The van Panhuis family (Meppel, NL) shine with 1° Nat. Youngsters Ace bird (100% Eijerkamp)

They are ecstatic, Cees, Richard and actually the entire Van Panhuis family. This year they don't only have a top pigeon in the lofts, but with her also won the tile 1° Nat youngsters Ace bird.

Her name is Tiny and she comes out a Daughter EURO x Son CHÉ . . quality lasts!

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, on paper many pigeons can achieve what ‘Tiny’ did, but only a few prove it. This top pigeon raced together a marvellous honours list, in just 5 races she managed to win 5 prizes, wherefrom 4 top notations which count towards the National Championship..

Before misunderstandings form over the name, this pigeon was raced under the name of Mrs. T van Panhuis from Meppel. It is actually the Comb. Van Panhuis (Leersum, NL) which have been making a name for themselves since 2005. They raced from this location, but each time the combination just came short for a mention on teletext, something which was their aim. Now they also race from the location where previously only the breeders resided. Both Cees and Richard were members in Leersum and so mother Tiny had to become a member of P.V. De Valk in Meppel. Next year they will all race under the name Comb. Van Panhuis.

Their aim, a teletext notation, has been more than fulfilled with an N.P.O. victory from Peronne against 5282 pigeons. Cees had the honour of taking care of the pigeon, Richard had the honour of breeding her.

The hen was raced naturally and was very interested in a yearling cock which she soon shared a nest box with. She radiates pure intelligence and alertness, she betrays herself in the loft. You spot her straight away! A topper! Notable is that Tiny (11-4710107) was not raced in the first 3 races. This is because father Cees believes that an exceptionally high number of youngsters are lost in these races. He prefers to join in at 220 km after training them himself a few times. This training takes place regularly. Driving the whole week with the youngsters or training twice per day, which, “if in good form”, they voluntarily do for 1 to 1 ½ hours. You don’t see them a lot and they are ‘’rock hard’’.

Remarkably this hen was also usually home from the midweek training sessions earlier than the rest of the loft. And during the weekend of her N.P.O. victory from Peronne she had even had a tough midweek training session from Baarle Nassau which is 130 km for them. She was sharp, and we didn’t leave anything to chance. With this top care she performed excellently according to her honours list. 

St.Truiden 223 km 6e – 738 birds 28e – 2676 birds

Pommeroeul 304 km 3e – 569 birds 4e – 1.776 birds 9e – 2.264 birds 16e – 8.056 birds N.P.O. St. Quentin 378 km 1e – 507 birds 2e – 1.732 birds (fond club) 1e – 2.107 birds (district 8) 47e – 7.567 birds N.P.O.

Peronne 384 km 1st – 5.282 N.P.O. + teletext  

And with this she won the title 1° Nat Ace bird youngsters 2011.

Quality lasts, and always comes to the surface. The job seems to be done with such descendants, but it is also the care of such a fancier as Cees van Panhuis was important in allowing this hen to raise above herself and makes her (almost) immortal.


Mother ‘Tiny’ = daughter ‘EURO’

Father ‘Tiny’ = son ‘CHÉ’


Cees en Richard proficiat met jullie super prestatie,klasse!
Een nieuwe start en gelijk al 1e Nationaal Jonge Duif kampioen!
Succes voor de kweek en volgend seizoen,sportgroeten Alfred Strijker

Hallo Cees & Richard,

Proficiat, met jullie knappe prestatie, en ga zo door!
Ook wij hebben een superduif van Cees & Richard. Deze jaarling vloog in 2011: 3 x 1e prijs,1 x 2e,
6e NPO (teletekst)tegen 10.759 duiven.

Met sportieve groet,
Gebroeders Sanders en zonen, Millingen aan de Rijn

Daarmee is nog eens bewezen dat we niet veel kennen van duiven: Het oog van Ché Junior heeft een giga grote pupil en toch vader van zo'n superduif.

Mister D,

Onder de lamp heeft Che Junior ook een kleine pupil..... ligt aan de situatie waarop de foto gemaakt is!

Beste mister D..,

Waarom zou een duif met een vergrote pupil geen goede kunnen zijn + ze voortbrengen. Plus, er is ook nog een duivin.

Logischerwijze, dat een scherpe lichtbundel de iris zal doen samentrekken; dat doet feitelijk niets af aan een kleine of grote pupil. Bij normaal (dag)licht.

Misschien, heeft ie duif duif wel last van glaucoom / hoge oogdruk Wink Dat geeft ook een extreme vergroting van de pupillen. Mensen, kunnen hier uiteindelijk blind door raken. maar een duif is nog geen mens!

Rob van Hove

Ten eerste gefeliciteerd met dit mooie resultaat.
ff een reactie op Mister D het is wel een koppeling vlieg oog tegen kweekoog Rolling Eyes
Met sportieve groet
Comb Poessenauw

Best of luck.