Chris Debacker (Beveren Leie, BE) wins provincial first prize from Poitiers

Chris Debacker has added yet another provincial first prize to his already impressive palmares. His most recent provincial win came from Poitiers, where he had the best young bird in West Flanders.

Chris Debacker

Team Debacker has now won an impressive 25 provincial first prizes, 6 of which were won in 2017 alone. Chris had already won a national first prize this very season, finishing in first place in Gueret. And he now adds a provincial win from Poitiers to his palmares as well. This team, which combines the invaluable Vandenabeele pigeon breed and Chris's pigeon racing abilities, appears to be dominating the longer middle distance competition in West Flanders with ease. As the name suggests, Beveren-Leie is located in the Leie region, where there are plenty of strong teams. Despite the fierce competition, some teams have been truly outstanding in their discipline. One of them is of course Team Debacker, as you can tell from their impressive results.

Dario, first prize winner in Poitiers

The race from Poitiers (547km) was won by a young racing cock called Dario, 3035237-18.

His sire is Valbert, winner of 4 first prizes and 6 second places. The dam is Angelique, a direct Vandenabeele.

His full brothers and sisters are Belinda, Chavanel, Baltasar, Corwin, Clemontine, and Bandey. They have won several top prizes for Chris as well, from Tulle, Bourges, Chateauroux, Argenton, Gueret, Tours, etc.

Click here for Dario's pedigree

Dario, 1st provincial Poitiers

This talented racing bird claimed a prize per 10 from Pontoise and Orleans in the weeks before his provincial first prize. It shows that he was already in great form, despite a forced four week break due to a basketing ban. This ban was caused by an outbreak of the Newcastle Disease around the cities of Waregem and Zulte, which are located in the Beveren-Leie region. This was particularly bad news, and Chris was sidelined in the midst of a crucial part of the season. We reckon many fanciers have missed out on a good championship result in various competitions because of this ban. As soon as the ban was lifted, Chris was able to get some fantastic results however, with Dario beating all 1688 young birds in the province with a velocity of 1268 m/min. It shows that this was quite a tough day of racing, fairly late in the season.

The weekend of the race from Poitiers (25/08) was in fact a major success for the entire young birds' team of Debacker, with some fabulous results in Beveren-Leie: they win a 1-4-24-28-37 from Poitiers against 1688 pigeons, and they did great in Orleans as well, with 8 pigeons in the top 9 at club level and 7 provincial prizes per 100: 14-18-20-21-23-24-25 of 3690 young birds. They claim 32 prizes with 47 birds. As many of you know, the stakes are high in the provincial races of late August, since most mediocre pigeons have been left behind by then, with only the strongest of birds having to fight for victory.

Based around Vandenabeele

Chris clearly knew what he needed in order to make it to the top: he introduced pigeons of grandmaster Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem, and he promptly started to win races one after another. Nowadays, the pigeon loft of Chris Debacker stands for incredible prize percentages and outstanding overall results. 

The lofts of the young birds

And it looks like this super class team will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the seasons to come. We will take a detailed look at Chris Debacker's 2018 season in a future article.