Eric Limbourg (Brussegem, BE) claims 1st International Perpignan

We saw an impressive performance by Black Magic (BE10–2135147), who won the international race from Perpignan against 17,962 pigeons. He was clocked at 19:52’20”, completing 932.163km with a velocity of 1183.95m/m.

From left to right: Patrick Draye, Erik Limbourg and Geert De Clercq

Black Magic

Black Magic is the oldest pigeon in the widowers’ loft, and he won 13 prizes per 10 in races of over 400km, a distance in which he never missed a prize! This is the type of pigeon we do not see very often. As a result, he was basketed as first nominated for Perpignan. He was basketed for Barcelona for the first time in his career this season, and he took a 779th national against 8,764 pigeons, after having competed in the races of Cahors, Limoges, Vierzon and Souppes-sur-Loing, as well as four flights from Noyon. You can find his impressive list of achievements here.
Black Magic was raced in classic widowhood, just like all old birds and yearlings of Limbourg. The hen is always showed before basketing but Eric likes to add variation. Also, the hen is showed for a longer period of time as the season progresses. Black Magic and only one more widower were kept in the loft one week before Perpignan, because the other pigeons were basketed for Narbonne. During the week, the nest box next to that of Black Magic and the other remaining pigeon were opened, so that they could both take one half of the other box. When the other pigeons arrived home from Narbonne, the owner of this next box obviously wanted to get back in his own box. It seems Eric has gotten the most out of this rivalry between his pigeons. This was an excellent way of motivating his pigeons by the grandmaster from Brussegem.

When we look at the pedigree of Black Magic, we see nothing but great bloodlines. Click here for his pedigree. The sire of Black Magic, obtained directly from R & X Verstraete, is a sire of Xtra (1st Nat. Cahors 2008, 3rd Nat. Zone Brive 2008), and a son of Topstar x Diva. The dam of the 1st Nat. Tulle of Gaby Vandenabeele is a daughter of Topstar as well. The top class breeding hen Yelena of Etienne Meirlaen (the dam of Monar, 1st & 13th Internat. Narbonne) is a daughter of Topstar.

The dam is a sister of Whitepen Patron, 1st Nat Ace Long Distance Yearlings 2010 PIPA-ranking, and granddaughter of the famous Patron, winner 1st Nat Ace Long Distance KBDB 2003 at Marcel Aelbrecht. Her father is the Blauwe Patron, an amazing breeder and father to Bonten Patron (1st Prov Brive), Special Eye Patron, Beauty 530 Patron, Crème au beurre (3 x 1st Prize). Her mother is a full sister to the mother of Gilbert;

A great weekend

Eric basketed four pigeons for Perpignan and they achieved a great result:

NW Brabant  166 p.: 1 (1st nom), 11 (2nd nom, 1051 m/m) and 35 (3/4)
Provincial  595 p.: 1, 20 and 110
National   6248 p.: 1, 255 and 1099

Eric took the win from Perpignan last week but he also had a great result from Tulle.

Tulle (628 km) club (NW Brabant)
yearlings   213 p.: 1-2-3-4-7-9-15-16-17-18-19-22-23-25... (22/25)
old birds   109 p.: 1-2-8-11... (7/11)

The one year old hen BE13-2022092 Magic 092 (a half sister of Magic 704: Top 10 candidate for National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB, and a half sister of New Ace: 3rd National Ace Pigeon PIPA Ranking yearlings long distance 2013) that took a first prize from Tulle has also won a first provincial and an 8th national against 5,735 pigeons. She also won a 1st Nat. Zone B Jarnac 941 pigeons and a 3rd Nat. Jarnac 3,741 pigeons (665km) last weekend, which resulted in the title of 2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance Yearlings.

Magic 092, winner of the title of 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearlings

National and International victories

Eric won his third international victory in the race from Perpignan since 2010. He has won a total of 10 national victories and 12 second national prizes, which is quite an impressive list. Who can do better than that? Click here for an overview of his impressive achievements.

The fact that Eric sold his entire collection of pigeons in 2009 (except for the young birds of 2009) makes his achievements over the past five seasons even more impressive! In addition to Black Magic, Eric holds a collection of several more top class pigeons and he invests in new pigeons every season, to maintain the level of quality of his breed. He recently purchased “De Remy” of Remy Speltdoorn (Winksele, BE), ace pigeon of the valley of the Rhone, as well as “De Tulle” of Ivan Vanvuchelen (Grazen, BE), 1st Nat. Tulle 2013 and “De Jan” of Gustaaf de Bisschop (Asse, BE), 1st  Nat. Zone Argenton 2903 p. and 3rd Nat. Zone La Souteraine.

Day to day caretaking

A fancier with 50 years of experience, Eric visits the vet about three to four times a year, but he tries to keep an eye on his pigeons’ health most of the time, which seems to work most out well.
He uses feed of the Beyers company, mainly the Vandenabeele mixture and Super Widowhood. In addition, he uses a number of supplements of Beyers and Dr. Vandercruyssen, as well as Zell Oxygen and Optimix Van Herbots. Belgasol of Belgica/De Weerd is added to the menu regularly as well.


Proficiat Eric en team.
Fam. Geert De Schepper

Onze welgemeende felicitaties aan het hele Limbourg-team met deze schitterende internationale overwinning!!

Stijn & Karel De Rouck

Dikke proficiat Eric.


Wattez - Copppens

Proficiat met deze prachtige overwinning,

Grtn,Rudi De Saer

Proficiat met jullie inter nationale overwinning. Klasse!
Mvg Serge D'hondt

Tophok met klasseduiven!

Proficiat Met jullie overwinning.
Patrick & Carlo

Proficiat Eric en Geert!


Sportieve groeten

Jos en Jan Loobuyck

Proficiat Eric en Geert met deze prachtige overwinning. grote klasse wederom.
Grt Gerry Conaert

Proficiat Eric en Geert met de zoveelste stunt
Johny (afrit 9)

we love them!

Erik, Geert, Patrick,

proficiaat met deze mooie overwinning.

Adrien Mirabelle

Dear Erik/ Geert,

Congratulation super pigeons and great results wish you all the best.

Congratulation for top pigeons and you eric

i love your pigeons and your system good luck

felicitations Eric et Geert pour votre 1 int perpignan ,bonne fin de saison a vous deux