Top class breeder Bendner Jr. of Edwin Hoogland (Oldebroek, NL) is a pigeon to envy

Edwin Hoogland saw the level of quality in his breeding loft increase dramatically thanks to the pigeons of his father-in-law Henk Scheffer. Bendner Jr. proved the most important addition by far; his youngsters have already won 12 top 10 prizes NPO, and Bender Jr. is also the grandfather of a 1st NPO Châteauroux and a 5th Troyes.

Edwin Hoogland

Bendner Jr., an exceptional breeder

Edwin Hoogland's breeding bird Bendner Jr. has developed into a nationally renowned pigeon. He was bred from Bendner, the stock breeder of Henk Scheffel from Elburg. We have discussed his achievements as a racing bird in a previous article, but this time we will focus on his career in the breeding loft. His direct youngsters have won an impressive 12 top 10 prizes NPO; here is a look at their impressive list of achievements:

1st NPO Peronne     against 4,974 pigeons with NL12-1276162
2nd NPO Menen       against 4,626 pigeons with NL12-1276162
3rd NPO Salbris     against 5,641 pigeons with NL12-1276105
3rd NPO Chateaudun  against 6,293 pigeons with NL14-1643622
3rd NPO Melun       against 3,701 pigeons with NL14-1643622
4th NPO Morlincourt against 9,279 pigeons with NL12-1276162
7th NPO Nanteuil    against 3,332 pigeons with NL12-1276162
7th NPO Peronne     against 6,870 pigeons with NL12-1276105
8th NPO Peronne     against 6,870 pigeons with NL12-1276144
8th NPO Morlincourt against 9,279 pigeons with NL12-1276161
8th NPO Nanteuil    against 6,619 pigeons with NL12-1276105
9th NPO Nanteuil    against 6,619 pigeons with NL12-1276143

Superkweker Bendner Jr.

Bendner Jr. is a direct son of stock breeder Bendner of Henk Schefel (Eiburg, NL). His dam is Laura, which comes from the loft of Evert van der Horst Azn (Harderwijk, NL); she is closely related to the Schaerlaeckens pigeon breed. Click here for her impressive pedigree.

You can tell that Bendner Jr. is an excellent breeder not just by the achievements of his own youngsters but also by the impressive results of his descendants in later generations as well. The grandchildren of Bendner Jr. have in fact been quite successful over the years:

1st  NPO Chateauroux against 2,777 pigeons 
4th  NPO Troyes      against 4,122 pigeons
1st  Duffel          against 1,795 pigeons
1st  Feluy           against 1,315 pigeons
5th  Laon            against 1,248 pigeons
6th  Duffel          against 1,017 pigeons
9th  Nanteuil        against   773 pigeons
10th Hapert          against 3,104 pigeons
14th Quievrain       against 4,752 pigeons
17th Moeskroen       against 2,266 pigeons

Lima, an exceptional breeding hen

One of the hens that Edwin likes to pair his Bendner Jr. to is Lima, and her pedigree explains why. She is a direct daughter of Limo of the Verbree Combination (Putten, NL). Limo is an exceptionally talented breeder, having bred for instance Marchino (NL08-1158499) and Anita (NL10-1326498). Marchino became the best cock in The Netherlands in the 2011 WHZB competition, and Anita became the country's best hen in the WHZB in the same season. The dam of Lima is Cora; she comes directly from the loft of Cor Leijtens (Oostelbeers, NL) and she is a daughter of the famous Lammert. Lammert became 1st Olympiad Pigeon Sprint for The Netherlands in South Africa, and he is in turn the sire of many talented pigeons. Click here for Lima's full pedigree.


The youngsters and grandchildren of the pairing of Bendner Jr. x Lima have achieved some great results. Take for instance the pigeon that won a 1st NPO Châteauroux of 2,777 pigeons for Wulf van der Laar (Elst, NL). This pigeon also won a 4th Troyes 4,122 pigeons, a 6th Dufel 1,017 pigeons, and a 14th Quiévrain 4,752 pigeons.

Edwin's breeding loft is also home to a promising son of Bendner Jr. x Lima, called NL13-1960809 Rio. This pigeon is now the sire and grandfather of quite a few well performing racing birds. They have won the following prizes:

 7th NPO Nanteuil    against 3,646 pigeons with NL15-1403172
27th NPO Châteauroux against 1,971 pigeons with NL14-1643639
27th NPO St.-Quentin against 5,827 pigeons with NL15-1403194
28th NPO Melun       against 3,997 pigeons with NL15-1403194
10th Nanteuil        against   958 pigeons with NL15-1403194
10th Breda           against 3,906 pigeons with NL14-1643697

Rio, son of Bendner Jr.

Excellent references

  • Wulf van der Laar (Elst, NL): 1st NPO Châteauroux 2,777 pigeons, etc.
  • Comb. Verbree (Putten, NL): the sire of Olympic Samanta is Conto of Edwin Hoogland. 
  • Henk Scheffel (Elburg, NL): a son of Bendner Jr x Rihanna has won the following prizes:
    1st NPO Peronne 5,223 pigeons
    2nd NPO Menen 4,626 pigeons
    4th NPO Morlincourt 9,279 pigeons
    7th NPO Nanteuil 3,332 pigeons
    8th NPO Morlincourt 9,279 pigeons

What's next?

Bendner Jr. is a pigeon with exceptional breeding value indeed, and his youngsters and grandchildren have been winning top results on a regular basis, not just in Edwin's loft but for many other fanciers as well. Bendner Jr. followed in the footsteps of his illustrious father Bendner, and it must be great to have such a talented breeder in your collection. We think Edwin will continue to achieve great results with this pigeon in the coming years.

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