Benny Steveninck (Hamme - BE) back in the game with two provincial and two zonal victories

As always, Benny was well prepared for this season, and he was able to achieve great results both at provincial and national level, thanks to a magnificent pigeon breed. His best results of 2014 include a first provincial from Bourges, a first provincial and first zonal from Chateauroux, as well as a first prize in the zone from Montluçon.

We have heard plenty of complaints this season. There is no denying that we have had diverse weather conditions, making this a difficult season for most fanciers. Releases have been postponed and advanced, we have seen turbulent winds, unforeseen weather conditions etc. However, we noticed after four and a half months of competition that the household names are still on top of their game. Is this the result of the strength and flexibility of their pigeon breed, the fancier’s ability to adapt his way of working to changing conditions, or perhaps a combination of both?

The excellent results of Benny Steveninck in Hamme seem to confirm that it takes both a flexible fancier and a flexible team of pigeons to adopt to these conditions. Benny and Karin have had an excellent season with great results again, despite the difficult racing conditions.

“Sun keeps shining” - the family Sun does it again

Last year, the pigeon Sun (BE13-4096962) won the title of National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Young Birds KBDB 2013 with an overwhelming 0.6007% coefficient. This season, a nest sister of Sun (BE13-4096961) has further demonstrated the strength of this bloodline, claiming a provincial and zonal victory from Chateauroux, as well as a national top 10 result. This hen was inbred to the golden line of Chipo, and she has won the following prizes:

Chateauroux   FCD 1/314           Prov-1/909      Zone-1/709      Nat-? 10/5901
Montlucon     FCD 5/767           Prov-32/4134    Zone-7/3494     Nat-83/19298
Gueret        FCD-8/451           Prov-38/2027    Zone-16/1719    Nat-153/9815
Blois         FCD-2/212           Prov-17/1327

She finished in the provincial top 32 four times, a great achievement! You can find the pedigree of Ace Pigeon Sun here.

The parents of these two amazing hens, now called the Sun Dream Pair, are without doubt an invaluable addition for the Steveninck pigeon breed.

Sister Gueret (BE12-4048030) claims first prize in the zone from Montluçon

She is obviously related to her brother De Gueret (BE08-4216930), which was a great champion as well.

2014  Souppes-Sur-Loin   1-116  
      Vierzon     Club 2- 295    FCD 4-1037     Prov 87/8394
      Limoges     Club 50-274    FCD 237-1293   Prov 990-4267     Zone 736-5476  Nat. 3493-19390
      Montlucon   Club 1-103     FCD 1-552      Prov 11/2976      Zone 1-2162    Nat. 28-14230
      Gueret      Club 1-67      FCD 2-293      Prov  14/1496     Zone 4-1101    Nat. 35-7681
      Blois       Club 4/19      FCD 15/133     Prov  72/762
2013  Chateauroux Club 2/275      FCD 10/1050    Prov 41/4671      Zone 29/3553   Nat. 302/19691
      Blois       Club 1/69       FCD  2/257     Prov 15/1854   
      Montlucon   Club 9/282      FCD 39/1083    Prov 88/4830

2012  Gueret      Club 13/249     FCD 20/929     Prov 48/3670      Zone 96/5726   Nat.205/16988

Click here for the pedigree of sister Gueret.

Tess (BE13-4096750) takes provincial win from Bourges

third great result was won by the one year old hen Tess, winner of a provincial victory from Bourges. She originates from the line of August Wouters – Roger Mariën from her father’s side while being a descendant of De Gueret via her dam. Click here for the pedigree of Tess.

This is her list of achievements:

2014       Vierzon   Club 5/118            FCD 17/570       Prov 193/3848
           Bourges   Club 13/167           FCD 34/1008      Prov 93/4397                   Zone 91/4130                    Nat.1191/24019      
           Montlucon Club 11/250           FCD 34/1228      Prov 206/4134                  Zone 76/3494                    Nat.513/19298
           Gueret    Club 13/83            FCD 27/451       Prov 119/2027                  Zone 59/1719                    Nat. 501/9815
           Bourges   Cub 1/64              FCD 1/548        Prov 1/1688                    Zone  ?                         Nat 9/10141

The 2014 season is not over yet, and we are confident that the fanciers from Hamme will continue their tradition of winning great results with a big team of racing birds based on a solid breed. This breed is in the hands of two very motivated fanciers. We expect Benny and Karin, two highly motivated fanciers, to add a few more prizes to their palmares.

Click here to take a look at the impressive number of top results that were won this season. It goes without saying that Benny Steveninck was once again one of the leading names this season!


Dikke proficiat Benny !!!

Wattez - Coppens

Knap Benny, proficiat!

Goeie duiven en een prima team,proficiat

Benny & Karin,

Super results, from a top team of pigeons.

Hallo, Benny en familie,

Bij deze wil ik u feliciteren met u Nat. Zegge tours 2014.. Eerlijk had ik wel zelf graag gewonnen maar verliezen van een zo goot kampioen als jij zelf bent is toch geen schande .
Veel succes verder gewenst verder in de duivensport
Jelle uit maarkedal

Dear Benny,
Congratulations for the results obtained in last years and especially by your recent national victory!
As you know, also in Portugal the line of Chipo flies well Very Happy