Hans EIJERKAMP and Sons - Brummen (NL) The most impressive pigeon empire in the world

Who hasn’t heard of them, this very passionate family from the Dutch Brummen? They have achieved a great number of national and international titles. Nothing is too much for them to ensure that they can continue to perform at the high level of the last few years.

Ze zijn er zich terdege van bewust dat het moeilijk was om de absolute top van de duivensport te bereiken, maar dat het nog veel moeilijker is om zich daar te handhaven.
Ze blijven dan ook continue zoeken naar nog betere duiven, die hun stam nog meer kunnen vervolmaken.
Zo kochten ze in 2007 op de totale verkoop van de zo succesvolle combinatie Heremans – Ceusters voor een waar kapitaal de allerbeste duiven. Deze investering heeft zich dubbel en dwars terugbetaald, want de inbreng van de Heremans – Ceusters-duiven bleek al direct een ongekende kwaliteitsinjectie voor de toch al op hoog niveau staande kweek- en vlieghokken van Hans Eijerkamp en zonen.

For the tougher work Hans Eijerkamp and Sons bought “Salinero” in 2005, winner 2nd national NPO Periqueux and three weeks later 1st national Bergerac by W. Driessen, Didam. This cock is a pure Wijnands and son. In search of a good hen for “Salinero” they visited Harrie and Roger Wijnands. They were so enthusiastic about their pigeons that both in 2007 as in 2006 53 youngsters from the best breeders, in addition to two rounds of eggs from the best racers, moved to Greenfield Stud.
At Greenfield Stud in Brummen there are also children from almost all the top pigeons of Wijnands and Son, so as: Pozatto, Witneus, Blauwe Brouwers, Late Simpson, Red Simpson, Gimondi, Duiker, Gouden Barcelona, Blauwe Roger, Bettini, Ballerini etc.
The Wijnands and son pedigree is based on the best lines of van der Wegen, Gebr. Kuypers, Blauwe Vanoppen and Theelen.
In addition to the above purchases there were many more top pigeons bought from well-known fanciers.
The 2nd Olympic pigeon Sprint from Oostende 2007: “Olympic Queen” from Jelger Klinkenberg also moved to Greenfield Stud in Brummen.
Outstandingly well thought out purchases were “Messi” and “Mr. 48” in the auction of the joint breeding loft of Anne van Meerkerk and Jelger Klinkenberg. Super racer “Messi” was bred from “Mr. 48”  X  “Olympic Queen”!
“Messi“ was already  in 2008:
•    2nd national Ace pigeon Sprint WHZB
•    3rd national Ace pigeon Sprint NPO
•    11th national Ace pigeon Middle Distance NPO
A small selection out of the countless successes of Hans Eijerkamp and sons:
Olympiad participant in the sport class in
Gran Canaria 1993 – Romario
2nd Sprint pigeon Utrecht Olympiad 1995 – Flits
Olympiad pigeon Bazel 1997 – Young General
1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon Oostende Belgium Cat. A. 100 – 350 km – V-Power
3rd Dutch Olympiad pigeon Oostende Belgium Cat. A. 100 – 350 km – Beatrice
2nd Dutch Olympiad pigeon Dortmund 2009 Cat. B 300 – 600 km. with Finette

National championships
1st National Sprint Champion of the Netherlands 1994
1st National Ace pigeon Sprint 1997 – Silvester
5th National champion Multi-day 2007 long distance NPO

International championships

2007: 3rd International champion Multi-day long distance “Central Netherlands”
2008: 7th International Champion Northern Union

1st National Ace pigeon of the Netherlands short middle distance2005-2007 Fondspiegel with ‘Machteld’
4th National Ace pigeon of the Netherlands short middle distance2005-2007 Fondspiegel with ‘Crespo’
4th National Ace pigeon of the Netherlands short middle distance2006-2008 Fondspiegel with “Gideon”
7th National Ace pigeon of the Netherlands short middle distance2006-2008 Fondspiegel with “Jonge Ronker”
11th National Ace pigeon of the Netherlands short middle distance2006-2008 Fondspiegel with “Crespo”
In the final results over the years 2006 up to and including 2008 no less than 7 pigeons from the Eijerkamp lofts classified themselves. This is also an excellent reflection of the strength of the Eijerkamp lofts at national level. We should say,: “Who has done better?” but that is a different competition.
I believe that the Fondspiegel is the best way of measuring the strength of a long distance loft, because in the various categories the number of pigeons entered is looked at. It is also the most honest competition, because the fanciers don’t have to submit the results themselves. In this competition the titles always go to the best fanciers and the Ace pigeons

Best cock of the Netherlands WHZB 2000 – Mr. Loverman
Best hen of the Netherlands WHZB 2000 – Lady Jumbo
1st Nat. Ace pigeon of the Netherlands Multi-day long distance WHZB 2006 – Drogba
2nd National Ace pigeon of the Netherlands WHZB 2007 - Hesther
8th National Ace pigeon small middle distance WHZB 2007 with ‘Raul’

Teletext notations
Orleans NPO North         5.165   pigeons    1 – 4
Orleans NPO North         4.250   pigeons    5
Blois National            5.963   pigeons    1
Offenburg NPO North         3.677   pigeons    5
Freiburg NPO North        4.132   pigeons    2 – 3 – 5
Chantilly National Youngsters        19.338 pigeons    4
Peronne NPO North        6.532   pigeons    1 – 2
Peronne NPO North        6.346   pigeons    1
Gien NPO North            3.991   pigeons    1   
Breuil le Vert NPO North        7.793     pigeons    1
Breuil le Vert NPO North        5.800     pigeons    2
Peronne NPO North        10.274 pigeons    3
Chateauroux NPO North        2.407   pigeons    3
Breuil le Vert NPO North        7.793     pigeons    4
Chateauroux NPO North        2.407     pigeons    5
Blois National            5.743     pigeons    6
Orleans Nat. NPO             15.468  pigeons    2
Chateaudun NPO North        5.300  pigeons    3
Bourges Nat. NPO            7.600  pigeons    1
Blois National            6.275  pigeons    2,3,6 and 7
Chateauroux     NPO            5.300    pigeons        3
Bordeaux national            8.058  pigeons    3
Peronne NPO North         9.190  pigeons    3
Mantes la Jolie national               12.955 pigeons     3

First prizes in big races in 2009 (up until now)
•    1st Nat. Bourges NPO    against 7.600 pigeons
•    1st Duffel             against    8.792 pigeons
•    1st Strombeek         against    5.651 pigeons
•    1st Pommeroeul         against    4.946 pigeons
•    1st St. Quentin         against    4.262 pigeons
•    1st Blois             against    4.229 pigeons
•    1st Orleans             against    3.195 pigeons
•    1st Peronne             against    3.676 pigeons
•    1st Bordeaux             against    1.975 pigeons
•    1st Bergerac             against    350 pigeons
•    1st St. Vincent          against    209 pigeons

The Northern Union
The Northern Union is an international long distance game for the long distance fanciers of the Netherlands (provinces 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11) and the adjacent part of Germany. The aim of the Northern Union is to offer a nice and attractive long distance competition for the fanciers of the overnight long distance and 1-day long distance in the Netherlands and northern Germany.
In the Northern Union the pigeons from the Eijerkamp-lofts have to race  against 10.000 to 11.000 fanciers, including well-known names so as: Pieter Veenstra, W. and F. Ebben, Nico-Jan Koenders, C. and G. Koopman, Marcel Sangers & Paul Ung, Comb. Verbree, Gebr. Limburg, Henk Bussing and many other top racers.
Championships 2009 1-day long distance in the Northern Union
H. Eijerkamp and sons
1st champion not nominated
2nd champion nominated
1st champion total
Lotte Eijerkamp
8th champion not nominated
6th Ace pigeon 3/3 prizes and 2858,7 points
(Inter)national successes over the last few years
•    Olympiad pigeon Gran Canaria 1993 – "Romario"
•    1st National Sprint Champion of the Netherlands1994
•    2nd Sprint pigeon  Utrecht Olympiad 1995 – "Flits"
•    3rd World champion All-round Versele Laga 1996
•    1st National Ace pigeon Sprint 1997 – "Silvester"
•    Olympiad pigeon Bazel 1997 – Youngsters General
•    Best cock of the Netherlands WHZB 2000 – "Mr. Loverman"
•    Best hen of the Netherlands WHZB 2000 – "Lady Jumbo"
•    1st Nat. NPO Ruffec 2001 against 9.606 pigeons – "Morticia"
•    1st National München 2001 against 2.874 pigeons – "Lady Bambi"
•    1st National Troyes Youngsters 2003 against 10.281 pigeons – "Catharina Amalia"
•    3rd National Middle Distance pigeon West European Nations Cup 2003 – "Lady Francis"
•    1st Nat. NPO Bourges 2004 against 10.040 pigeons – "Miss Antonia"
•    3rd National Ace pigeon Multi-day long distance Best of the Best 2004 – "Asterix"
•    1st Nat. NPO Orleans 2006 against 14.285 pigeons – "Ché"
•    1st National München 2006 against 1.580 pigeons – "Sylvie"
•    1st Nat. Ace pigeon of the Netherlands Multi-day long distance WHZB 2006 – "Drogba"
•    1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon Oostende België Cat. A. 100-350 km – "V-Power"
•    3rd Dutch Olympiad pigeon Oostende België Cat. A. 100-350 km – "Beatrice"
•    1st National Blois against 5.963 pigeons 2007 – "Lady Blois"
•    1st National Ace pigeon of the Netherlands 1-day long distance2005-2007 – "Machteld"
•    4th National Ace pigeon of the Netherlands 1-day long distance2005-2007 – "Crespo"
•    2nd National Ace pigeon of the Netherlands WHZB 2007 – "Hester"
•    4th National Ace pigeon of the Netherlands 1-day long distance2006-2008 – "Gideon"
•    7th National Ace pigeon of the Netherlands 1-day long distance2006-2008 – "Jonge Ronker"
•    11th National Ace pigeon of the Netherlands 1-day long distance2006-2008 – "Crespo"
•    2nd Dutch Olympiad pigeon Dortmund Germany Cat. B 300-600 km – "Finette"
•    1st Nat. NPO Bourges 2009 against 7.600 pigeons – "Michelle"
Hans Eijerkamp and sons the best all-round loft of the Netherlands
Keeping all the above performances and titles in mind, then you won’t be surprised that the loft of Hans Eijerkamp and sons is often described in the national- and international media as the best all-round loft of the Netherlands. In the big races they achieve results for which all superlatives often fall short. What do you think of:
 2008 Duffel (161 km) against 6.451 pigeons: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14 etc. and 28 of the 29 pigeons in the prizes which gives the unbelievable prize percentage of 96%.
Or 2009 Duffel liberated on Saturday the 2nd of May at 12h30 with a total of 22.011 pigeons. Starting this season the pigeons form Regions 1 and 2 were liberated jointly from the station in Duffel, and there were 8.792 pigeons entered for this race in Region 2. Against these 8.792 pigeons, the pigeons from Team Eijerkamp signed for a result to be looked up to. The following places were taken by pigeons from Lotte Eijerkamp and Hans Eijerkamp and sons; 1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-13-16-17-22-31-35 etc. Team Eijerkamp entered a total of 140 pigeons, from which 97 pigeons classified themselves in the 1:4 results. With 8 ratings 1:1000 and 25 ratings 1:100 a super result. The virtual result of the entire liberation would be identical, from a total of 22.011 pigeons, Team Eijerkamp would have raced 1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 etc.
Or 2009 Pommeroeul (250 km.) the loft Hans Eijerkamp and sons: against 4.946 pigeons: 1-2-3-4-5-7-14-32-34-48-49-50-52-57-60-61-63-66-67-68-74-84-97-99 etc. 41 of the  43 basketted pigeons in the prizes: 95,3%!
The Eijerkamp family have always stressed that all these performances have only been possible because of the relentless efforts of the entire team. In addition we mustn’t forget the medical guidance of their pigeon colony which for decades has been in the hands of the expert drs. Hans van der Sluis, who visits the racing and breeding lofts in Brummen every week during the sport season. Outside the season the pigeons receive a check-up every fortnight.

Top performances of the Eijerkamp pigeons are delivered worldwide


SKRZIPIETZ, Mönchengladbach
National toppers in the overnight long distance
The top performances are achieved with descendants of Eijerkamp pigeons, including pigeons out the line of the Jonge Marseille.
In 2008 a.o.:
Brive        national    39th   against  1484 pigeons
Marseille  zone            9th   against   1291 pigeons
                national     78th  against   3383 pigeons
Brive        national    346th against  1484 pigeons
Marseille  national    86th   against  3383 pigeons
Brive        zone            7th    against    927 pigeons
                National   146th  against  2624 pigeons
Gerjan HEERKES, Emlichheim
In region 410 the 1st Kirchheim against 7.074 pigeons
The 08-1098856 performed as follows in the 339 kilometre long race from Kirchheim:
Club Einigkeit                                        1st against 198 pigeons
Basketting club Emlichheim                              1st against 396 pigeons
RV Emlichheim-Uelsen (the CC)                     1st against 838 pigeons
FG (Flug Gemeinschaft (District)                    1st against 2.204 pigeons
Region 410, Ems-Vechte-Dinkel    1st against 7.074 pigeons
Translated into Dutch concepts, this gives a 1st NPO!
Take into account the fact that this victory is achieved in the same region where other toppers, including Günther Prange, race and this victory  is even more impressive.
The winner was bred from Son Eenoog Rocky x Daughter Bartoli.
In addition Gerjan was also very successful with the following youngsters.
08-1098852 stems from Matilla (Alwin Petrie) x Sister Mister Bond
08-1098834 stems from Son Jonge Generaal x Granddaughter Glamourboy
08-1098836 stems from Son Eagle Eye x Daughter U.K. Bond
08-1098851 stems from Matilla (Alwin Petrie) x Sister Mister Bond


John STEVENSON, Alberta
During the autumn of 2007 John bought a few summer youngsters from Oscar and Linda De Vries in Ottawa. In February 2008 these pigeons, which had never been outside by Oscar and Linda, were sent to Alberta. John let the 10898 out at his home and the “stupid” pigeon didn’t know how to land. He trained him for the 2008 season and raced with him a bit (five prizes by 7 baskettings).
In the last race of 2009 over a distance of 657 kilometre, the 10898 raced with an almost 27 minute lead!
It was a tough race with side wind at the start and the second half of the race side and head wind. Add to this the fact that the temperature above the praries was 35 to 37 degrees.
The 10898 comes out a direct Eijerkamp and the further background is also all Eijerkamp – Janssen.

South Africa

Super results with Janssen – van Loon via Eijerkamp
The NL04-1559038 is a Janssen – van Loon. His father is a son of Mr. Bond x Miss Saigon. His mother us daughter of Chicago x Bertine.
The “038” won in the federation against an average of 1000 pigeons the places:
The “038” was 2nd Ace pigeon in the Federation (110 members).
Also the children and grandchildren of the “038” have performed excellently.


Stefan TONCU
Super result from Sighisoara (183 km.)
Stefan scored in this race with his youngsters against 3007 opponents: 2,3,5,12!
2nd: RO-08-1220007    out Tours cock x Nikita (sort Vandenabeele)
3rd: RO-08-1220031    Tonkov x Rosa Mota
5th: RO-08-1220030    100% Eijerkamp out Son Black Beauty x Smolarek  X  Blauwe
                                     Louis x Catharina- Amalia.
12th: RO-08-1220022  100% Eijerkamp out Mister Bond x Lichte 05  X Mulko x Miss


BARBOSA and sons, Ruilhe
They started in 2003 a.o. with pigeons from Hans Eijerkamp and sons. These pigeons were predominantly the sort Heremans – Ceusters and out the line of James Bond and Silver Shadow.
They achieved magnificent results in the Braga district, but also at national level and international Derby’s. In 2008 they finished at the 11th and 24th place in the world championship in Germany. In the Mira Derby they won 1st Abrantes, 1st Ponte Sor and 1st V. Real St. Antonio.

Great Britain

R. BYFOR, Son and grandson, Brockenhurst
1st National Poitiers. The mother of the winner is a hen bred from Batman (son of Bartoli) and Magic Bond Girl (granddaughter of James Bond).
4th national yearlings UNC Eastbourne
Ian won the 4th in the Up North Combine Yearling Eastbourne against 5.886 pigeons with the cock 07-EX-754. He bought the parents of this cock from Hans Eijerkamp and sons. The father is the Grizzle Janssen x van Loon (out grandson Silver Shadow x granddaughter Wonderboy 05). His mother stems out the super breeder “Greyhound” x granddaughter “Silver Bullet”.
Imran Malik, London, UK
With a yearling, a child of the son of Tips, Imran this year won a prize in a race from Yeovil under difficult circumstances against 187 pigeons in his club.
He also won the 1st prize in West Bay against 2.187 pigeons with a grandchild of Tips  


Branco GORUPEC, Zagreb
2nd national champion of Croatia
Branco’s loft belongs to the best in the country. Every year he can be found by the national champions.
In 2008 he was
•    2nd national champion Middle Distance
•    2nd national champion Long Distance
•    2nd national general champion
One of his best pigeons is the hen CRO07-01013, who won four 1st prizes:
1st Azrod    340 km.    against 491 pigeons
1st Azrod    340 km.    against 982 pigeons
1st Azrod    340 km.    against 1.465 pigeons
1st Osijek    225 km.    against 740 pigeons
This hen was bred out two direct Eijerkamp –Janssen-pigeons. Her father is a grandson of “Flits 85” and the mother is a daughter of “Schallie Rocky” (winner of 5 1st prizes and half-brother of “Flits 85”).


Johann KAINTZ, Neusiedl/See
31 minute lead in a race of 372 km. with a descendant of Silver Shadow
The AD101-07-2040W raced in this race of 372 kilometre with a 31 minute lead!
An almost unbelievable performance!
In 2008 this pigeon raced 9 prizes and 3515 prize kilometres.
He stems from a grandson Silver Shadow x granddaughter Arazzi.


He began to race fantastically after the introduction of Eijerkamp-pigeons. He owns a stock couple, formed by and to “Silver Shadow” inbred cock and a granddaughter of “Porsche Bond” x “Lady Jumbo”.
Children from this tremendous breeding couple raced a.o. in national races: 4th and 7th against 7.274 pigeons, 10th against 7.488 pigeons, 11th against 6.980 pigeons, 11th against 7.157 pigeons etc


Andres Cintes GUZMAN, Sant pere i Sant Pau
Andre’s Golden stock couple is formed by a son of “Silver Shadow” x “Iron Lady” (granddaughter Chicago x Denver) and a daughter of “Inteelt Smeulders” x “daughter Jonge Wittenbuik”.
This exceptional couple produced the following Ace pigeons:
1st provincial Ace pigeon
2nd provincial Ace pigeon Long Distance from Catalonië.
1st Ace pigeon sprint
3rd Ace pigeon sprint from Catalonië


Tom and Sam DE MARIA, Syracuse
1st Ace pigeon of Sicily with 100% Eijerkamp-pigeon
With their “Miss Sicilia” they had the best pigeon from Sicily in 2008.
This pigeon won 12 prizes and she was bred out “Oslo” (out son Bartoli x granddaughter Wonderboy 05) and NL05-680 (out son Jonge Generaal x granddaughter Wonderboy 06).


Greg HAMILTON, Angle Vale
In Australia Greg is one of the greatest champions of the South Australian Homing Pigeon Association (SAHPA).
In 2008 he was pronounced 1st champion of the SAHPA.
The SAHPA organises competitions from 450 to 1000 km.
One of Greg’s best breeders is “Phantom”, out a son of “Silver Shadow” x a daughter of “Agassi”.

The Netherlands

G.J.Timmermans, Geffen
1.    With his NL08-1101193 he raced from Strombeek, the first race of the 2009 season, the 3rd prize against 3557 pigeons in the CC Oss.
The “193” is a grandchild of Noble Blue.
2.    With the 08-3858353 he raced the 5th against 3.151 pigeons from Epehy. Unfortunately he lost the 1st place by continuing to fly for more than a minute. The father of the “353” is a son of Fabio x Sister Heaven and the mother is a daughter of Abel x Alexandra.
3.    Bourges against 11.535 pigeons in the Zuiderkempen:
14th with 08-3858310 (mother is daughter of Venice x granddaughter James Bond).
18th with 08-3858379 (granddaughter Kaïn)
33rd with 08-3858320 (granddaughter Ché)
      4.     Peronne in CC Oss against 2.094 pigeons: 18th with 08-3858320 (granddaughter
           Ché), despite continuing to fly for three minutes.
      5.    Le Hadouin in CC Oss against 1.718 pigeons:
    3rd with 08-1101193
          15th with 07-3742299 (granddaughter of Kaïn x sister Don Leo)
      6. Blois in the Zuiderkempen against 8.164 pigeons: 45th with a grandchild of Ché
          and 55th with grandchild Noble Blue.
  From Strombeek on 09-08-2009 a great performance was once again achieved by this fancier.
    Against 2.367 youngsters in district Oss the following score was achieved: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 15, 16, 42, etc.
    The following of these prizes were achieved with descendants of Eijerkamp-pigeons:
    1st     grandchild Ché
    2nd     grandchild Solano
    6th    grandchild Chicago
    7th    grandchild Santiago
    8th    grandchild Beatrice and Venice
    12th    grandchild Ché
    14th    grandchild Miss Saigon and Hakeem
    15th    grandchild Philips and Merckx Bond
Peter Beentjes
Peter had 20 pigeons in the race from Nijvel and 17 landed in the prizes, wherefrom 13 1:10.
He won the 25th prize against 4.104 pigeons with a Heremans-Ceusters x van Dijck/Claes.
Beute and son, Wilhelminaoord
They performed very well in 2009with the 08-1100181 and 08-1100182, both out Vale Piet (sort van Loon x Smeulders) X Geschelpte 03 (Heremans – Ceusters out Olympiade x 954).
The  “182” won 4th from Boxtel against  2.723 pigeons and his nest mate the “181” won 44th.
In the race from Wavre (261 km.) the “182” placed himself in the ACG against 2.668 pigeons as 13the and the “181” as 31st. in province 11 against 27.129 pigeons the “182” was 64th and the “181” 191st.
The “182” Babette won 8th against 1280 pigeons in the district from La Ferte s/Jouarre and in the same race for the NPO the 238th against 13.350 pigeons.
Missouri’s Girl, sort van Loon, won from the NPO Ablis the 39th place against 11.945 pigeons and from Pithiviers 8th NPO in province 11 against 8.510 pigeons.
Missouri’s Girl now has 7 first prizes (without doubles) in her honours list.

Ad de Youngsters, Heukelum
Ad is busy with a strong  2009 season, including the 08-1540912, out son Arno (Philips x Lady Francis  X  Shakira).
The “912” has raced, amongst other things, the following fine top prizes:
5th    Epehy        against    4106 pigeons
20th  Strombeek    against    2.192 pigeons
11th Nanteuil le Hadouin against 8.741 pigeons in province 7.
A half-brother of the “912” (out the same Eijerkamp-cock “Son Arno”) raced as a youngster in 2008 a.o. 5th St. Quentin against 4.154 pigeons. 
The NL08-1540862 out son Philips x Lady Francis  X  Shakira won the 130th against 7.415 pigeons in province 7 from Blois.

Comb. Kievit, Schinveld
This combination is very successful with pigeons out the Chicago-line. 80% of their pigeons come out of this line.
The cock 07-1068483 out “inbreed Silver Shadow x inbreed Chicago (daughter Abel) performs excellently:
Epernay    16th     against    2.066 pigeons
Sezanne    5th    against    1.069 pigeons
Sens        14th    against    1.202 pigeons.

Jan and Ina KLEUVER, Wijhe
Their “Arrow” NL07-1256408 won a first prize in region 2 from Geel against 9.073 pigeons.
The “Arrow” has as grandmother on father’s side the NL01-1414626, sort Broeckx via H. Eijerkamp and sons. This hen was bred out the “Nicht Olympiade”  x  “Inbreed Miss Gran Canaria”.
In 2008 “Arrow” also won a 1st prize from Geel, but then in the region Deventer.

Jelle Outhuijse, Harlingen
1st nat. Limoges sector IV
Jelle achieved this victory with his NL06-1544054, a dark chequered cock.
Jelle bred this cock out his 99-541 (a.o. winner Brive in 2001) x NL04-1560742, sort Eijerkamp – Muller. The NL04-1560742 is bred out a grandson “Kruisbek”  x granddaughter “Godfather”.

Th. Vergoossen, Echt

This fancier performed exceptionally from national Mont de Marsan with three sons of an Eijerkamp – long distance pigeon.133, 293 and 310 national against 10.201 pigeons. These three musketeers performed the following from national Montauban against 18.608 pigeons:•    2072605: 246th•    1665183: 416th•    1429032: 1228th

Comb. Van de Wiel – Schreuder, Luyckgestel.
This combination had a marvellous result in the NPO-race Argenton: 1,6,7,8,9 etc. They won this race against 8.046 pigeons with a great grandchild of “Son Jonge Generaal”. This pigeon “Miss Cacharel” was also the fastest of 22.000 pigeons. She achieved 5 Teletext notations and the 9th place was also for a hen with Eijerkamp-blood in the veins: “Sister Wonder Woman”, a granddaughter of the “Son Jonge Generaal”.

Wout van Voorst, Smilde
Wout only raced Sprint and Middle Distance, mainly with descendants of Eijerkamp-pigeons. A great granddaughter of Son James Bond x De Prinses 79  X  Son Rivaldo x granddaughter Blue As raced from Gennep in province 10 against 18.534 pigeons a 35th prize. Another pigeon with illustrious names so as Goldfinger, James Bond IV, Olympic Girl etc. in the pedigree raced a 66th prize in province 10 against 16.929 pigeons from Pommeroeul

A. van Dommelen, Papendrecht
Mr. van Dommelen has a lot of success with a direct Eijerkamp-pigeon of the sort Heremans – Ceusters. This cock NL08-1098923, great grandson of Figo, Peter and Charlene, was 1st Ace pigeon Sprint in his club, P.V. De Luchtbode Papendrecht. Up until now this pigeon has won 15 prizes, including a 1st from Peronne against 196 pigeons. He was 1st Ace pigeon general in his club.
F.S. KRAMER and son, Wormer
With their “Nine Eleven” they won 20th national Pau against 2.750 pigeons.
“Nine Eleven” is a grandchild of “Black Tulip” out the line of the “Black Giant” (sort van Wanroy).
Willy DRIESSEN, Didam
The NL05-1020324, out the line Black Giant x de Blauwe Vanoppen van Wijnands, won 1st prize in the province from the NPO Periqueux. The “324” was the 2nd fastest pigeon of the Northern Union. In 2008 this topper raced at the top of the national result: 8th from Bergerac.
Jan KLIJN, Helvoirt
Jan took the victory from La Souterraine in province East-Brabant against 6.918 pigeons was cock NL08-1727965, bred from two Eijerkamp-pigeons.
The “965” raced the 128th from Blois against 8.164 pigeons
The father of the “965” is: NL 07-1373858 Vandenabeele (son of 00-1488126 Blauwe Speedy x 02-1116881 daughter Mister Zeeland).
The mother of the “965" is: NL 07-1373817 Eijerkamp-Janssen (daughter of 02-707 grandson James Bond x 03-650 daughter Eenoog Rocky).
Won the 1st prize from Bordeaux in the Zuiderkempen and the 3rd national Bordeaux 2009 against 17.843 pigeons with a great grandson of “Black Giant”.

Richard and Cees van PANHUIS    
These fanciers are very successful with Heremans – Ceusters-pigeons.
Two children of “Euro Junior” performed very well from Meer against circa 2000 pigeons:
“NL09-383” was 6th and “NL09-368” had 9th place.
Marijke VINK, Mookhoek
In addition to the victory in the NPO-race Bourges against 8.579 pigeons she also won 10th place with a descendant of Eijerkamp-pigeons.
The NL08-1522926 is a grandson of Aladin, Ché and Tara.
This cock had already won the following top prizes:
•    4th    Chalons    against    2.486 pigeons
•    8th     Strombeek    against    4.103 pigeons
•    9th     Peronne    against    3.331 pigeons
•    25th     Pommeroeul    against    4.033 pigeons
•    34th    Blois    against    1.255 pigeons
•    38th     Creil    against    4.658 pigeons
Jan en John BOODE, Spanbroek
These men had a very good 2009 pigeon season. The applied total widowhood for the first time and with great success.
•    NL07-1683506 is a hen out the line Son Flits/daughter Porsche Bond and son Bartoli/daughter Hertog. She raced a.o.

 1st Soissons        against    1.233 pigeons
9th Morlincourt    against    1.303 pigeons
49th Chimay        against    1.481 pigeons
A daughter of this pigeon raced 6th Duffel against 2.698 youngsters.
•    The following three pigeons come out the line “De Vlieger” from Anne van Meerkerk and out the line grandson James Bond/daughter Bange Bond.
Their performances:
NL08-1406535 hen
87th Laon        against    16.016 pigeons
29th Nanteuil        against    1.107 pigeons
41st Nijvel        against    1.393 pigeons
NL08-1406537 cock
10th Morlincourt    against    1.303 pigeons
18th Nijvel        against    1.393 pigeons
NL08-1406554 hen
42nd Strombeek    against    3.187 pigeons
26th Morlincourt    against    1.303 pigeons
•    NL08-1406539 is a hen out the line James Bond/v.d. Flaes and grandson Hannibal/daughter Testarossa.
39th Nijvel        against    3.402 pigeons
39th Nijvel        against    1.714 pigeons
29th Soissons        against    1.233 pigeons
Partly through the introduction of the Eijerkamp-pigeons, they were  7th nominated and not nominated Sprint en 3rd nominated and 14th not nominated Middle Distance in District D of province North Holland.

A. WELGRAVEN, Spankeren
This sport friend won, with the cock NL07-1491138, bred from two direct Eijerkamp pigeons, the 1st from Mantes la Jolie in province 8 GOU against 12.849 pigeons.
The “138” won 10 prizes from 12 baskettings this season

Ben and An VAN DE PEPPEL, Wormer
At the basis of their colony are pigeons from Eijerkamp-Muller, van Wanroy via H. Eijerkamp and sons, Brügeman, M. Braakhuis and Vertelman.
With their NL06-2056839, bred by Arjan van Gent from two Eijerkamp-pigeons out grandson Black Giant x line Oud Doffertje from van der Wegen they won the 10th prize national Barcelona against 8.042 pigeons and international the 19th against 27.627 pigeons.
In 2009 this cock also won 1348th national Bordeaux against 6.299 pigeons and 159th national St. Vincent against 6.052 pigeons.

Johan van DIJK, Lieren
Johan more than excellently in 2009 with the youngsters.
In the derby der junioren from La Mantes Jolie, Johan won 1 up to and including 6 in the national basketting centre Apeldoorn!
The pigeons of the sort Heremans – Ceusters via H. Eijerkamp and sons know what performing is:
NL09-1838204, a 100% Heremans – Ceusters,  was bred from a son of “Hestia” x BE06-6149996 (out “426” x ’t Chrisje)  x  a daughter out “half-brother Will” x BE06-6148316 (out “Lichte Blauwe x daughter “Goudvinkje”)
A few of his performances:

•    11th Peronne         against 1.330 pigeons in the district and
52nd  against  4.173 pigeons in region 2 prov. 8 GOU
•    3rd Mantes la Jolie    against   ? pigeons in the district
•    78th La Ferte         against 951 pigeons in the district
•    105th Boxtel        against    ? pigeons in the district
•    300th Pommeroeul     against ? pigeons in region 2 prov. 8 GOU
NL09-1833272, a  100% Heremans – Ceusters, was bred out a son of “Peter x Charlene” and a daughter out a son of “De Platschijter” x “Tineke”.
A few of his performances:
•    4th Peronne NPO    against     7.459 pigeons and also
3rd                 against    4.173     pigeons in region 2 prov. 8 GOU
1st                against     1.330 pigeons in the district
•    16th Mantes la Jolie    against    2.170 pigeons in region 2 prov. 8 GOU and also
2nd                against    ? pigeons in the district
•    6th Pommeroeul        against     ? pigeons in region 2 prov. 8 GOU and also
3rd                against     ? pigeons in the district
•    96th La Ferte         against    951 pigeons in the district
•    338th Geel        against    2.539 pigeons
•    356th Boxtel        against    ? pigeons in the district
The “272” was 6th Ace pigeon in region 2 prov. 8 GOU.
NL09-1838221, a 50% Heremans – Ceusters, has as father a pigeon that was bought by Johan at the market in Lier and as mother the NL08-1102505 (via H. Eijerkamp and sons) out grandson “Wittenbuik” x daughter “Jonge Wittenbuik” (sort Vandenabeele).
This pigeon won 12th place in the province 8 GOU from Peronne and so just within the Teletext notations.
•    The “221” was then
12th Peronne NPO    against     7.459 pigeons and also
4th                 against    4.173     pigeons in region 2 prov. 8 GOU
2nd                against     1.330 pigeons in the district
A sister of this “221”, the NL09-1838246, was 2nd in the district from La Ferte against 951 pigeons and 21st in region 2 of province 8 GOU.

Bert ALBERS, Landgraaf
Bert achieved 4th national Chateauroux against 32.971 pigeons with a cock out a  granddaughter of “Silver Shadow”.
This cock also raced a Teletext notation from Chateauroux in 2008 (7th place in province 4).
A young cock (a half-brother of the above mentioned cock) has already raced a 6th against 16.000 pigeons this season.

Comb. VAN DER STOUWE – DOUNA, Donkerbroek
This well-known combination had a real “super Saturday” on the 25th of July 2009, because they had a magnificent result from Hasselt (238 km.). In the province Friesland against 22.031 pigeons it was a.o.: 2, 3, 6 and 14 etc.
The following pigeons – all with Eijerkamp-blood in the veins – achieved the following performances:
2nd place was for the NL09-975. The father is a grandson of the Kannibaal (out daughter Kannibaal x son Mr. Blue via Sjaak van der Wal). The mother is no one less than the NL00-680 Maxima Bond who is also a direct daughter of the Porsche Bond from Hans Eijerkamp and Sons.

The NL09-993 was 3rd. The father is the NL08-540 white grey cock bought from Jan Ganzeveld (grandson Silver Princess). The mother is no one less than the NL05-276 direct daughter of the Van Loon giant Atilla, once again a pigeon from Hans Eijerkamp and Sons.
They also played a prominent role in the first race of this season for youngsters from Heteren (122 km.)
Against 28.959 pigeons of the province Friesland they won a.o. the12th and the 16th place.
The NL09-966 was 12th. The father of this pigeon is the NL06-1763094, a son of Rominger x Virginia.
The NL09-956 was 16th. The father of the “956” is the NL07-1370933 out Goliath II x Angelina.

Arjan van GENT, West-Knollendam
The NL09-1030198 from Arjan won 5th place in the One Loft race Kalimanci (Bulgaria).
The race was held from Kula and the distance was 430 kilometre. 484 pigeons took part in the race, which took place under difficult circumstances: against wind and with a temperature of thirty degrees!
The “198” stems on father’s side out a son of “Son Leontien” x “daughter Jonge Wittenbuik” (sort H. Eijerkamp and sons via M.A. Allessie) and on mother’s side out a daughter of “Son Silver Shadow II” x “Granddaughter Silver Shadow” (direct H. Eijerkamp and sons).
Arjan had put this couple together specially for the One loft races.

Frans BOSMA, IJmuiden
Frans won 1st prize in Tarbes ZLU from the Long Distance Club North Holland against 330 pigeons.
He achieved this victory with a great grandchild from Blue Velvet.

Gosse TOLHUIS, Alteveer
This stone red cock NL05-4704720 won 1st prize from Bergerac in province 10.
In sector IV the performance of the “720” was good enough for fourth place.
This cock, mainly the sort Eijerkamp – Muller, always won his prize in previous years.

Ruud UIJLEN, Dieren
Ruud performed excellently with his NL09-1949398. Up to present he is in 2nd place with this pigeon amongst the Ace

geons in the Long Distance Club IJsselstreek. The father of the “398” was bred out one of the four eggs that Ruud bought from H. Eijerkamp and sons in 2008. Ruud shared the youngsters with his friend Freddy  Büttner. The father of the “398” comes out the BE06-6149971 x the  BE07-6367883, both of the sort Heremans – Ceusters) and now resides by Freddy Büttner. The mother of the “398” is the NL05-5502002 from Freddy Büttner out Ulft. This “002” comes out pigeons from the lines M. Sangers and B. Camphuis.

Freddy Büttner, Ulft
In 2008 Freddy was given two youngsters out eggs by his friend Ruud Uijlen from Dieren, who had received these from Hans Eijerkamp and sons.
This year Freddy bred from these youngsters a.o. the NL09-1949398, which performed very well by Ruud Uijlen. The father of the “398” comes out the BE06-6149971 x the BE07-6367883, both of the sort Heremans – Ceusters). The mother of the “398” is the NL05-5502002 from Freddy. This “002” comes out the lines M. Sangers and B. Camphuis.
Freddy has the NL09-1936635 out this couple, an April youngster.
This pigeon raced a.o.:
14th Strombeek         against 514 pigeons
      84th Peronne         against 422 pigeons
      58th Peronne        against 352 pigeons            
      15th Mantes la Jolie    against 264 pigeons                    
Rien raced from Peronne (269 km)on the 26-07-2009 with his NL09-4144278, a grandchild of Ché,
1st against 883 in his club

2nd against 3.405 pigeons in CC Oss
2nd Middle Distance club against 9.377 pigeons
2nd Zuiderkempen against 19.450 pigeons

Comb. WAR – BESSELINK, Doesburg
These men raced exceptionally well with pigeons from H. Eijerkamp and sons.
NL07-1469192, a grandchild of Don Leo and Lady Francis, raced a.o.:
110th Blois          against 2.145 pigeons
48th   Bourges         against 2.085 pigeons
50th   Chateauroux    against 1.938 pigeons
4th     Orleans        against    4.130 pigeons
11th   Chateauroux    against    2.973 pigeons
327th Bourges        against    1.909 pigeons
6th     Chateauroux    against    1.690 pigeons
NL07-1372799, a grandchild of the “Euro” (Heremans – Ceusters), raced a.o.:

 388th Blois        against    2.145 pigeons
101st Bourges        against    2.085 pigeons
7th     Chateauroux    against    1.938 pigeons
127th Orleans        against    4.130 pigeons
542nd Chateauroux    against    2.973 pigeons
111th Blois        against    2.278 pigeons
28th Bourges        against    1.909 pigeons

Arnold raced very successfully with his NL09-1833247:
14th Peronne NPO
43rd Peronne NPO
15th Mantes la Jolie NPO
2nd Ace pigeon in his club
The “247” has as father a son of Hakeem  x  Beatrice and as mother a daughter of Chicago x dr. Goliath II.
Partly through the good results of this “247” was Arnold champion youngsters sprint in his club, and this both as nominated and not nominated.

Henk WESTERINK, Abcoude
Henk was very successful in the derby der junioren 2009.
With a child from two direct Eijerkamp-pigeons: the NL07-1371544 and the NL07-1371549 he raced the 15th national Ablis against 17.763 pigeons and also
1st Ablis province 6
The “544” has as father “Young Noble” from C. en G. Koopman and as mother a granddaughter of “Mister Ermerveen” (out “Jean Claude, grandson of “La Prima Vera” x “Noble Lady”).
The “549” has as father the “Scheve Koopman” and as mother “Sister 1st Ace pigeon” (out Father Shakira x mother Shakira).
Exclusive couplings

In the summer of 2008 Hans Eijerkamp and sons had a meeting with Nikolaas and Thomas Gyselbrecht, the founders of Pigeon Paradise (PIPA) the biggest and most visited pigeon website in the world, in the Engelenburg in Brummen. In that beautiful castle the Engelenburg they came to an agreement, that Hans Eijerkamp and sons in 2009 would breed a number of youngsters from their best breeding pigeons which will be EXCLUSIVELY auctioned via PiPa. This means that pigeons out these couples, specially coupled for PiPa will only be allowed to be sold by PiPa.

In the meantime we are a year further and the following couples have been compiled.
1. Euro    x    Finette
2. Ché    x    Tara
3. Salinero    x    Vanessa
4. Drogba    x    Mabel
5. Mr. 48    x    Olympic Queen
6. Tips    x    Lady Annelies
7. Don Leo    x    Lady Donna
8.Rossi    x    Spinneke





Zeer mooie presentatie.
Zeker goede duiven.
Prachtige referenties.
Mijn vraag....
Het vlaamse landsgedeelte ,als DE ambassadeur wereldwijd van goede duiven , en geen enkele is vermeld die geslaagd is met deze duiven.
Moeten ze deze duiven in ons land niet hebben ?????
Zijn ze te duur???
Of is men hier overtuigd , wegens wereldwijde en ook belgische resultaten, dat hier de beste zitten???
Zou spijtig zijn als men geld genoeg heeft.
Tot slot, ik vind het persoonlijk raar dat ons land niet bij de referenties staat.
Misschien zijn ze het vergeten .


Beste... U heeft 100% den West Vlaanderen zitten de beste...veruit... Waarom....programma is daar het zwaarste van overal..en al zeker mbt tot de Ned waaivluchten en slap programma.. Vele Ned duiven kunnen niet mee op de Interwestvlaamse. Omdat ze eenvoudig weg jarenlang zijn geselecteerd op te weinig km's en te slappe prestaties. Wink  Jos Goessen

Wat een ONZIN wat die Limbo schrijft..Dat Pipa dit durft te plaatsen..Nog NOOIT zo'n onzin gelezen.Hij zal wel te veel Belgische pinten hebben gedronken toen hij dit fabeltje schreef..Weet iemand wie dat is die "LIMBO" ?Hij kan beter in de Fabeltjeskrant gaan schrijven dat is meer van hem zijn niveau..

Limbo, aub uw volledige naam te publiceren als u zulke berichten plaatst.
1 - 'Time is limited,don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't live with the results of other people's thinking'
2 - 'De waarheid is geduldig. Alleen de leugen heeft haast'

mens heeft altijd wel wat te klaagen

Je mag vinden van deze mensen en hun duiven wat jij wil Shocked , maar het zijn grootheden in de duivensport qua prestaties en op menselijk vlak zijn ze misschien wel de grootste van de hele EU.
Mensen met een warm hart en ze hebben heel wat gewoone liefhebbers met hun meubelen-duiven formule aan rasduiven geholpen. Smile
Al vele jaren lang Exclamation

wil wel even reageren op het feit dat H. Eijerkamp en zonen kampioen van de Noordelijke Unie is geworden,
1e Onaangewezen en 2e Aangewezen, (natuurlijk een pracht prestatie)
er zijn echter 2 liefhebbers die het beter hebben gedaan, die door een aanpassing in de loop van het seizoen, waar deze mensen overheen gekeken hebben of niet op gewezen waren, nu niet in de eindstand opgenomen zijn,
Aangewezen Comb. Loef uit Herwen (waren ruim schoots eerste geworden) en
D.Hammer uit Lathum, deze wordt wel afdelingskampioen van de G.O.U. (afdeling Cool op de dagfond, maar dus geen kampioen van de NU,
dit is eigenlijk te triest voor woorden, terwijl in het begin van het seizoen een circulaire rond ging dat een ieder gratis meedeed (dus niet)
men moest dus toch alles aangeven (nivo 10),
jammer dat zulke dingen gebeuren, wanneer worden die mensen weer eens kampioen?
Het is H.Eijerkamp en Znn van harte gegund,
maar de echte kampioenen?
met vriendelijke sport groeten,
Leo Jansen


Dat is een punt voor op de eerst volgende vergadering, daar moet je over zo iets praten. Idea
Niet in het openbaar om afbraak te doen aan een ander zijn prestaties. Exclamation

Met vriendelijke groeten. Wink
Ed Mol