De Jaeger - De Vylder, "The golden breeding loft in Belgium"

From L. to R. Thomas Gyselbrecht, Mr Brockamp, Dr Carlo Gyselbrecht & Freddy De Jaeger.

Who's who

Freddy De Jaeger came in contact with the sport of pigeon racing through his father, you could say he learnt it at his father's knee. Father Albert was then a real 'humdinger' in the middle distance and extreme middle distance, so much so that he was excluded or was only allowed limited participation in many clubs… and this wasn't because of his 'poor results', on the contrary… it says something about the 'demolition hammer' that the late Albert held above the competition, forcing them onto the proverbial 'scrapheap'. The pigeons from the De Jaeger's were so devastating! After his father Albert died and after the accompanied public auction, Freddy joined forces with his neighbour under the name De Jaeger-Scheyvinck. Once again the pathways strewn with success were walked, and numerous victories and prominent titles - such as winner of the East-Flemish Marathon - were recorded.
Freddy decided to expand his business and therefore his pigeons took second place. Freddy is namely owner of the firm 'Jaegerson', a company supplying sheet metal, which was situated in the depot behind his house. Freddy De Jaeger's business instinct was good to him, and his firm grew and kept growing… his busy work schedule and his accompanying commitments abroad formed obstacles when practising his cherished sport, pigeon racing. The depot behind his house soon became too small, and Freddy moved, along with his firm, to the nearby Beernem. His daughter lent him a helping hand, she was looking for a new challenge, and Freddy introduced her to his firm. A good 'move' once again from the master of the chessboard, with positive results.
His son and daughter took over more duties in the company, leaving Freddy more time to once again concentrate fully on the pigeon sport. In the nineties he made a deal with his current companion Daniel De Vylder, to share the day to day care of the pigeons… whereby Daniel as loft carer has to ensure continuity in the pigeon households. The depot behind the house was converted into a real pigeon palace, room 'plenty' then. Freddy and Daniel took the 'Grand Distance' as their goal en went searching for pigeons from noble Long Distance origin to help them achieve their goal. A search that is still continuing, because Freddy still has an 'eye and an ear' for real 'top pigeons', and when a unique opportunity presents itself, he jumps at it straight away… we prefer to call it 'having a nose for top class'!

How to build a golden breeding loft

The oldest Long Distance pigeons from the current generation of fellow villager Maurice Verschuere out the line of his famous "Primus Inter Pares"; or one of the very best Barcelona racers in history.
Another success line came directly from the top formation Vandamme-Boddaert from Oostkamp, with a leading role for the stock mother "Witpen ' 90' " who had the renowned blood from Gebr. Decroix from Rumbeke, flowing through her veins.
The following pigeons complete the stock building in the colony De Jaeger-De Vylder:

1. pigeons from Julien Vaneenoo from Wingene (from the line of the super crack "Rocky")

2. Sylvere Toye from Otegem

3. Frans Waerniers from Knesselare (from the line of his 1st National winners of the golden "Super-Ludo-duivin"

4. Remi, Andre & Carlo Gyselbrecht from Knesselare: naturally from the line of their "Laureaat Barcelona" (1st Intnat Barcelona) and their "Sampras" (2nd Nat Barcelona)

5. Further, pigeons from Gebr. Comyn from Kanegem, A De Smidt from Knokke and from Long Distance matador Emiel Denys from Tielt, and "maestro" Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem, G. Carteus from Ronse, A. Cornelis from Lotenhulle, Rik Cools from Ruiselede and Antoine Timmerman from Knesselare.

6. The pedigree Roger Florizone from Nieuwpoort is extremely important in the stock building for the EXTREME LONG DISTANCE. With direct descendants from "De Witneus" (Primus Inter Pares '97) and his son "De Barcelona" (1st Nat. Barcelona 1999) plus a whole series of close relatives. The complete kern of the pedigree FLORIZOONE can be found in the breeding loft. This line has produced the Long Distance Toppers such as "De San Sebastian", "Atleet", "Sammy", "Kleine Sammy", "Conquistador", plus a whole range of promising youngsters.

7. Further strengthening of the breeding loft came from the small but very strong racing Long Distance colony of Ignace Viaene where the world famous "Peiren - ras" was obtained with, amongst others,- "Shakira" : mother of the 1st pr. Intern. San Sebastian 2006 - "Liesje": full sister of the 1st pr. nat Perpignan YL 2004 - "Igno" and "Maïte" son and daughter of the 1st Prov. St. Vincent.

8. In 2005, and especially 2006, a whole series Dutch top pigeons were bought from Cees van der Poel from Ridderkerk, from Gebr. Bras from Dordrecht and also from Comb. Batenburg - v.d. Merwe from Klaaswaal. They bought descendants from "De Stamvader" (a pure Jan Theelen) from C.v.d. Poel.
Also descendants from Carteus, Cramers and comb. Houtekamer pigeons.
Two pure brothers and 1 sister of the famous "Ijskop" were bought from Gebr. Bras. The "Ijskop" is not only a SUPERFLYER, but also father of "Chenoa" 1st Olympiade pigeon Grand Distance from the Netherlands.
The mother of Chenoa is a daughter of "De Stamvader" from C. v.d. Poel where from various descendants such as mentioned above were put into the breeding loft, including 1 half-sister of the mother of "Chenoa". There were pigeons bought from Comb. Batenburg-v.d. Merwe, including a daughter of the "St.Vincent-Doffer". This cock is father of various absolute Long Distance toppers in the Netherlands and also grandfather of the 1st ace pigeon Long Distance.

9. During 2007 they looked for strengthening in Germany by the SUPERVEDETTES "P. & H.-P. Brockamp" from Boppard.

10. In 2008 the following pigeons were introduced into the breeding loft:
1°) A son and a daughter of the super breeder "George" (a pure Carteus) who are also full brother and sister of "Mistral" 2nd Olympiade pigeon Extreme Long Distance 2007. They are also half-brother and half-sister from the best Long Distance pigeon in the world, namely "Eurodiamond" 1st Olympiade pigeon Extreme Long Distance in Oostende 2007.
2°) A daughter of "Mistral" x Nat. Ace hen intern. Races Dfromsland 2006.
3°) A daughter of "Eurodiamond" x daughter "Superbordeaux"
4°) A few close relations of famous super champions.

11. For the extreme middle distance and small middle distance there have been successes with the pigeons from the GRANDMASTER Gaby Vandenabeele. This is how it comes to be that the breeding loft now includes 5 grandsons and 4 granddaughters of the famous "Wittenbuik", 1 son and 1 daughter of the super breeder "Bliksem", 3 sons and 1 daughter of "Condor", 1 son of "Turbo" So as we have already mentioned, the last seasons they have "invested heavily" in pigeons which we can only describe as the "absolute top" in pigeon land. All this result in some top pigeons:

De 'San Sebastian 4436830/04' Was put on the breeding loft since his international victory from San Sebastian 2006 against 1446 pigeons.
The father is 'De Roger 028/97' won at the loft Roger Florizoone 68th national Narbonne in 1998. . Freddy could buy him direct from Florizoone. He was raced in Nieuwpoort and bred from '876/96 Geschelpte Dekeyzer' x '954/90'(full sister of famous Witneus).
The mother of 'San Sebastian' is 'Shakira 433/03', bought from Ignace Viane but strain Noel Peiren from Zedelgem.

Kleine Sammy 4297261/04
Angoulème '06 prov. 1547d-62
Abli '06 national 5063d-117
Brive '07 national 16.007d-648
Montauban '07 zone 2101d-273
The father is 'Bleke Sampras 147/99' , direct from R. A. C. Gyselbrecht. It's a full brother of 'Sampras' ,2de national Barcelona 1999.
The mother is '117/00 Bontje Florizoone', direct from Florizoone from '840/95'1ste national Barcelona 1999(son Witneus) x daughter 'Witneus'.

De Barcelona 4362546/02
Perpignan '04 national 6489d-451
Barcelona '05 national 12.998d-79
Perpignan '05 national 7611d-637
Vierzon '07 349d-34
Angoulème '07 prov. 2009d-134
Barcelona '07 national 12.612d-2659
Perpignan '07 international 15087d-2661
The parents come direct from famous Emiel Denys (Tielt).
The father is 'Bonte Bibi 914/99'('Pau Coutteau' x daughter 'gebroken poot') and the mother is 'Bolleke 642/00' ('Blauwe Kleine TE'E x 'Bolleke')

Conquistador 4297285/04
Albi '06 nat. 5.63d-223
Narbonne '06 nat. 6.33d-46 Intern. 9.634d-52
Orleans '07 301d-43 Brive '07 nat. 16.007d-1816
The mother is '3167049/00', direct from Roger Florizoone. She is a full sister of 1ste national Barcelona 1999.
The father is '140/97 De Pau (won p.e. 65ste nat. Pau en 89ste nat. Marseille) from 'De Maurits 835/95' X '131/90' , direct Vandenabeele.

Jonge Kouse 4290548/05
Blois '05 468d-24
Argenton '05 226d-8
Limoges '05 nat. 15.507d-362
Tours '07 3320d-259
Poitiers '07 225d-28
Cahors '07 nat. 5894d-302
He is bred from 'De Kouse 121/96' and '068/04 Blauwke Beul'.

Noah 4362341/02
Perpignan '04 national 6489d-715
Perpignan '06 national 6765d-51
Angoulème '07 prov. 2009d-298
Barcelona '07 national 12.612d-1241
It is cross-breeding Emiel Denys and Gyselbrecht.
The father 'Remi 073/00' is from 'Witslag Laureaat' (direct son of 1ste intern. Barcelona Gyselbrecht 1995) x 'Paanoog TEE' (Denys).
The mother '700/99' is 'Kleinen TEE'(Denys) x 'Laureaat-duivin' (direct daughter of 1ste intern. Barcelona Gyselbrecht 1995)

Tommy 4290582/05
Blois '05 prov. 4.111d-184
Poitiers '05 prov. 1941-44
Bouillon '06 reg. 186d-11
Argenton '06 prov. 4479d-10
Limoges '06 nat. 15.507d-140
Ablis '07 reg. 760d-30
Tours '07 prov. 2267d-35
He I see lots of strain Gaby Vandenabeele.
The father '111/04', a grandchild of famous 'Bliksem' from Gaby Vandenabeele.
The mother '006/04' is a daughter of the direct Vandenabeele cock 'Amadeus'(son Turbo 128/90) and blood 'Roger 028/97'(Florizoone) in the mother.


1) The traditional widowhood is used for the old pigeons. The pigeons that are intended for the light Long Distance ( up to and including 65O km ) are coupled early, around the 5th of December. This is for both the old pigeons and the yearlings, and they are allowed to raise two youngsters.
The youngsters and hens are removed from the cocks so that the hens can't lay again. If a hen has laid again then the eggs are removed because brooding for a second time could be disastrous and the cocks lose their first feather too early. Once the youngsters and hens are removed, the cocks remain alone until mid March . The are then re-coupled and allowed to brood for a few days, after which the hens are removed once again and the cocks are placed in widowhood for the rest of the season. Pigeons intended for the Extreme Long Distance are not coupled early and are only brought together at the middle of March when they are allowed to brood for a few days, after which they are separated and are then ready to start the racing season.
After the racing season all the pigeons that are kept for the following year are coupled and they are allowed to brood twice with plastic eggs . During this period the pigeons fly outside every day, in good or bad weather, to toughen them up. Pigeons intended for the light Long Distance are then separated ( in order to couple early), while the pigeons intended for the Extreme Long Distance remain together until the middle of December, this with the intention of letting them moult slower and the following year lose their feathers later so that they have a good wing for the whole of the season.

2) The early youngsters ( bred from breeders, old and yearlings intended for the light Long Distance ) are raced in half - widowhood, that is to say with the sliding door. This is the easiest method especially if you are concentrating on the races for old pigeons.

3) The next round of youngsters intended to race Long Distance and Extreme Long Distance at a later age are trained up to a distance of 200 km. They are then placed in the aviary until they can be moved to the widowers loft. As yearlings they have to race a minimum of 550 km (Poitiers), but some also race Limoges, others even St. Vincent. Late and even extremely late youngsters also have to race at least 550 km the following year.
It is worth noting that all these late youngsters are as yearlings mainly raced without a partner. It is not until later in the season that now and again a few hens are put in the loft before the cocks are basketted. This helps to prevent them forming homo-couples.

1) After the racing season all the racing pigeons, breeding pigeons (after breeding) and youngsters are fed with a mix from Versele, consisting of 50 % moulting mix and 50 % moulting yellow This mixture is given until moulting has completely finished.
Once the moulting is finished there is a change made to junior extra. This is also used as the basis feed during the racing season of the old pigeons.

2) During the racing season the widowers are fed up with super-widowhood from Versele For races shorter than 600 km the pigeons are given increasing amounts for 3 days. For races exceeding 600 km the pigeons are given increased amounts for 4 or 5 days.
Every pigeons is fed alone in his box. After the training ( 2 x per day, weather permitting ) the pigeons find a small amount of nibbling seeds and 2 peanuts in each box. This ensures that even the pigeons that have had extra feed always storm in after the training. They go crazy for the peanuts. Peanuts are not bought in large amounts because they cannot be kept fresh.

3) The youngsters are given as breeding mixture up to a few weeks before being separated from their parents. After this they are switched to 50 % depurative + 50 % junior. Only pure junior is given for the last two days before a race.

4) During breeding the pigeons are given breeding mixture. supplements The pigeons are given a fresh mixture of grit and vitamins every day. There is also pickstone available when they want it. During the season they are given tea every two weeks. All the pigeons are given the opportunity to take a bathe every week. Medical guidance The medical guidance is completely in the hands of the vet.
The vet visits us at home every two weeks. Medication is only given on his advice . All the pigeons are vaccinated against paramyxo and smallpox.