Erik Limbourg has made a drastic decision ~ He's selling!

Who can offer the very best… Stronger yet: who DARE to offer their very best material… and yes: this year there are also a number of respected fanciers. One of these is mister-national-Ace pigeon-collector: Erik Limbourg from the Flemish-Brabant Brussegem. Because such a name is such a surprise, we couldn’t resist the urge to ask Erik himself about this drastic decision…

He has already provided several surprises this season… -
He is record holder ‘national Ace pigeons’… -
He is a collector of ‘top pigeons’… -
He has managed to dominate every race… -
He had the whole of Belgium ‘running in circles’…

BRUSSEGEM – Whilst many lofts still have to balance up the 2009 season, various newspapers are looking for fanciers who want to market their ‘fixtures’. And to be honest: there is a lot of ‘rubbish’ on the market. All kinds of names are fictitious and pedigrees created. But they are typically pigeons that are nephews and nieces of ‘top pigeons’. Pigeons without performances or breeding worth… That is exactly the reason why a real estate office and auction organization so as PIPA (Pigeon Paradise, ed.) is so successful.

They simply go in search of fanciers who have something to offer. Who can offer the very best… Stronger yet: who DARE to offer their very best material… and yes: this year they also have a number of respected fanciers.
One of these is mister-national-Ace pigeon-collector: Erik Limbourg from the Flemish-Brabant Brussegem. Because such a name is such a surprise, we couldn’t resist the urge to ask Erik himself about this drastic decision…

Erik, first and foremost congratulations on your season… Once again it was bingo. How do you do it…?
Erik Limbourg.: “-Be careful what you say uh… the pigeon season is not over yet. There is still Argenton, La Souterraine and Gueret… One for one ‘matches’ that still have to be raced. Points for the general championship can still be earned in these races. But good: my ‘most important’ races have finished with Perpignan… And yes: I’m satisfied. Various top hundred and top fifty notations in the ‘nationals’. Provincial victory from Brive. But it is not so easy to summarize in a few sentences how I managed it.  Let us say that I am a very driven person. A winner. Who is still looking for ‘new’ challenges…”

Is that also one of the reasons why you want to sell?
Erik Limbourg.: “- Maybe it is. The intention is that every old pigeon will be sold. Only the youngsters will remain in the loft. I did something like this a few years ago. And I have to say: it was a gigantic challenge for me to start again from nothing. I somehow have to feel the adrenaline flowing through my veins. You can call it an addiction. And I want to feel it again. The young gang that is flying around the lofts will be strictly selected. Sifted down to the bone. And in this way I want to build a new group which will later populate the breeding lofts. Take note, I still have to get used to the idea that the breeding lofts will soon be empty. Somewhere – deep down inside – it does ‘something’ to me… In the end it is they who have provided the successes over the years. They have invariably been my flag carriers… Believe me: without the pigeons, Limbourg would never have become Limbourg, if you understand what I mean…”

Completely… There is a lot of material to suit your needs in the lofts. Will you give us a brief overview?
Erik Limbourg.: “- Well, almost everyone knows that my entire stock is based on the De Rauw-Sablon-pedigree. Supplemented with a whole series of pigeons from Marcel Aelbrecht. I discovered that their ‘sort’ was very suitable for racing top from null to seven or eight hundred kilometres. And I was looking for just this kind of pigeon. So I crossed these pigeons with my own ‘sort’ and miraculously I created a very strong pigeon  that can compete for the best pigeon in the country.
In addition, you shouldn’t underestimate my ‘old sort’. I have never neglected this ‘sort’ for new ‘investments’. What’s more: they have to ‘fit’ with my own sort, otherwise the ‘investments’ can ‘leave’ immediately.
In other words: my lofts contain an enormous amount of original ‘De Rauw-Sablon’ pigeons. With a whole series of Aelbrecht pigeons. Take for example the ‘Favoriet Marseille’. A cock from 2005 with race performances to look up to. Direct out the ‘Marseille’ with the ‘Fijn Blauw’. Nowhere to be found… And – one must have the courage to admit that – Marcel Aelbrecht was a pigeon fancier in heart and soul. If such a person counts a pigeon like this as one of his ‘favourites’, that says something doesn’t it?
Add to this the fact that ‘Blue Ace’ is still in my possession. That is the second national Ace pigeon from 2007. But also on provincial Ace pigeon in 2007 and was twice primus by the Ace pigeons in the Brabantse Unie (Brabant Union) , and that in 2004 and 2007.
Or take now ‘Olympic Chenoa’. The first Olympiad pigeon of the Netherlands and the very best pigeon that has ever raced in the Netherlands… This hen will also be included in the auction.
In addition, I still have the parents of ‘Lucky 85’, the first national Ace pigeon Long Distance 2006. ‘De Frans’ and ‘Het Pierke’ will also come under the auctioneer’s hammer.
Add to this the fact that since recently I have been in possession of ‘Brother Smallen 848/00’. That probably doesn’t mean much to you, but if I tell you that he is the father(!) of the cock from ‘Bak 17’ by Marcel Aelbrecht then I think that bells will start to ring… and he is also the father of ‘Blue Ace’ and grandfather of ‘Nicole’, who won the first national from Argenton by Van Roy-Rochtus.
For the rest, it is really too much to name. I sometimes dare to part with a top pigeon, but I always try to keep the family, parents etc. Simply because I am working on the assumption of the principle: ‘good comes from good ” ’ …
If you had to choose a pigeon as the very best in the auction, which one would it be?
Erik Limbourg.: “- O dear… Another difficult question. If I had to choose one pigeon as being my real favourite it would have to be ‘Eagle Eye’. A pigeon that has hardly ever missed during his entire career. And if he was entered, he raced at the front… That’s perhaps easy to say, but it’s the truth. This is probably the best pigeon who has ever flown in Belgium. From Souillac, Limoges, Cahors and yes, even from Etampes he raced a coefficient lower than 2. It is a pigeon from 2007, but has more than 2 pages full of top results. Really one of my very best pigeon ever … Even his entire team of ancestors will be auctioned…”

Is there still any chance of a national title?
Erik Limbourg.: “- One thing I’ve learned in the pigeon sport: Do not sell the skin till you have caught the bear. What I mean to say: anything is possible. Be careful, I have Geert De Clercq here, he takes care of the paper work. He checks everything fully. He looks at which races we have performed best in. He checks out our ‘opponents’. And we learn a lot through this. But once again: we are not ‘Hero’s ’. Mistakes can always be made. Therefore we daren’t make any claims. It can always go wrong… Terribly wrong even.”

Does this auction mean that Erik Limbourg is going to take it easy? Enjoy the sun, sea and beach? And that Limbourg will be missing from the results?
Erik Limbourg.: “- You’re joking right? I am and always will be a pigeon fancier. I will race the youngsters that I now have in my loft as yearlings next season. The challenge is to build a ‘new’ stock with these pigeons. As to whether I will be successful, I have absolutely no idea. After all, there is no proven breeding pigeon here anymore… So therefore everything starts from zero. It will be really hard to lay a path towards the absolute top again. But the people who know me, know that I am a go-getter…”

It is clear: Erik Limbourg – the wonder boy from Brussegem – will take another route. Look for a new challenge so that he once again belong to the top of Belgium. Make a note of five and six December in your diary. Because history will definitely be written that day. Because never before have so many top pigeons and so many pigeons with such honours lists been in one and the same auction. Limbourg will be sold. Everything – absolutely everything – will go under the auctioneer’s hammer. Only his youngsters from 2009 will be spared. A question of starting a new impetus… But the parents and grandparents: they will go. The complete sales programme will be offered to our readers and will be sent two weeks before the auction. Once again, this is really unprecedented. His right hand, Geert De Clercq, is also holding his breath… Because Limbourg has already written history in the past. No-one has ever been able to get so many Ace pigeons to his name. But he could write history for the umpteenth time with this auction. According to our information (?) a lot of  Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Americans and Canadians have already made their way to Brussegem. To view the pigeons. And to write down offers… It will probably be the law of the strongest bidder… Whoever goes highest, has him. It’s as simple as that.
And it is also logical that Limbourg chose PIPA as ‘partner’. After all, they have become market leader in online and public auctions in a very short space of time. And then such steps are obvious. Also there the law of the strongest applies…


Very Happy Mr. Green

Hi Erik,

I just want to let you know I'm one of your fans as Ace Pigeon collector, and asking if you give me the permition to ask you...
Do you thing the challenge you are going through by starting from zero level by young stars direct from your top collection worth that you sell ALL of this diamonds you have in your loft that you already did a BIG effort to collect ?! Hard challenge!... Wishing you best of luck...

By the way I like alot the word: Do not sell the skin till you have caught the bear.
Best Regards,
Karim El Moslemany.