Eijerkamp Hans Zn & Lotte, "The Eijerkamp-lofts once again reached for the skies in 2007"

Hans Eijerkamp and sons and Lotte Eijerkamp, Brummen NL

In 2006 they achieved 16 (sixteen) pure first prizes and at the start of the 2007 season they knew that it would be very difficult to equal the magnificent performance from 2006, not to mention improve it. Still, the "Team Eijerkamp", consisting of the loft carers Piet Schrijvers and Gerard Boesveld and Hans, Evert-Jan and Hans-Jaap Eijerkamp, managed to maintain this high standard.

In the 2007 season they scored the following 15 (fifteen) pure first prizes.
1st NPO North Peronne 332 km 6.532 p.
1st NPO North Peronne 332 km 6.346 p.
1st Nat. NPO Blois 611 km 5.963 p.
1st NPO North Orleans 556 km 5.165 p.
1st Chantilly 416 km 9.765 p.
1st Boxtel 81 km 4.131 p.
1st Haasrode 176 km 4.060 p.
1st Peronne 332 km 2.479 p.
1st Peronne 332 km 2.478 p.
1st Arras 310 km 2.120 p.
1st Peronne 332 km 1.819 p.
1st Offenburg 424 km 1.781 p.
1st Duffel 161 km 1.017 p.
1st Duffel 161 km 532 p.
1st St. Vincent 1092 km 454 p.

1st NPO Orleans North was won by SHILPA against 5.165 pigeons
In this Orleans (556 km) Hans Eijerkamp and Sons clocked the fastest pigeon in the NPO competition North (region 1 en 2 van division 8) from Orleans (556 km). Their chequered yearling hen 'Shilpa' was the glorious winner with a velocity of 1635 m.p.m. in the northern part of division 8 GOU against 5.165 pigeons. In the combined competition from div. 8 GOU they managed to achieve 4th place. 'Shilpa' is a daughter of the super pigeon 'Ché', who in 2006 won the NPO competition from Orleans in division 8 against 14.285 pigeons. In 'Shilpa's' descent we see mainly the Eijerkamp-Janssen lines from 'Blauwe 142', 'Prima Vera', 'Miss Saigon', 'Porsche Bond' and 'Generaal', while the 'Chicago' makes sure of the Van Loon blood. Once again the golden success formula Eijerkamp-Janssen x van Loon. The 5th place in the NPO North competition is held by 'Esmee', a top pigeon by Hans Eijerkamp and Sons, who two weeks earlier won 3rd Haasrode against 8.350 pigeons even though she had previously won 1st Pommeroeul against 5.613 pigeons. Next to the victory there was also the following fantastic series: 4,7,8,10,12,16,19,24,28 etc.

5th NPO Orleans 2 North against 4.250 pigeons for "Tamudo"
This second Orleans of the 2007 season was liberated on a Sunday at 07.00 o'clock because of the unfavourable weather conditions. The weather Gods were not kind to the pigeons on the Sunday: rain and thunderstorms on the race route and a temperature of about 30 degrees. "Tamudo" didn't take any notice and was the first to arrive at the Eijerkamp-lofts. His performance earned him a 5th place against 4.250 pigeons. Tamudo is a two-year old cock and a son of "Shadow Ventoux" a full brother of Armstrong (10th National NPO Vierzon against 8.015 pigeons). Shadow Ventoux is a son of the world famous Silver Shadow. Paired with a daughter of Camacho (grandchild Chicago x Denver x Wonderboy 06), Shadow Ventoux bred Tamudo. Camacho won 2nd National NPO Bourges against 9.106 pigeons and 13th National NPO Orleans against 19.892 pigeons. This daughter of Camacho is also mother of the 2nd Haasrode against 8.095 pigeons and 15th National NPO Blois against 5.788 pigeons. Team Eijerkamp achieved the following prizes in Division 8 North:
Region 1 + 2 against 4.250 pigeons; 5-7-10-14-21-22-27-30-33-34-36-39-etc.
Region 2 against 2.556 pigeons; 2-3-5-8-12-13-16-19-20-21-22-24-27-28-etc. The Eijerkamp - van Loon pigeons have once again proved that they can achieve top prizes in extreme weather conditions.

Lotte EIJERKAMP triumphed with "Summer" from Offenburg
Because France had closed the borders for the pigeons, division 8 GOU diverted to Offenburg (Germany). At 07.30 o'clock 7.191 pigeons from Afd.8 GOU were liberated. Lotte Eijerkamp's pigeons seemed to be running the show for the last few weeks, as was confirmed in the results. Offenburg proved that the pigeons were in excellent form. Under the leadership of helper Gerard Boesveld, the following series was achieved: 1,2,3,8,9,22,34,36,37,38,43,45,51,72,81,83,90,96,100 etc. and 45 from the 67 nominated pigeons with a prize!
The 05-NL-2110898 was clocked at 12.50.57 o'clock after a race of 424 kilometres. With a velocity of nearly 1322 metres per minute she was 1st in Region 2 against 1781 pigeons. In the North sector from div. 8 GOU she achieved 5th place against 3.677 pigeons and Lotte Eijerkamp had the following series: -5-6-7-11-12-25-43-45-46-47-etc. (13 pigeons by the first 63). The 5th NPO North is a three year old slaty hen named Summer, and once again a grandchild of the super couple Chicago x Miss Saigon. Mother of this hen is Helena (Chicago x Miss Saigon), a super hen who as a youngster was second in the Zutphen region. Father is Bulldoser, a son of Jonge Baron from the line of Goldfinger. Jonge Baron was paired with a daughter of Troyes. Bulldoser is a half-brother of Rome. Rome won: 3rd Boxtel against 2.125 pigeons; 4th Orleans against 4.048 pigeons; 6th Boxtel against 1.821 pigeons; 6th Hensies against 11.015 pigeons.

Lotte EIJERKAMP wins Blois in div. 8 GOU and has the 3rd fastest pigeon nationally against 71.350 pigeons
The "team Eijerkamp" thought that they would have to clock a pigeon between 13h30 and 14h00 in order to have an early prize. With this sort of race, they are continually in touch with renowned fanciers, who have entered pigeons for shorter races. Nothing was known. Piet Schrijvers suddenly saw a pigeon coming from the East and shouted to Evert-Jan Eijerkamp and Gerard Boesveld: "There's one!" It was a yearling hen 06-NL-1762706, who was clocked at 13h37.09 from a distance of 611,239 kilometres. Her speed was 1664,823 metres per minute (just under 100 km per hour). It was a long wait until the second pigeon arrived: at 13h50 a pigeon arrived home by Hans Eijerkamp and sons (the 4th reported at the reporting office). They began to secretly hope that their first pigeon had a chance of winning the divisional championship. The Eijerkamp team asked themselves why their first pigeon had come from the East, because this was not the expected direction. Evert-Jan believes that in Maastricht it took the German Autobahn, and therefore avoided the storms. The first pigeon was completely dry and all the following pigeons were wet. At the end of the afternoon, once the results from all the divisions were placed on ceefax, it became clear that the "706" had probably won in division 8 GOU against 7955 pigeons and had maybe even achieved 3rd quickest pigeon from the whole of the convoy of 71.350 pigeons. They only had to wait for the results of a pigeon from the combination Geenen-Peters from Maastricht (1676 mpm) and from M. Kollee from Heerlen, but in comparison, the "706" had to race 140 km. further. This made the performance of this yearling hen even more impressive. From this moment onwards, the "706" went through life with the name "Lady Blois".
The father of "Lady Blois" is a Janssen x Meulemans and in his pedigree we come across famous names such as: "Troyes duifje" (1st nat. Troyes against 11.379 pigeons), Wonderboy, Hekje, Robin Hood, Roxan, and daughter car winner (Janssen-Camphuis).
The mother of "Lady Blois" is a hen, sort Gommaar Leijsen (B.) and her father comes from the line of the famous "03", amongst other things the grandfather of "Rambo" by Dirk van Dijck and her mother is a grand-daughter of the Goede 160 from Leijsen (5 x a 1st prize) and also from the line of the "03". Golden Lady from G. Koopman is also a descendant of the "03" from Gommaar Leijsen. The Leijsen-pigeons stand at the basis of "Kleine Dirk" and the Heremans - Ceusters-pigeons. As a youngster "Lady Blois" raced four good prizes in region 2 from div. 8 GOU.
This season she flew
" Lommel 1977th against 10.290 pigeons
" Haasrode 65th against 8350 pigeons
" Arras 98th against 9164 pigeons
" Peronne 323rd against 6485 pigeons
" Orleans 446th against 2512 pigeons
" Blois 1st against 7955 pigeons, 3rd against 71.350 pigeons
Gerard typifies "Lady Blois" as a very calm hen, even a little bit listless! In region 2 in div. 8 GOU Lotte Eijerkamp and Hans Eijerkamp and sons achieved the following against 1689 pigeons:
1, 4,7, 16,18,23,27,29,37,41,51,58,59,63,67,74,78,95,100 etc. Lotte Eijerkamp had entered 65 pigeons and 34 had prizes (52,3%) and Hans Eijerkamp and sons had entered 40 pigeons and 23 had prizes (57,5%).

Hans EIJERKAMP and sons had the fastest old pigeon from Boxtel

Well over 19.000 old and young pigeons were liberated from Boxtel at 13h00, with a strong south-westerly wind. In 2006 Hans Eijerkamp and Sons bought fifty pigeons from the duo Heremans - Ceusters. One of these yearlings, 06-BE-6148309, named "Dion" was clocked at 13h51.14 and with this was the fastest pigeon from the 4131 old pigeons. In 2007 the combination Heremans - Ceusters held a total auction and Hans Eijerkamp and Sons bought the best of the best. "Dion" is a yearling cock, which was raced from the nest and was bred from a grand-daughter of Olympiade. Olympiade was in 2003 Olympiade pigeon Sprint Lievin and in 2002 was second Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB. "Dion" had the highest velocity with 1578.826 metres per minute and with this was the fastest pigeon from the whole competition (old + young) against no less than 19.605 pigeons. By the old pigeons, Team Eijerkamp achieved the following results against 4.131 pigeons:
1,4,5,7, 9,10,11,12,13,20,26,27,30,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,41,42, 44,49,50,54,68,69,84,86, 90,93,98 etc. with 80 from the 120 entered pigeons gaining a prize. Prize percentage 66,6%.

Hans EIJERKAMP and Sons win 1st prize from Haasrode (old)
The first pigeons arrived at their lofts at 12h48.49 and had a velocity of almost 1285 metres per minute. This was good for the regional victory against 4060 old pigeons. The pigeon which had achieved this is a yearling cock named "Charel" and is a pure Heremans - Ceusters, bred from the famous "Olympiade". Charel was the fastest pigeon of the whole competition against 16.209 pigeons (young and old together). Hans Eijerkamp and sons had a marvellous series: 1,8,9,14,19,21,73,75 etc. and 25 from the 33 winning a prize.

Lotte EIJERKAMP, makes a double result from Peronne against 6.532 pigeons

The winner of this NPO North Peronne (332 km) against 6532 pigeons was clocked at 13h26.39, followed a few seconds later by number two. Both these youngsters had a velocity of more than 1400 metres per minute. Both pigeons are Eijerkamp-sprint pigeons. Gerard Boesveld had good results with the youngsters from Lotte: 1, 2,13,17,58,80 and 38 from the 71 winning a prize! That good blood doesn't lie is once again proved in the descent of the first pigeon.
Father of this pigeon is also the father of the Gran Canaria Classic winner in 2006.
In the mother we come across the names Mister Bond, Rembrandt, and Star Angel. The second pigeon is a granddaughter of the new wonder couple Fabio x Pride (Eijerkamp - van Loon). A full daughter of this couple won in 2006, just behind Ché, the 2nd Nat. NPO Orleans against 14.285 pigeons. A daughter of this couple was paired with a Schaerlaeckens from the lines of the Garantie Koppel.

Hans EIJERKAMP and Sons, winners NPO-race Peronne div. 8 North against 6346 pigeons
Hans and sons clocked their 07-1369488 ("Rita") at 15h33.03 from a distance of 332 kilometres. The average speed of Rita was nearly 1287 metres per minute, resulting in a victory against 6346 pigeons.
The winner's father is "First" (sort Piet van de Merwe x Tournier), who won 24 prizes. Rita's mother is a daughter of Don Leo (sort van Loon). Piet Schrijvers had trained the youngsters well for this race, because apart from the victory, they also achieved the 7th,8th,9th,11th,17th,18th,50th,82nd,98th etc. with 44 of the 93 pigeons in de prizes.

Hans Eijerkamp and Sons win 4th Nat. Chantilly
During the first National race for youngsters the Eijerkamp team once again performed magnificently. In this race Eijerkamp won the fourth prize in the whole division against 23.198 pigeons.
In div. 8 they did really well with:1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th NPO North Chantilly (416 km) against 9.765 pigeons.
The winner was the 07-NL-1369957.

Lotte EIJERKAMP, takes all the medals of honour from Peronne (old)
Gerard Boesveld, carer of Lotte's pigeons, basketted 63 pigeons for this last race. It was the 05-NL-2110562 ("Gwen"), who returned to Brummen at 15h32.35 from a race of 332 kilometres. Her average speed was 1289 metres per minute and that was enough for a regional victory against 1819 pigeons.
The father of Gwen is a son of the Troyes-duifje (Gebr. Janssen) and has as mother a Janssen x Meulemans and as grandmother a daughter of the earlier mentioned Troyes-duifje. Gwen won 11 prizes in 2006 and 16 prizes in 2007. Lotte's pigeons accomplished a great series in this race: 1,2,3,6,7,8,14,15,26,32,34,35,36,37,47,49,50,53,54,58,64,67,85,97,98, etc. and 48 of the 63 pigeons in the prizes -> 76,2 % prize.

Lotte EIJERKAMP, superior from Peronne (old) with "Anna"

It was the 04-NL-1560688 "Anna", who with a velocity of nearly 1418 metres per minute, demanded victory against 2479 pigeons. Gerard Boesveld, the carer of Lotte Eijerkamp's pigeons, had his team well prepared for this race, as witnessed by these magnificent results: 1,2,4,5,6,8,10,14,15,16,17,22,23,24,25,27,29,30,31,36,37,41,42,43,44,54,55,59,60,62,65,72,75,83,97,98 and 57 of the 70 in the prizes! Marvellous! Anna is a real top hen, because next to the above victory, she was also the winner of two other races: Peronne against 2478 pigeons and Arras against 2120 pigeons.

"Machteld" from Lotte Eijerkamp Primus Inter Pares One-day Long Distance
The crown on a fantastic season! Lotte Eijerkamp has owned the Primus Inter Pares in the One-day Long Distance for the last three years from the 'Eendaagse fondspiegel'. Hans Eijerkamp and Sons were 4th from the whole of the Netherlands in this race with their "Crespo". Every Dutch fancier takes part in this competition, and the results over the last three years are monitored by an independent auditor's office. In this way, fanciers have no influence over the results of this competition and only the best pigeons come to the front. NL03-1911244 Machteld Eijerkamp - Sprint
4th St. Ghislain Hornu 9.571 pigeons
4th Chantilly 4.189 pigeons
6th Niergnies 8.614 pigeons
6th Haasrode 4.060 pigeons
11th Duffel 9.173 pigeons
11th Vierzon 1.645 pigeons
20th Orleans 3.043 pigeons
20th Orleans 3.251 pigeons
22nd Orleans 2.512 pigeons
28th Heverlee 10.832 pigeons
30th Orleans 3.624 pigeons
Machteld was first called Candide, but because "candide" is the name of an illness in certain countries, the name of this super hen was recently changed to Machteld (named after a female colleague in the Eijerkamp firm). Machteld was bred from a brother of the Goede Jaarling. This brother of the Goede Jaarling is a son of the handsome Verbart via Jan and Karin den Haan out of their famous Verbart "46"- lines. This beautiful Verbart was paired with a daughter of James Bond x sister Fameuze 05, a world pairing, which still bears fruit. The mother of Candide is Broeckx Duivin from the line Miss Gran Canaria.

"Crespo" from Hans Eijerkamp and Sons 4th best in the Netherlands One Day Long Distance
NL04-1560252 Crespo Eijerkamp - Janssen x van Loon
2nd Chantilly 3.834 pigeons
4th Blois 1.689 pigeons
6th Peronne 6.518 pigeons
8th Orleans 2.512 pigeons
12th Orleans 3.624 pigeons
15th Bourges 1.669 pigeons
20th Arras 9.641 pigeons
26th Strepy/ Thieu 8.468 pigeons
36th Orleans 3.251 pigeons
Crespo was bred from a son of Prima Junior (son Prima Vera) x Kievit 304. Kievit 304 is a super racing hen who won 9th National NPO Bourges against 9.106 pigeons. Mother of Crespo is Carley, a daughter of München Duivin, who achieved 7th National München against 2.422 pigeons. München Duivin is a pure van Loon and daughter of Goliath x Lara Croft.

National top quotations in 2007
Blois NPO div. 8 - 1st 611 km against 5.963 pigeons
Blois NPO North - 1st 611 km against 3.458 pigeons
Blois NPO North - 7th 611 km against 3.458 pigeons
Blois National - 3rd 611 km against 71.450 pigeons
Orleans NPO North - 1st 556 km against 5.165 pigeons
Orleans NPO North - 4th 556 km against 5.165 pigeons
Orleans NPO North -7th 556 km against 5.165 pigeons
Orleans NPO North - 8th 556 km against 5.165 pigeons
Orleans NPO North - 10th 556 km against 5.165 pigeons
Orleans NPO North - 5th 556 km against 4.250 pigeons
Orleans NPO North - 7th 556 km against 4.250 pigeons
Orleans NPO North - 10th 556 km against 4.250 pigeons
Offenburg NPO North - 5th 424 km against 3.677 pigeons
Offenburg NPO North - 6th 424 km against 3.677 pigeons
Offenburg NPO North - 7th 424 km against 3.677 pigeons
Offenburg NPO North - 8th 424 km against 3.677 pigeons
Peronne NPO North - 1st 332 km against 6.346 pigeons
Peronne NPO North - 7th 332 km against 6.346 pigeons
Peronne NPO North - 8th 332 km against 6.346 pigeons
Peronne NPO North - 9th 332 km against 6.346 pigeons
Peronne NPO North - 1st 332 km against 6.532 pigeons
Freiburg NPO North - 2nd 465 km against 4.131 pigeons
Freiburg NPO North - 3rd 465 km against 4.131 pigeons
Freiburg NPO North - 5th 465 km against 4.131 pigeons
Freiburg NPO North - 7th 465 km against 4.131 pigeons
Tarbes National - 8th 1090 km against 2.257 pigeons