Devroe-Vandeputte (Moortsele, BE): a successful fresh start with proven breeders

After the DVV-Pigeons auction at the end of 2017, the combination started the 2018 racing season in a slightly changed form. It was the start of a new challenge and a new adventure for Johan De Vroe and Rudi Vandeputte.

 Rudi Vandeputte & Johan De Vroe

The team of De Vroe-Vandeputte went from three to two fanciers in 2018, and they started the season with only a team of yearlings and young birds this season. That is because they sold their collection of old birds of 2016 and older in a PIPA auction at the end of last season. The team assumed that this year would be a transition season, especially since both Johan and Rudi have a demanding job, which does not leave them much time to spend on looking after their pigeons.

Before the start of the season, Johan and Rudi agreed not to breed too many youngsters. In fact, they opted for a reduced racing schedule instead of competing in every single race. As a result, they did not join too many championships either, and they joined some of them out of sympathy.

Keeping your best pigeons

The two fanciers wanted to start working with the bloodlines best suited for this job, and they did not want to look too far. "We were convinced of the quality of our own in-house bloodlines; they have proven themselves repeatedly over the past five years", Rudi explains. "Johan and I agreed to try and reobtain some of our proven breeding pairs, and we did get our hands on four pairs, each of which have already given some very talented youngsters. This was great news, since we were able to get back on track with the bloodlines that we had in mind initially."

We would like to introduce you to the four breeding pairs that the combination was able to get their hands on.

Blue Lucien 510/13 x 206/12

Blue Lucien was already one of the top breeders for DVV-Pigeons. It is no surprise that Johan and Rudi were eager to reintroduce this talented pigeon in their breeding loft.

Blue Lucien (BE13-4142510) was a successful racing bird both at national and zonal level, having won the following prizes:


It resulted in a title of 11th National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2015! In addition, Blue Lucien was also the 6th best old bird of Belgium over 5 national races in 2015.

He turned into a promising breeder right after his racing career, and he is now the sire of three 1st ace pigeons. Meanwhile his youngsters have followed in his footsteps, winning quite a few top prizes at national level: 

1st Nat. Zone Bourges  5,014 p.
1st Nat. Zone Guerèt   4,878 p.
12th Nat. Bourges       30,180 p.
29th Nat. Guerèt        16,262 p.
45th Nat. Argenton      12,499 p.
182nd Nat. Argenton     19,925 p.
198th Nat Chateauroux    9,540 p.

And his descendants have been successful at club level as well:

1st Souppes SL         1,164 p.
1st Noyon              1,099 p.

Blue Lucien is a son of BE08-4331461 Lucien, the racing cock that won a 1st Prov. Orleans (fastest of 4,090 p.) and a 23rd Nat. Bourges II (10,903 p). The dam of Blue Lucien is Geschelpt Dikke (BE09-4164252). This makes Blue Lucien a grandchild of the renowned Dream Pair of DVV-Pigeons.

Click here for the pedigree of Blue Lucien.

Son Antonio (Rudi De Saer) 242/13 x De Fijne Prinses 388/10

This pair bred Dark Rudi, Small Rudi, ’t Saerke, Indira and Xylia, which are all top class racing birds. Dark Rudi won for instance a 27th Nat. and a 71st Nat. Tulle.

Son Alexandro 566/11 x Daughter Kleine Willy 328/14

This breeding pair has bred a number of highly talented racing birds as well:
Finn 540/15: 1st National zone Tulle (click here for his pedigree)
New Finn 241/16
Jamilla 890/16
Miss Bourges 053/17: 2nd National zone Bourges 10,761 p.

Finn, 1st zone Tulle and a son of breeding pair Son Alexandro x Daughter Kleine Willy

Grey Brother Tiets 400/12 x Blue Dream 783/11

The parents of Blue Seven – 0- 0, Hakuna Matata, Orelinde, 50 Shades of Grey and Shakira.

This is the excellent palmares of racing bird Blue Seven – 0 -0:

4th best pigeon of Belgium across 7 national races in 2015
88e best one year old pigeon of Belgium across 7 national races 2014
1st Nat. zone Gueret 4003 p. and 20th Nat. 12,516 p.
1st club Chateauroux 393 p. and 2nd Nat. zone 5418 p.


In just a few years' time DVV-Pigeons became one of the leading teams at national level, and the Devroe-Vandeputte combination has sucessfully continued along this path. They purchased just four breeding pairs but apparently that was all they needed to continue to make big strides in 2018. It takes some good quality bloodlines to get great results, and Johan and Rudi know that more than anybody else!

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