Devroe-Van Gaver-Vandeputte Johan, Tom and Rudi (DVV Pigeons) (Moortsele, BE) are in a winning streak after three victories in the zone

The 2015 season of Johan Devroe, Tom Van Gaver and Rudi Vandeputte almost feels like a never ending dream. The highlight of 2015 so far is a victory in the zone from Gueret old birds and yearlings, as well as a 1st Montélimar in the zone yearlings.

Rudi, Johan and Tom: all smiles


This combination has won an incredible number of top prizes this season, The highlights of 2015 are without doubt a 1st nat. Zone A2 Gueret 4003 old birds, a 1st nat. Zone A2 Gueret 4,878 yearlings and more recently a 1st nat. Zone A Montélimar. They were quite successful last weekend as well, winning an 11th nat. Montélimar 1,500 yearlings, three national top 50 prizes  from Argenton and a 1st prize young birds from Souppes. It is great to see that both Tom (widowers), Rudi (hens) and Johan (young birds) have been equally successful. We take a look at Rudi's best results:

Club: 549 olds: 4-7-16-18-32-87-105-128-179 (9/15)
prov: 6,298 olds: 17-48-100-119-308-949-1,164-1,567 (8/15)
Club: 321 yearlings: 1-14-31-54-61-69-77 (7/17)
prov.: 3,573 yearlings: 8-109-308-549-646-718-807 (7/17)
Club: 375 olds: 1-8-9-19-26-29-44-48-51-63-84...(14/18)
zone A2: 4,700 olds: 18-89-113-207-266-296-413-498-512...(14/18)
Club: 532 yearlings: 5-11-13-14-17-27-32-36-37-56-72-76-81-82...(21/32)
zone A2: 4,930 yearlings: 13-33-52-65-84-213-250-265-267-373...(21/32)
Club: 393 old birds: 1-3-5-15-24-26-27-30-53-67-81...(14/16)
zone A2: 5,418 old birds: 2-26-51-153-329-357-362...(13/16)
Club: 627 yearlings: 1-5-10-15-30-32-39-57-68-69-75...(20/36)
zone A2: 8,291 yearlings: 56-11-133-243-455-458-582...(16/36)
Gueret: Club: 329 old birds: 1-5-8-14-18-18-24-28...(13/16)
zone A2: 4,003 old birds: 1-27-84-170-190-191-221...(11/16)
Club: 400 yearlings: 1-2-9-11-18-19-41-59-62-72-75...(13/24)
zone A2: 4,878 yearlings: 1-5-79-87-154-158-438...(11/24)

Tom tries to make sure that the team of widowers performs at a high level every week. They are clearly on par with Rudi's team of hens:

Club: 532 yearlings: 2-4-7-10-12-25-34-35-41-54-55-58-60-61-64...(22/34)
zone A2: 4,930 yearlings: 4-11-25-49-45-164-200-263-298-366...(22/34)
Club: 385 old birds: 2-6-11-15-28-38-49-52-56...(14/24)
nat: 6,266 old birds: 10-101-220-271-459-646-731-772...(14/24)
nat: 6,542 old birds: 98 (1/3)
Club: 329 old birds: 2-4-6-22-26-42-48-59...(10/10)
zone A2: 4,003 old birds: 7-13-56-215-259-464-546...(9/10)
Club: 400 yearlings: 4-5-6-7-10-14-25-29-38-40-42-44-47-50-56-68-69-70...(23/28)
zone A2: 4,878 yearlings: 26-29-32-37-80-104-227-260-396-402-471...(18/28)
Club: 220 yearlings: 1-2-3-4-7-10-14-17-22-36...(13/16)
nat: 6,275 yearlings: 18-19-48-89-313-518-708...(10/16)

Blue Seven-0-0 (BE13-4142700)

The hen that won a 1st in the zone from Gueret old birds is Blue Seven-0-0. This daughter of Broer Tiets (BE12-4253400) x  Blue Dream (BE11-4222783) demonstrated her class with this impressive victory. She had already won a second prize from Chateauroux zone A2 against 5,418 old birds earlier this season. These are some of her best results:

Nevers: club: 6th/371 - zone A: 32nd/2,203 - nat: 501st/11,579
La Souterraine: club: 19th/541 - zone A2: 68th/3,748 - nat: 234th/13,089
Bourges: club: 2nd/206 - zone A2: 16th/1,319 - nat: 182nd/10,141
Chateauroux club: 1st/393 - zone A2: 2nd/5,418 - nat: 56th/18,604
Gueret club: 1st/329 - zone A2: 1st/4,003 - nat: 20th/12,516

An overview of the career of Blue Seven-0-0 can be found here. Blue Seven 0-0 originates from dream pair Kleinen Schonen (BE06-4100920) x Van Gaver Duivin (BE03-4152445) from his mother's side. This breeding pair shows once again that their breeding potential is quite exceptional. The descendants of this pair have won a 1st nat. Bourges '08 and a 1st nat. Bourges '13. The sire of Blue Seven 0-0 was the first nominated for Cahors this year, and won a 259th nat. against 6,576 old birds. He also won a 5th club from Limoges against 385 pigeons earlier this year, while finishing in 251st place national against 15,009 pigeons. He also won a 1st/160 club from Cahors last year, as well as a 27th national against 7,140 pigeons. The full pedigree of Blue Seven 0-0 can be found here.

Primo's Blue (BE14-4102131)

Did Johan Tom and Rudi discover a second dreampair with the parents of their zonal winner from Argenton yearlings? It appears so, as the sire (Blauwe Lucien BE13-4142510) and dam (Dochter Primo Albert Derwa BE12-2008206) have bred quite a few successful descendants, despite their early age. A full brother of Primo's Blue won a 12th nat. Bourges 30,180 young birds in 2014; a full sister of him won a 1st Souppes 273 p. this year. A nest brother of Johan won a 1st Souppes 770 p. In other words, this successful pair has already bred four first prize winners.

Dochter Primo Albert Derwa, the dam of four first prize winners

Primo's Blue has won several top prizes:

13th of 452 pigeons Pont St. Max.
22nd of 551 pigeons Pont St. max.
14th of 321 pigeons Vierzon - 109th of 3,573 int.prov.
6th  of 340 pigeons Issoudun - 30th of 3,243 int.prov.
​1st  of 400 pigeons Guéret   -  1st of 4,878 zone A2

Click here for the palmares of Primo's Blue. His sire Blauwe Lucien was quite a gifted fancier, having won a 26th/4,055 Bourges and a 9th/805 Chateauroux. Blauwe Lucien's sire won a 1st prov. Orléans 1,029 pigeons. Blauwe Lucien originates from the Dreampair from his mother's side. His dam is a granddaughter of Albert Derwa's world famous Paulien (BE06-2090139). His great-grandfather from his mother's side is the even more renowned Bliksem (BE98-3158062) of Gaby Vandenabeele. Pairing top class (or super class) pigeons is not a guarantee for success but it increases your chances significantly. The full pedigree of Primo's Blue can be found here.


A group of pigeons in a winning mood can achieve great things. Both Rudi's hens, Tom's cocks and Johan's young birds have performed really well last weekend. They have won the following top results:

Argenton (cocks):
Club: 233 old birds: 3-4-12-18-21-27-36-50-58-62...(12/16)
Preliminary results nat: 48-70...
Club: 385 yearlings: 1-3-6-10-13-32-42-45-48-56-71...(16/27)
Preliminary results nat: 24-40-90...
Montelimar (cocks):
Club: 44 olds: 4-6-15 (3/4)
Club: 31 yearlings: 1-9 (2/2)
Zone A: 1st...

Argenton (hens):
Club: 233 olds: 1-5-13-14-15-17-29-32-33-40-45...(11/16)
Preliminary results nat: 6th...
Club: 385 yearlings: 5-7-11-14-16-23-25-26-31-34-39...(18/36)
Preliminary results nat: 65th...

Souppes (young birds):
Club: 770 young birds: 1-3(1st basketed)-4(2nd basketed)-5-6-11-12-14-22-29-30...(85/145)

They will have to keep the champagne for a national victory one day but the cava tasted great as well.


Top duiven en topprestaties Proficiat aan deze tandem met deze mooie resultaten
Groeten van Van Gestel Maurice en Adrian

De Blauwe Lucien (vader Primo's Blue) vliegt dit jaar reeds:
26/4 Noyon (165 km): 53e op 393d
9/5 Souppes (320 km): 88e op 845d
23/5 Issoudun (467 km): 17e op 329d
30/5 Limoges Nat (635 km): 67e op 385d & 991e Nat Zone 6.262d
6/6 Chateauroux Nat (485 km): 13e op 393d & 129e Nat Zone 5.418d
13/6 Gueret Nat (552 km): 2e op 329d & 7e Nat Zone 4.003d
20/6 Montluçon Nat (521 km): 61e op 255d & 641e Nat Zone 2.686d
28/6 Argenton Nat (514 km): 4e op 233 & 70e Nat 12.190d

Vorig jaar o.a. 7 x min per 10-tal zonder dubbelingen op zware halve met:
9. Nat Zone 805d Chateauroux,
261. Nat 19.298d Montluçon
26. Nat Zone 4.055d Bourges
359. Nat 3.741d Jarnac

De Broer Tiets (vader Blue Seven 0-0) vliegt dit jaar reeds:
12/4 Noyon (165 km): 45e op 483d
19/4 Noyon (165 km): 89e op 408d
16/5 Vierzon (435 km): 26e op 549d & 220e Prov 6.298d
23/5 Issoudun (467 km): 14e op 329d
30/5 Limoges Nat (635 km): 6e op 385d & 251e Nat 15.009d
13/6 Cahors Nat (734 km): 12e op 112d & 259e Nat 6.576d
27/6 Montélimar Nat (718 km): 4 op 44d & 33e Nat Zone 371d

In het verleden o.a.:
1e op 162d & 27e Nat 7.140d Cahors
6e op 227d & 41. Prov 2.077d Blois
7e op 435d Souppes
12e op 615d & 59. Nat Zone 4.656d Chateauroux
13e op 375d & 544. Nat 13.135d Poitiers
27e op 832d Vierzon
33e op 536d Limoges

Fantastisch Johan, Tom en Rudi hoe jullie op elkaar zijn afgestemd.
Zo kan topduivensport ook. Je concentreren op één discipline binnen de duivensport en top presteren terwijl sommigen onder jullie nog full-time gaan werken. Een voorbeeld voor velen!
Dikke proficiat jongens met jullie prestaties.
Op naar de volgende topprestatie.

Patrick & Carlo

Hallo Tom-Johan-Rudi
Van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie super uitslagen dit weekend!!!!
ga zo door het is jullie van harte gegund.
Felicitaties uit het verre Oosten


Een succesvolle combinatie waar we nog veel zullen van horen.


Alex en Corry,

Congratulations and good luck guys !!

proficiat mannen het is jullie gegund na alles wat jullie er voor doen ,doe zo verder proficiat