Peter & Dr. Hans-Peter Brockamp - Boppard (D) Obtain a new triumph from Marseille international! - 2009 - UPDATE

The starting sign was given in Marseille at 6h30. In view of the fact that the race from Souillac was ‘a piece of cake’ and open for no longer than 40 minutes at national level, everyone expected quite a speedy Marseille… However, it was a completely different!

The first pigeons were reported from Germany by the combination Thomann-Spitzbarth from Walsheim, who had 2 pigeons at the same time of 15h24 from 680 Km, with a velocity of 1274,95 Km. Later that day  it turned out that these 2 clappers would finally end at places 2 and 3 international! These pigeons were only preceded by the 2 year-old cock from Peter & Dr. Hans-Peter Brockamp from the German Boppard, who clocked their international winner at 16h35 from 802,999 Km, good enough for 1327,27 m/min velocity. Good enough for international victory against 11.837 participating pigeons (a reduction of 2.117 compared to 2008). By the Brockamp household a ‘new wave’ of 11 cocks were basketted, wherefrom 7 had classified at national level by 10h30. After their wonder season in 2006 father Peter and son Dr. Hans-Peter put all their top pigeons to breed, including phenomenal ‘super cracks’ so as … ‘Euro Diamond’, ‘Mistral’ (1° + 2° Olympiad pigeon) and the 1° National (2° Int.) Perpignan 2006. These top  pigeons were put to breed at the beginning of 2007… which meant of course a loss for the racing team. It was a question of waiting 2 years before a new generation of pigeons were ready to be the racing pigeons that would carry the torch further for these ‘super pigeons’ … and the breeding result  of these ‘wonder boys’ from Boppard could be tested. And what a result.... the 1st National Perpignan 2006 (and also 20° Nat. Perpignan 2005) is now father of the 1° International Marseille 2009 (see pedigree). Take particular notice of the 'Venus' (grandmother on father’s side). She is mother of 1° National Perpignan and grandmother of 1° International Barcelona 2007 (by Menne) and now also grandmother of 1° International Marseille 2009! An exceptional breeding mother!
For the international long distance stars Peter & son Dr. Hans-Peter this resounding victory from Marseille is the 3° International victory of their career, with
1° Int. Perpignan 1999
1° Int. Marseille 2005
1° Int. Marseille 2009
and also their 5° National victory! (which then resulted in 3 X 1st International and 2 X 2nd International).
Their ‘Blue white flight’ DV06720-07-691 won then here in the 1° international race of his career. Three weeks previously he won 11° Nat. Bordeaux against 478 p… you know, the ‘very tough’ Bordeaux flown in tropical temperatures after a few extra days in the basket. As a yearling he was basketted almost every week up to 600 Km. With this we have somewhat revealed the ‘training’ of the pigeons in Boppard. Their racing loft consists of 2 departments, one upstairs, one downstairs. As yearlings, the cocks resided downstairs. Hans-Peter discovered that some of them didn’t like living there… as a result of which they weren’t motivated enough to perform any stunts as yearlings. That’s why they opted for the gentle approach and build up, with races up to 600 Km for the yearlings. When they are 2 years old they move to the upstairs compartment of the lofts for good, where according to Hans-Peter, some pigeons undertake a real metamorphose, the pigeons clearly feel ‘more at home’ there! As 2 year olds they normally race 2 international races, these being Marseille and Perpignan. Due to the 2 extra days in the basket, and the little time that there was over to get this ‘Marseille team’ ready for  the race from  Perpignan… Hans-Peter cannot say for definite if this team will be eligible for Perpignan. No more than 3 or 4, possible not one of the team… will make the trip to Perpignan.
The Brockamp family obviously aim for the international races so as Barcelona, Tarbes, Marseille and Perpignan…for which they try to achieve a ‘form peak’ by the time these races are on the calendar, say middle to end of June… and the following weeks. Normally the yearlings raise a round of youngsters, the old widowers on the other hand only lay eggs once. They are coupled between the middle and end of March, depending on the weather! They are then allowed to brood, but… from the moment that the first hen leaves her nest all the pigeons are separated and widowhood starts. It is then about the end of April, just in time to participate in the very first competitions at the beginning of May. After the season the racers are allowed to breed another youngster, and subsequently 2 x brood. Then the ‘boxes’ are closed, but the pigeons stay together until the end of November… then they are separated, so that they can spend the winter months in peace, and build up stamina for the following sport season. There then follows a regime of pure water and grain… and little to no food supplements.
During the racing season the main task is avoiding Trichomoniasis. Because the pigeons often don’t drink enough when medication is added to the water, it is difficult to give the correct dosage. They remedy this in Boppard by ministering the correct dosage directly into the crop. In this way every pigeon has received the correct dosage, and the problem is solved straight away. 14 days before basketting for a race, the pigeons are usually given something for the airways, followed by something to build up the condition for 9 or 10 days based on ‘own Brockamp-products’. Then it is a matter of relying on the ‘class’ of the pigeon, to make a difference! And there is clearly no lack of that ‘class’ there in Boppard, the performances over the last few seasons proved this loud and clear! The modern Brockamp pigeon is just ‘world top’… there’s no doubt about that… and that was more than proved from Marseille.

Marseille ‘new edition’, was a difficult race

So as we wrote in our introduction this Marseille was a race with a slow to difficult progress. The winning pigeon from Peter and Dr. Hans-Peter Borckamp had quite a lead over the rest of the participants. Hans-Peter thinks that shortly after liberation the pigeons chose a different route, say… chose a different ‘line of flight’… and divided into various groups. Their winning pigeon arrived, for them, from a southerly direction, which according to them meant that he hadn’t chosen the ‘route’ from the Rhône valley, but a route via the ‘Rhine valley’. For this route the pigeons had probably chosen a route via Switzerland, and then come via Geneva-Basel-Freiburg into Germany along the Rhine. Seeing that the wind blew from the south there, this could be a possible explanation for the higher speed of their winning pigeon… in comparison to the pigeons that chose for the Rhône valley, who definitely had more difficulty there with the wind. That’s why Hans-Peter wants to give the organisers a ‘quiet nod’, so that they will have a good think about a different liberating location (somewhere that is further and more easterly to south-easterly than the previous one) that was chosen for the 2009 edition. Geographical analysis has shown that the pigeons can more or less follow a ‘straight line’ home..
Therefore, not a good choice, with an eye to a smooth course in this international ‘grand long distance classic’. The pigeons were split into groups early on which flew via Switzerland and the Rhine valley, and another (large) segment via the ‘Rhône valley’, while the pigeons of the west who wanted to avoid the ‘Rhône valley’, had to make a large detour ‘westerly’, before they could fly home in a straight line! That’s why it would probably be better to consider returning to the old liberation location, says Hans-Peter… who despite his ‘international victory’, has an eye for every detail, especially if it can guarantee a smoother course in this beautiful classic! It is a credit to a great and honoured world champion so as Dr. Hans-Peter Brockamp that he dares to raise this point,  to stand up and fight for his fellow pigeon fanciers, despite his international victory. Something that we can only applaud! In this ‘international’ edition 2009 he stands at ‘Nr 1’, and has therefore the right to speak!
The champagne can be uncorked once again in Boppard for this new ‘international triumph’ that they managed to achieve from Marseille… for which our sincere congratulations! Brockamp, a champion with a capital ‘C’… yes, a world topper at all levels!





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