Verbesselt-Van Riet-Sompong win final in Pattaya International Pigeon Race. Jan Hooymans dominates with a 4th and 5th place, 5 pigeons in top 100 and 1 ace pigeon

The final of the 3rd edition of the Pattaya International Pigeon Race took place this Saturday 5th of January.

The first of 959 released pigeons arrived home in the lofts in Pattaya after completing 530km in just over seven hours. And that pigeon belongs to the Belgian-Thai combination of Verbesselt-Van Riet-Sompong; they win 93,000 US Dollar worth of prize money!

This is the pedigree of the winner:

The second place goes to Per Claus Ulrik from Denmark, which also claims a 45th place in the final.
The third prize winner belongs to Oscar & Linda Devries. They also won a 3rd, 23rd and 35th in the final, and their 3rd and 35th happen to be nest mates. This is the pedigree:

An even more impressive result was the 4th, 5th, 24th, 74th and 94th place of Jan Hooymans. He had three pigeons in the top 24 and five pigeons in the top 100, which makes him the big winner of this year's race. His fourth place in the final went to NL18-5002411, which stems from a youngster of New Harry x Daughter Branco Jr. (Koopman) from his father's side. The dam is a double grandchild of the Hooymans stock breeder Jonge Bliksem. This young bird had also won a 59th of 1,216 pigeons in the semi-final. Meanwhile, the winner of the ace pigeon championship has been announced as well, and this title unsurprisingly went to NL18-5002411. This bird not only wins a 4th place in the final but also a 1st ace pigeon title in the Pattaya One Loft Race!

Here is a closer look at the pedigree of the 4th place winner in the final and the 1st ace pigeon:

The fifth place went to NL18-5002524, which stems from a direct son of Harry x birdy. This cock called Harry Birdy 62 was also the sire of a 3rd and 54th in the final of the Victoria Falls Zimbabe One Loft Race in 2018. The dam is a hen that finished in 9th place in the final of the Million Dollar Race in 2016..

Jan Hooymans's third pigeon, the 24th place winner in the final, was a grandchild of Harry. The pedigree of the NL18-5002605 is included below.
We heard from spectactors that this pigeon in fact came home in third place but instead of entering the loft, she pent more than 15 minutes sitting on the ground.
That explains why she was only clocked as 24th pigeon.

The fourth place winner (and 74th in the final) is a grandchild of New Harry & James Bond, and the 5th pigeon (94th in the final) is a grandchld of Beauty Harry & Alexia.

Besides the names that we just mentioned, the following fanciers/combinations had a pigeon in the top 100 in the final as well:

Buppesannivas Team (Thailand) – 26th and 91st
Chai Watcharong-Somsaksup (Thailand) – 76th and 100th
Team Country (Thailand) – 39th and 67th
Dream Team USA (USA) – 30th and 75th
Euro Fighter (Duitsland) – 28th and 97th
Florea Sorin (Roemenië) – 37th and 99th
Greg Team – 83rd and 95th
Jassim Al Kulaib (Kuwait) – 20th, 22nd and 50th
Ji Yi Jing Su Li Bo (China) – 68th and 88th
Mike Ganus (USA) – 84th and 85th
Niels J. Paulin (Denmark) – 82nd and 96th
Tian Jin Wen Ying (China) – 38th and 71st
Xie Guo Min – Xie Han Ren Fu Zi (China) – 57th and 60th