Herbots brothers Jo and Raf (Halle-Booienhoven, BE) celebrate yearlings' victory from Argenton II

The Herbots family had already had a splendid season, and this national victory is the cherry on the cake. Their secret to success? Perseverance, dedication and teamwork.

This is their fourth national victory from Argenton - most fanciers would dream of winning the race just once. How does it feel to take the win several times? We would guess it gives a sense of domination, as well as great pleasure. There is no denying that the fanciers from Halle-Booienhoven are working very hard.

Every loft has a star

The star of this loft is Yvan, 4th national ace pigeon shorter middle distance in 2008 (19 prizes over a total of 6800km), and 1st national ace pigeon middle distance 2009 (17 prizes over a total of 5940km). He was not only an excellent racing pigeon, several of his descendants have turned into successful prize winners as well. Yvan was bred by Deno-Herbots and he was raced by the Herbots brothers. You can find the picture and pedigree of Yvan BE07-2103401 here. It is no surprise that the national winner from Argenton II is a granddaughter of Yvan. The winner of a fifth national prize in the old birds' race is a direct daughter of this outstanding breeder.


Christiane is the hen that took the victory from Argenton II (click here for the pedigree of Christiane BE13-2172001). She had been winning top prizes regularly as a young bird, and she had a promising start to the 2014 season as well, winning a first prize from Momignies against 1,974 pigeons. Then came the disastrous flight from La Souterraine, from which she arrived home only eight days later. However, she got back on her feet very quickly, as you could expect from such a talented pigeon. One week later, she was happily flying around in the loft. Still, they did not want to push her too much and so she made her comeback in the race from Bourges in early August. She then managed to win a seventh national prize from Châteauroux, before taking the win from Argenton II. Filip Herbots thinks he owes this victory to his loft manager Kristof, who was determined to win a national first prize one day. He had been very close a few times already. Kristof had started working as the loft manager for his brother Jos Herbots, before joining the team of the Herbots family this season. He will take the place of their previous loft manager Swa, who plans to retire this season.

1st National Argenton Christiane 


The Herbots family has also won a prize in the old birds' race: a direct daughter of Yvan finished in fifth national. She is the type of hen you can rely on: she never misses a prize, and she is always an early finisher. Click here for the pedigree of Yvonne BE11-2186136.

These are the best results of Yvonne from 2011 to 2014:

23rd National Issoudun (5,670 p.)
27th National Argenton (5,941 p.)
41st National Bourges (14,598 p.)
57th National Zone C1 Argenton (6,099 p.)
64th National Châteauroux (4,757 p.)
205th National Argenton (22,384 p.)
243rd National Argenton (16,325 p.)
774th National Argenton (20,383 p.)
43rd Interprovincial Montluçon (1,502 p.)
85th Interprovincial Bourges (891 p.)
290th Interprovincial Châteauroux (1,187 p.)
1st Interprovincial Argenton (1,361 p.)

Trendsetter in de jaren '80

The Herbots family has been racing the hens for quite some time now. Keep in mind that racing the hens was by no means common in the late 1970s and early 1980s. At the time, most fanciers would race their cocks, while keeping the hens at home. Filip Herbots knows which is the stronger gender, and so he decided to race the hens instead. They appeared to recover more quickly and they were not easily distracted in the basket. He gained results fairly quickly and so he used his hens for an increasing number of races. Filip became a fulltime pigeon fancier in 1984, a decision that drew mixed reactions. His brother Jos was not convinced about his choice, but he gave his full support nonetheless. No one had expected this to be such a success story in which the entire family would be engaged. Three of the five children of the Herbots family are involved in the running of the loft, and every member of the family is there when important decisions have to be made. Even the great-grandchildren have started keeping a successful team of pigeons, with Kobe and Kato Herbots winning a 1st provincial Bourges II young birds (and a 13th national 30,180 p.). This is thanks to a family that works closely together. Pigeon racing is still a family affair here.

A few members of the Herbots family

Many congratulations on a great victory!


van harte proficiat aan de familie herbots met jullie nat overwinning vakwerk

Vagenende Danny

van harte proficiat aan de familie Herbots

Proficiat, kwaliteit drijft altijd boven !

Congratulations ..

Félicitation a toute l'équipe, et la famille qui travail pour le sport colombophile depuis des années.
Yvan est un véritable géniteur une tête de lignée, chez nous des fréres soeurs et petit enfants font des merveilles à la reproduction mais surtout aux concours.
Merci a vousi Jo et Philippe pour m'avoir conseiller la famille d'Yvan pour former notre colonie.


Didier Tison