trouwens
en er mag iets moois komen rond de gebroeders vandenheede alles zullen we niet te horen krijgen over voeding en medicatie enz
maar toch proficiat

Water en Graan?? Is inderdaad lang verleden tijd!
Welke topliefhebber vertelt eigenlijk zijn diepste geheimen?? Geen enkele vrees ik!
Niet vergeten dat dezelfde (sommige!) liefhebbers die nu vol verwondering zijn voor hun prestaties er ook hun plezier in hebben als ze een mindere vlucht hebben...
Das dan de keerzijde van de succes-medaille!

In ieder geval, ben zelf dit jaar voor het eerst in contact gekomen met Freddy en stond versteld van de tijd en raad dat ie had voor een "kleine" liefhebber!
Mag ook wel eens vermeld worden.

Ook van hieruit proficiat aan Freddy en Jacques voor hun prachtige prestaties!!


In Zingem had ik net zoals Koka reeds het genoegen om verschillende malen in open dialoog te treden met Freddy. Je kan uren naar freddy luisteren en Freddy deinst er niet voor terug om jonge liefhebbers met raad bij te staan; Voor een tophok geniet je er alvast van een eerlijke bediening.
Ze beschikken over een hok sterke duiven maar doen er beiden enorm veel voor. Fijne liefhebbers
En wat de medische begeleiding betreft van een slechte ga je nooit een goede maken.

Doe zo voort.

Mkh (regio Brugge)