Limbourg Erik, "The Wonder boy' from Brussegem wins 1st National Acepigeon Long Distance KBDB (2005)"


Geert De Clercq - bosom friend of Eric, Martin Martens - author and wonder boy Eric Limbourg himself
In the back you can see the widow lofts, the widowers do not go outside during winter but notice the
screens that have been installed and that provide the lofts with a sufficient amount of oxygen.

It was on a sunny Wednesday afternoon that we paid a visit together with Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht on behalf of PIPA, to one of the trendsetters in modern Belgian pigeon sport: 'wonder boy' Erik Limbourg in Brussegem. 'Wonder boy' is most certainly not a superlative when we take a closer look at some recent lists of achievements of this previous star from Anderlecht. During the last 15 seasons, i.e. during the period from 1990 until 2005, he has won no less than:
24 x 1st Prize in a National or Semi-National competition !!
1st + 2nd National Acepigeon Long Distance KBDB 1991 !
1st National Acepigeon Long Distance KBDB 1994 !
1st National Acepigeon Long Distance KBDB 2005 !

Or shortly: he obtained the title of 4 x 1st National Acepigeon Long Distance KBDB during the past 14 seasons !! Has anyone ever achieved such a result ? And, more in particular, will anyone ever match this achievement ???

And there is more! The Limbourg-colony obtained one top achievement after another during the past 15 seasons, which you will be able to read in one of the frames hereafter. When we merely examine the achievements of 2005, we are looking at results which many sport friends have achieved only during their entire career. Erik Limbourg did it in just one pigeon season 2005, please read and enjoy :

In 2005 :
50 X 1°
38 X 2°
65 X top 10 Prov/Interprov
62 X top 100 Nat/zone
5 x 1st Provincial victories (national or international races)
39 x 'top-10' Provincial or Interprovincial
90 x 'top-100' National/Zone/Semi-National
36 x 'top-100' National races

and, of course, last but not least : 1st National Acepigeon Long Distance KBDB 2005, which goes by the name of 'LUCKY 77' !!

'LUCKY 77” : KBDB ACEPIGEON Long Distance 2005:


04/06 BRIVE NATIONAL 21 - 20 310 1403 m/m

677 km NAT. ZONE 5 - 5 635 (coeff. 0.088)

SEMI-NAT 3 - 5 446

02/07 ORANGE NATIONAL 31 - 6 751 (coeff. 0.459)

758 km NAT. ZONE 13 - 2 033 986 m/m

23/07 SOUILLAC NATIONAL 2 - 5 985 (coeff. 0.033) 1282m/m

703 km
Total coeff. for ACE-pigeon Long distance KBDB 2005: 0.5812
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But in fact, we started off depicting the 'grand finale' of this colony, instead of informing our readers about the 'roots' of the Limbourg-colony. We will restrict ourselves to the success period at the present location in Brussegem.

Notice the 2 hatchways through which all
widowers come in to be clocked electronically.

The start in Brussegem

The present success story of the Limbourg-colony has its origin in 1987, which was the year in which Erik bought a house with lofts in Brussegem. At that moment, he did not realize that the former fancier had barely won any prizes with these lofts and furthermore, he nearly lost all of his youngsters each year. Erik moved from Deftinge to Brussegem in 1987 and got started with 12 couples. He for his part had to face the disadvantages of the loft and lost entire rounds of youngsters. But Limbourg decided to investigate the cause of these problems and started working on a solution. Although he previously did not attach any credence to negative terrestrial radiation, water veins and so on, he decided to put it to the test. He organized all the lofts like a 'Faraday Cage' to eliminate any negative effects, as he had seen at the lofts of other masters at our sport. Thanks to these changes -combined with some other adjustments to the lofts- Erik Limbourg found himself released from trouble and climbed to the very top of national and international pigeon sport in no time. We immediately noticed the spacious and very airy lofts in which the pigeons are housed: no shortage of oxygen at all.

Super year 2005

Erik started the season of 2005 with about 40 breeding couples of which he invariably kept 2 rounds to himself along with some youngsters of excellent top pigeons from the 3rd and 4th round. These youngsters are not easy to keep though, because of the many training pigeons which are released at lofts in the neighbourhood and which pass by at the lofts during the week.

Eric raced with about 24 old cocks, 80 yearlings and 42 racing hens on widowhood, though this number can vary each year depending on the number of free places for yearlings. The season starts the first week of April and the pigeons are basketted as much as possible for speed races each month (if weather conditions are satisfactory) to allow them to gather as much kilometres as possible. At this point, their menu consists of a purification mixture and light feed. As soon as May begins and middle distance races start, Erik alters his feeding strategy.
The purification mixture is gradually being replaced by more 'substantial feed' and after Vierzon (so this means 2 weeks after the first national long distance race from Brive) they receive 'diet' + sports mixture. Upon their arrival from a long distance race, the pigeons receive a mixture of 1/2 diet + 1/2 sports mixture in their feed boxes during 3 days after which a moderate change to 100% sports mixture takes place. The long distance racers receive a filled feed box of sports mixture 3 days prior to basketting and Erik also tries to provide them with some supplements by giving small portions on the bottom of the lofts to boost their appetite. 'Energy Plus' from the company Versele Laga is also administered as an extra source of energy. Erik is aiming to basket the pigeons 'as round as balloons'; as true sources of energy with substantial reserves. And with success, as prove the attached results.

It is an open secret that Erik Limbourg (sometimes assisted by his father) is often maniacally occupied with his pigeons. Everything has to go smoothly, thus allowing to get the very best out of the pigeons and 'motivation' is the most important factor for the race. There are different ways to motivate the pigeons. But remember one thing: Erik Limbourg is a 'born winner' and a formidable competitor. If results are not as satisfying as usual, Erik laughs very sourly. Let's illustrate this by telling an appropriate anecdote that took place in season 2005. The results of the team of old pigeons that raced Limoges Derby back in early July were inferior. The Limbourg-team barely got some small prizes at the end and the jukebox in the pigeon club had never played that loud, even much louder than any time before.
Erik tossed in the clocks very rapidly and returned home with sporty thoughts of revenge but also with his blood boiling. He searched for the reason of the inferior results of the team and found it, but nonetheless, the entire Limoges-team was thrown into the aviary and got the label 'incompetent'. The answer to this failure was top-class and will certainly be remembered in the region because, during the 3 following weeks, the extra-motivated Limbourg-team won the 1st Prize Provincial every time, respectively in the following order:
1st Provincial (542 p) and 2nd National Souillac 5.985 p.
1st Provincial (417 p) and 6th National Narbonne 4.664 p.
1st Provincial (379 p) and 2nd National Perpignan 3.808 p.

Strain origins and racing method

Erik Limbourg is solely interested in absolute top-class pigeons to populate his breeding lofts. Pretty remarkable with respect to the top results on long distance is the fact that Erik does not possess a real strain of 'pure distance racers'. We could rather describe it as a crossbreed of 1st National winners + 1st National Acepigeons of Long and Extreme Long Distance with an own strain in which there is a lot of middle distance blood, such as descendants from the famous 'Swing-pair' from fellow villager Louis Van den Eynde (a crossbreed of Maurits Voets x Gust Christiaens) that could race ahead for sometimes up to 10 minutes in bright weather and with head wind. Then, there is the Janssen-strain, the "Tarzan-strain" of Scharlaekens and of course the strain of 'de Slimmen' (3 x 1st Provincial). The guideline is of course always coupling 'super' x 'super' !! With only one goal: to bring and to keep speed into the long distance racers !!
Erik does not mind that there are several pigeons in the colony that cannot cope with their distance duties. His tough selection procedure eliminates such birds immediately. The pigeons are not spared at all and race up to 2 x national races as youngsters. The yearling cocks race Limoges Yearlings + Narbonne or Perpignan Yearlings. The hens are now racing St.Vincent (on widowhood) + Perpignan on the nest (small youngsters or end of brood). According to Erik Limbourg, the pigeons are certainly not worn out but this method has the advantage that, in the end, the wheat is separated from the chaff. A method which has not done him any harm, on the contrary…it is in fact the foundation of an endless list of top achievements that fell to his share.

Nourishment : As far as nourishment is concerned, Erik puts his trust in the Vandenabeele-mixture Beyers and Super widowhood Van Robaeys.

The First international winners at the Limbourg-breeding lofts.

B02-4051564 - De JOOST

1 Ace Pigeon W-European country Cup '03
1st Intnat Perpignan 4.534 Yearlings
1st National Perpignan 3.934 Yearlings
21 National St.Vincent 5.101 Yearlings
Father 2nd National Perpignan 3.796 Y in 2005

03-199844 - Mr Perpignan
1st Intnat Perpignan 5.002 Yearlings '04

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Some of the present 'Top pigeons' at the Erik Limbourg-lofts

VALE NARBONNE 2063248-2004
More info :
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More info :
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Blauwe AS 4290095-2003
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FAVORIET 2063141-2004
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The 'Superb Racing Hens' from Brussegem

'IRON LADY' 2063002-2004

10 X 1st, 53° Nat La Souterraine 3444 AND A TOTAL PRIZEKM IN 2005 OF NO LESS 7.033KM!!!
4th Intprov TOURS 2.192 b
45th Nat BOURGES 21.940b
70th Nat. LA SOUTERRAINE 16.297 b
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DONKER 2059616-2003
1st Prov MONTELIMAR Hens
2nd Intprov TOURS 1.801 b
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BLAUW 2059738-2003
6 x 1st Price
11 semi-nat Vierzon 14.073 en 14e Nat Argenton 3.935
54th Nat. LA SOUTERRAINE 13.988 b
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TOPRESULTS 1990-2005:

1-4-5 Nat. Perpignan '02 7.198

2 Nat. Montelimar H '04 616

1 Nat. & Benelux Marseille '92 10.515

2 Nat. Z Beziers '02 1.205

1 Nat. Narbonne '96 7.691

2 Nat. Z St-Vincent '03 1.597

1 Nat. Narbonne '93 6.047

3 Nat. Narbonne '03 5.619

1 Nat. Z Montauban '01 2.049

3 Nat. Cahors '95 8.851

1 Nat. Z Narbonne '99 2.389

3 Nat. Bordeaux '95 3.408

1 Nat. Z Montauban '00 1.982


2 Nat. Bourges '91 14.003

1-2 S/Nat. Vierzon '90 8.645

2 Nat. Argenton '96 15.882

1 S/Nat. Vierzon '92 3.400

2 Nat. Narbonne '99 8.204

1 S/Nat. Argenton '96 3.315

2 Nat. Argenton '96 3.187

1 S/Nat. Narbonne '97 3.092

2 Nat. Narbonne '98 5.037

1 S/Nat. Limoges '99 4.596

2 Nat. Perpignan '04 4.086

1-2-3S/N Perpignan '02 2.137

2-7 Nat. Perpignan '05 3.808

1-3 S/Nat. Narbonne '94 1.426

2 Nat. Souillac '05 5.985

1 S/Nat. St-Vincent '03 905

2 Nat. Barcelona H '88 1.524

2 S/Nat. Chateauroux '94 20.000

2 Nat. Cahors H '98 637

2 S/Nat. Chateauroux '93 13.500

15 years pigeonsport on top level!
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