Team Freddy De Jaeger (Knesselare, BE) shows great form with a double victory from Bourges in the zone

There is no denying that Team De Jaeger has had a flying start to the season, winning a 1st and 2nd Nat. Zone A1 Bourges old birds, and a 1st Nat. Zone A1 Bourges yearlings in the first national race of 2014.

The fanciers from Knesselare are determined to show that they have deservedly won their title of 3rd National Champion Longer Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB 2013. As in his professional career, Freddy De Jaeger has only one objective in mind: to make it to the very top. But he knows from experience that you have to deal with ups and downs to get there. Fanciers that can manage to keep the setbacks to a minimum will be most likely to reach their goals and have a long and successful career.
It is important to have what it takes to reach your goal as well. Freddy invested in a collection of excellent pigeons, but he also gathered a team of assistants with lifelong experience in pigeon racing. Marijn Laureyns, his new fulltime caretaker, has had a long career in the sport. Frank Morre takes care of the administrative tasks, but he offers a helping hand whenever he can in the loft as well. 

That was the start of Team Freddy De Jaeger. The goal was now to focus on performance with a collection of great pigeons and a group of experienced people. It proved a great success, and the team performed exceptionally well last season. A number of talented pigeons were able to perform to their full potential in 2013, and their impressive results at national level have led to the winning of several titles, including 3rd Nat. Champion Longer Middle Distance KBDB and 3rd Overall Champion Belgian Entente. Several important prizes were won last season as well; click here for an overview of their 2013 season.

An equally successful 2014

The main objective at the start of the 2014 season was to try and do even better. They basically wanted to further improve their level of performance. The goal was to do well in the national races, and to excel in the classics. You can tell from the results in the first two national races that Team De Jaeger has had a splendid start to the season. They claimed a number of victories at club level, resulting in a double win in the zone from Bourges old birds, as well as a zonal victory from Bourges yearlings. This is quite an impressive start to the season:

31/5 Bourges club Eeklo  654 olds:
1-2-44-49-69-89… (14/31)
Nat. Zone A1 against 3,085 olds:
1-2-113-123-176-241-311… (15/31)

31/5  Bourges club Eeklo 790 yearlings:
2-5-9-11-20-25-27-28-35-40-49-52-53-56-59-66-78-83… (30/54)
Nat. Zone A1 against 3,461 yearlings:
1-26-33-36-59-78-87-89-103-115-139-145-147-159-169-183… (30/54)
including 18 prizes per 10.

31/5 Limoges club Eeklo 896 olds:
2-41-101-110-111-114… (13/24)

07/6 Chateauroux club Eeklo 653 olds:
5-7-39-56-71… (7/12, with 2nd + 1st nominated in the lead)
National 17,984 olds:
66-98-439-718-984-1769… (8/12)

07/6 Chateauroux club Eeklo 767 yearlings:
3-8-13-23-37-38-59-66-69-94-95… (17/35)
National 21,515 yearlings:
28-81-144-281-414-424-737-821-885-1407-1410-1557-1856… (17/35)

14/6 Poitiers club Eeklo 677 olds:
2-3-7-34-41-42-44-56-83-189 (10/17)
National 12,379 olds:
45-48-68-387-482-491-497-626-1184… (10/17)

14/6 Poitiers club Eeklo 887 yearlings:
2-17-23-25-37-39-60-68-94-99-110-115-122-134-145… (20/38)
National 14,094 yearlings:
11-148-208-218-379-415-589-694-960-1033-1183-1224-1335… (20/38)

14/6 Cahors club Eeklo 242 olds:
5-29-31-40-41 (5/5)
Nationaal  7,140 olds:
40-472-522-655-657 (5/5)

This is without doubt an impressive performance at national level. We think nobody would be surprised to see this pigeon loft take an important victory sooner or later. This group of fanciers is a combination of expertise, dedication, and top quality pigeons. They have everything it takes!

1st + 2nd Zone A1 Bourges olds, 1st Zone A1 Bourges yearlings

This was a brilliant performance in the very first national classic of the season. Their cock Walter and top class hen Carla took a double win in the old birds’ race, while their hen Jonge Tsunami took the win as a yearling. In addition, both Walter and Jonge Tsunami were also the first pigeons in their category in the race from Poitiers, with the two pigeons both claiming a second prize in their club in Eeklo against 677 old birds and 887 yearlings respectively. We take a closer look at these two excellent racing pigeons:

-Walter BE12-4159094

’14 Bourges   club    654 p. 1
              Zone  3,085 p. 1
’14 Poitiers  club    677 p. 2
              Prov  3,142 p. 11
              Nat  12,379 p. 45
’13 Poitiers  Prov  3,845 p. 101
              Nat  13,134 p. 371
’12 Argenton        1,077 p. 39
              Nat  10,695 p. 440
’13 Bourges   Zone  1,664 p. 149

Click here for the full list of achievements.
Sire: Mr Tulle FR04-34338
Winner of a 1st Nat Tulle 5,700 p. in 2005, and the fastest of 17,199 p. He was also 3rd Ace Pigeon in France.
Dam: Fleur BE09-4336466
A full sister of Tornado, and a half sister of Tsunami 114 and Tsunami 115.
You can read the full pedigree here.

-Carla BE12-4159122

’14 Bourges   club    654 p. 2
              Zone  3,085 p. 2
’14 Fontenay s/Eure   318 p. 2
’14 Vierzon   club    631 p. 15
            I.Prov  8,394 p. 95
’13 Chateauroux Zone  935 p. 2  (of 03/8)
’13 Argenton  Zone    767 p. 19
’13 Bourges   Prov  2,675 p. 34 (of 13/7)
’13 Gueret    Zone  2,222 p. 91      
’13 Chateauroux       594 p. 8
              Zone  4,107 p. 54
’13 Bourges   Zone  1,664 p. 77 (of 25/5)
’12 Gueret    Zone    976 p. 78  etc…

Click here for the full list of achievements
Sire: Retro BE09-4138553
A direct Gaby Vandenabeele pigeon: he is a son of Rik (a direct Rik Cools) x Femke (Gaby Vandenabeele).
Dam: Nicky BE04-4436808
A daughter of Geschelpte Bliksem x Sientje
Click here for the full pedigree

The amazing stock dam Tsunamiduivin, a direct daughter of Bliksem Gaby Vandenabeele

-Jonge Tsunami BE13-4163841 (hen)

’14 Bourges   Zone  3.461 p. 1
’14 Fontenay s/Eure   154 p. 1
’14 Poitiers  lok     887 p. 2
              Prov  4.023 p. 3
              Nat  14,094 p. 11
’14 Vierzon   lok     296 p. 26

Click here for the full list of achievements
She is a highly talented hen! A summer youngster from 2013, she was only trained for a few times from Arras. Good quality pigeons are fast learners.
Sire: De Kannibaal BE09-4055029
De superkweker op de kolonie van verzorger Marijn Laureyns, die samen met zijn baas de overstap maakte naar het Team De Jaeger.
Dam: Tsunamiduivin BE04-3230937
She is without doubt an invaluable breeding hen for Team Freddy De Jaeger. She is a direct Gaby Vandenabeele, bred from breeding icon Bliksem x Manuela.
Click here for the full pedigree

These are just three pigeons from the talented racing team of Team De Jaeger, which is having a brilliant 2014. They had a great start to the season with two zonal victories from Bourges, and we wonder what the rest of the season will hold in store for the pigeons of caretaker Marijn. We will keep you updated.

A wonderful view on the racing lofts of Team De Jaeger Freddy


Proficiat Freddy & Team ! Freddy, alles wat jij aanraakt lijkt in goud te veranderen...doe zo verder ! veel succes ! en bedankt voor de vriendschap !

Proficiat mannen !!
ook speciaal aan Marijn en nogmaals dank voor de eitjes die ik destijds mocht komen halen .
Ik heb er heel goeie uit . Ook uit de lijn van uw kannibaal . Ik heb er een broer van zitten die formidabele kweek geeft . Doe zo verder hé ...

Proficiat heren

Wat een start van een seizoen! Ik weet niet waar dit gaat eindigen maar het ziet er veelbelovend uit.
Marijn, wat jij presteert in die korte tijdspanne, dit doet niemand je na. Daar zijn gewoon geen woorden voor. Je haalt gewoon het beste in iedere duif naar boven.
Ik wens jullie alvast nog heel veel overwinningen en knaluitslagen toe.