A fantastic season finale for Jos Thoné (As, BE): top fancier wins 4 x 1st National Argenton and Chateauroux in Zone C

There were still four national first prizes to be won, with an old birds' and yearlings' race in the last two flghts from Argenton and Chateauroux. Jos Thoné has won all four of them in Zone C, finishing a highly demanding season in style.

Sitting down with Jos to discuss pigeons and their achievements, it always means a lot to this reporter. Superchampion Jos knows this sport inside out, and he is very passionate about his pigeon racing career. He gained prominence in over 80 countries, mainly thanks to his pigeon racing skills and his fantastic pigeon breed. His palmares is quite remarkable: 73 victories (no doubles), 5 national first prizes in zone C, several championship titles KBDB and several great results in our PIPA rankings. More on that later on.

Jos knows more than anyone else that 2018 has been a very difficult season, especially for pigeon lofts in the east of Belgium. The team from As really struggled in the high temperatures and the many headwinds, and you have to factor in that they had to cover up to 100km more than most opponents. "Nonetheless, our team has pushed on, racing from the first to the last Sunday of the season, competing in the sprint and the extreme long distance and everything in between. Our efforts eventually paid off in the last two national races of the season. This has been a great season thanks to everyone around me: Xavier, Maxim, my mother Tilly, Pascal, Guy, and loft caretaker Marcel and his wife Margot."

 Jos, Marcel, and visitors Ludo Reynders and the 13 year old Zephne. The four pigeons have won five national victories in total in 2018.

The Thoné pigeons show time and time again how extremely talented they are. Jos has had some personal problems this year as well; he had to be hospitalized with different fractures after taking a bad fall. Jos spent in fact an entire week in intensive care, and she is still recovering. "But I see improvements every day, especially when thinking about our fantastic 2018 season", the former world champion from As says with a smile.

To get his pigeons in good form, he uses the products and the methods of Pigeon HP, and his pigeons's health is looked after by veterinary surgeon, brother-in-law and fellow villager Norbert Peeters. "I would like to add that our pigeons can cope with the demanding races and the rigorous schedule in part thanks to a proper diet (Beyers).

Top class birds

Gaggan (BE15-2180258) was outstanding in the last two national races from Argenton and Chateauroux: hij won them both in Zone C national.

Click here for the pedigree of double national winner Gaggan.

Jos would like to present some of his best pigeons to the PIPA audience by showing their pedigrees. Here is a look at his best racing birds of today:

The pedigree of Sua, winner of 17 first prizes in the sprint.

The pedigree of Bill.

The pedigree of Billy.

The pedigree of James.

Palmares 2018

73 clear first prizes

5x 1 Nat. c  , 5x 2nd Nat. c, 4x 3rd Nat. c ….

1 National c Gueret Olds
1 National c Argenton III Olds
1 National c Argenton III  YBs
1 National c Chateauroux IV Olds
1 National c Chateauroux IV YBs

2nd, 4th, 11th, 12th best old bird in the Belgian national races - 7 prizes

3rd ,10th, 16th, 20th best old bird in the Belgian national races - 6 prizes

12th National ace pigeon KBDB longer middle distance
9th National champion KBDB longer middle distance olds (Jos)
14th National champion KBDB longer middle distance olds (X + M)

The last two national races:

Argenton III: 1,6,8,9,…. Nat C olds; 1,2,3,7,8,10… Nat c YBs
Chateauroux IV: 1,5,6 Nat c olds; 1,2,3,7,8,9,… Nat C YBs

It goes without saying that Jos Thoné has an excellent reputation both at home and abroad. Just a while ago he got a big thank you from Dave Wetering, the Australian fancier who claimed victory in Australia's biggest One Loft Race. Meanwhile, pigeon magazine Duifke wrote an article on the exceptional breeding achievements of BE11-6337094. "This breeding cock was bred with great care, merging a number of top birds from the loft of Jos Thoné." Jos explains: "This bird illustrates our breeding approach in As: she is related for instance to Avril and Sedna, two talented sprint and long distance pigeons, and that combination clearly leads to top results." This breeding cock is the sire of “Sorayume 230” (J16-OL02230), a chequered hen and winner of the prestigious race of Kushimoto-Wakayama (618km).

Fanciers from all parts of the world have been very satisfied with their Thoné pigeons: this team gets positive references from Denmark, China, Japan, etc. Keep in mind Jos shares his knowledge with fanciers across the globe, making him one of the leading names in international pigeon racing.