Erik Limbourg (Brussegem, BE) wins 1st Prov Blois Youngsters and 2nd Prov Limoges during the weekend of the 16th of July!

High pressure, low pressure, headwind or tailwind… it apparently makes no difference to the Limbourg pigeons, nothing seems to be able to still their hunger for victory, that was more than clear last weekend!


Just under 2 years ago (beginning of December 2009) the entire team of old pigeons from Erik Limbourg came under the auctioneer’s hammer in Thorn, only his team of youngsters 2009 was retained, and had to serve as basis for the rebuilding of his colony. Some insiders considered this a very risky venture, after all… it is a set rule that you can sell the fruit from a ‘rich orchard’… but the ‘orchard’ itself… many people frowned upon it. Many though it would be still for a while around the Limbourg colony… they thought wrong as it turns out. The new trees have immediately produced just as succulent fruit as the old stock! In the 2010 performances there was hardly a weakening in the action of the Limbourg pigeons noticeable… Erik only had to pass on with the old birds for a year (due to only yearlings being available in 2010)… but the team of yearlings and youngsters fought so hard from the start so that the Limbourg colony was never out of the burning actuality, and he could calmly maintain and confirm his place at the (inter)national top! In 2011 he was once again active on all fronts, and the Limbourg colony carries on at the same momentum… and last week that resulted in new top successes from Blois where he won provincial victory with the youngsters, and Limoges where the Limbourg team adorns the closest place of honour. Notable fact… both pigeons are strongly related to the 1st Nat Ace bird KBDB 2006, namely ‘Lucky 85’! 



1st Provincial Blois 3.245 youngsters!

Was won by a hen, named ‘Blue Blois-hen’, which had previously showcased her budding talents. This ‘Half-sister’ of the 1° West-European Ace bird Belgium, performed as follows: 

-‘Blue Blois-hen’ B11-2014279

 1° Intprov Blois 3.245 p.
 3° Noyon           489 p.
24° Noyon           902 p.
28° Dourdan         741 p.

Anything but coincidence then, this is more than evident when we take a look at her lineage:

Father: ‘Blue Pokemon’ B09-2119235

Inbred grandson of ‘Lucky 85’ (1° Nat Ace bird Long Distance KBDB 2006)… bred out a ‘Grandson’ x ‘Daughter’ of ‘Lucky 85’!

Mother: ‘Mother Goei Jaarling’ B07-6026412

Bought in the Stickers-Donkers auction, where she was mother of the 

1° West-European Ace bird Belgium
1° Nat Ace bird Sprint ‘LCB’
6° Nat Ace bird Sprint KBDB 2010 

For interested parties: the full pedigree can be found here.


In the provincial race from Blois the Limbourg colony scored magnificently with 

Blois Gooik  416 youngsters: 1-8-11-12-14-15-20… (26/50)
Blois Prov 3.247 youngsters: 1-18-63-66-73…

2° Prov. Limoges 950 yearlings

It was exam time for the team of yearlings. After provincial victory from Libourne Yearlings just over 3 weeks ago, it was bingo once again. Only a yearling from Christian Corciu from Geetbets was able to keep the Limbourg colony from a 2nd provincial victory within 2 hours! Just over 2 hours after they had booked provincial victory from Blois, they were now stranded in an honorary 2nd place provincial with the ‘Blue 074’, which had previously won:

-‘Blue 074’ B10-2135074 

 1° Limoges NW Brabant 369 p.
 2° Prov Limoges       950 p.
 3° Vierzon            461 p.
14° Prov Vierzon     1.768 p.
 3° Noyon              318 p 

As stated above… this pigeon also stems out that same success line of the ‘Lucky 85’ :

Father: ‘Half-brother Lucky 85’ B09-2119422

Because he has the same father as the 1st Nat Ace bird 2006, namely the ‘Frans 108/03’ (son of the legendary ‘Limoges 261/91’ De Rauw-Sablon) x 4Zus Super Sprint 242/07’). 

Mother: ‘2nd Prov Ace bird KBDB’ B04-4278829

A hen with no less than 9 x 1° prizes to her name, and further :

 1° Prov Chateauroux  4.639 p.
 9° Prov Argenton     5.066 p.
12° Prov Chateauroux  5.831 p.
31° Prov Le Mans      2.671 p.

She originates from sport friend Michaël Coppens from Moorsele.

No, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree here (click here for the complete pedigree)


From Limoges the Erik Limbourg colony achieved the following series: 

Limoges Nw Brabant 369 yl: 1-4-5-7-13… (21/30)
Limoges Prov       950 yl: 2-18-21-24-38… (18/30)


On steam

Erik Limbourg clearly ahs his troops on steam… then success is never far away! The fact that Erik Limbourg has found a new challenge for himself in his new and young ‘(read: rejuvenated) team of pigeons, is more than clear! The ambition of the boss still hasn’t cooled, the message is winning… always and everywhere, and the Limbourg team bends double for it! Erik probably hadn’t expected this… although he surely harboured the dream and hope… that, after his auction , he would once again make his mark on the pigeon happenings so quickly! Achieving National top prizes, booking provincial victories, dominating the competitions or turning them to their hand… for the lots like those of Erik Limbourg, it seems to be a piece of cake… but it’s not that simple at all!

Call it a combination of healthy ambition ',' commitment ',' skill 'and' craftsmanship '… and the indisputable ‘top class’ of the Limbourg pigeons themselves! A cocktail or mix of all these indispensible ingredients for the basis for the range of top performances continually booked down there in Brussegem! There rests only one question… which pigeons will be responsible for the follow-up to this story… ? 


Proficiat Erik en Geert!


Erik ziet meer door een oog of dat andere door drie zien het is een duiven kenner proficiat !!!!!

Proficiat Erik en Geert,

Goede duiven is een begin, maar je krijgt de liefhebber er niet bij.

en niet te vergeten wie heeft de Geb.Desbuqois gesteund in moeilijke tijden jawel Erik dus hij heeft ook het hart op de juiste plaats dit moest ik nog ff vermelden.

Congratiulations guys Wink

yes well done guys, the limbourg pigeons are still at the top of the class. keep it up fellas.. Cool


懂鸽子的聪明人!•••• 明年再搞次清舍拍卖益街坊!爱力克•林伯格,厉害!!!!

Congratulations Eric & Geert!
Fantastic results

All the best,
M&C Hansen