Batenburg - van de Merwe, Klaaswaal (NL)

4th National St-Vincent 6385p in 2004
31st and 32nd National Bordeaux 3890 p in 2004
61st and 98th National St-Vincent 5.909p in 2004
93rd National Bergerac 12.125p in 2004
2nd International Championship Very Long Distance ‘De Duif’

This town in the Netherlands is famous for the pigeon fancier that I visit today. Hugo Batenburg and his wife Anita van de Merwe started racing on this loft since the end of 1996 with some late-breds. They both have famous parents in pigeon racing. Hugo is the son of Bas Batenburg; Anita is the daughter of Piet van de Merwe. There results on the races from 800 till 1165 km have been outstanding since 1999: 2nd national, 3rd national, 10th national, 11th national, 13th national….36 x top 100 on big national long distance races.

The total results since 1999:
2e National Mont de Marsan 7.245 pigeons 2003
3e National Cahors 7.321 pigeons 1999
4th National St-Vincent 6.385 pigeons 2004
10e National Montauban 5.711 pigeons 2000
11e National St-Vincent 8.556 pigeons 1999
13e National St. Vincent 7.999 pigeons 2000
14e National Bergerac 11.953 pigeons 2000
15e National St-Vincent 8.556 pigeons 1999
18e National St. Vincent 7.999 pigeons 2000
21st National St-Vincent 6.385pigeons 2004
25e National Dax 5.617 pigeons 2002
27e National Bergerac 14.284 pigeons 1999
31st National Bordeaux 3.890 pigeons 2004
32nd National Bordeaux 3.890 pigeons 2004
36e National Bordeaux 8.149 pigeons 2003
37e National Mont de Marsan 6.220 pigeons 2002
44e National Pau 2.493 pigeons 1999
46e National Perpignan 7.195 pigeons 2000
54e National Bordeaux 4.748 pigeons 2001
55e National Perpignan 7.195 pigeons 2000
56e National Dax 5.617 pigeons 2002
58e National St-Vincent 8.556 pigeons 1999
60e National Bergerac 12.870 pigeons 2001
61e National Montauban 5.711 pigeons 2000
61st National St-Vincent 5.909 pigeons 2004
64e National St. Vincent 7.999 pigeons 2000
71e National Bergerac 14.093 pigeons 2002
75e National Bergerac 11.953 pigeons 2000
77e National Montauban 4.882 pigeons 1999
80e National Pau 2.758 pigeons 2000
82e National Barcelona 6.419 pigeons 1999
84e National Bergerac 12.870 pigeons 2001
86e National Barcelona 8.713 pigeons 2002
86e National Mont de Marsan 6.220 pigeons 2002
87e National St. Vincent 8.556 pigeons 1999
88e National Dax 4.328 pigeons 2001
91e National Cahors 7.321 pigeons 1999
93rd National Bergerac 12.152 pigeons 2004
97e National Dax 4.328 pigeons 2001
99e National Bergerac 11.953 pigeons 2000
100e National Perpignan 5.890 pigeons 2003

The married couple does not only race on very long distance. They own some exceptional birds for the long distance; mainly strain from the famous Piet van de Merwe (Dordrecht, NL) the father of Anita. I give you some results since Anita and Hugo started to race on their own:

Results on the long distance 100-600 km: 1999-2003
2e National NPO Orleans 18.379 p
2e National NPO Bourges 9.399 p
3e National NPO Chantilly 14.711 p
4e National NPO Orleans 11.525 p
4e National NPO Chantilly 14.711 p
5e National NPO Chantilly 22.789 p
6e National NPO Chantilly 20.322 p
8e National NPO Chantilly 22.789 p
8e National NPO La Ferte Bernard 7.802 p
8e National NPO Chantilly 12.108 p
9e National NPO Chantilly 12.108 p

And on some other races:
1e Interprov. Bourges 6.346 p North- en Zuid-Holland
3e Interprov. Bourges 4.594 p North- en Zuid-Holland
8e Interprov. Bourges 6.346 p North- en Zuid-Holland
9e Interprov. Bourges 7.202 p North- en Zuid-Holland
10e Interprov. Bourges 7.202 duiven North- en South Holland

1e Houdeng 9.059 pigeons
1st Chantilly 6.542 pigeons
1st Chantilly 6.404 p
1st Bourges 5.445 p
1st Chantilly 4.876 p
1st Chantilly 4.806 p
1st Pont St. Max 4.070 p
1st Chantilly 3.179 p
1st Etampes 3.102 p
1 st Orleans 2.593 p
1e St.Ghislain 1.133 p
1e Niergnies 3.161 p
1e Duffel 1.075 p
1e Strombeek 1.023 p

I think that I proved to you that Batenburg-van de Merwe is really the top of the bill of The Netherlands.
The story of the Batenburg family and the famous ‘Witbuik NL120/81’
Father Bas and son Hugo have been racing on the long distance for many years. I give you some results from 1990-1996:

Results Batenburg and son 1990-1996
1e National San Sebastian
2e National Dax
3e National Perpignan
11 e National Marseille
11 e National Bordeaux YL
14e National St. Vincent
14e National Perpignan
16e National Marseille
16e National Perpignan
2Oe National Marseille
21 e National Montauban
22e National Pau
26e National Tarbes
26e National San Sebastian
28e National Montauban
3Oe National Barcelona
31e National Carcassonne
31 e National Perpignan
4Oe National Barcelona.

his results were the result of having bred one super bird: WitbuikNL81/1533120’. It all began in 1980. Hugo got the hen ‘NL72/221371’ from his grandfather. The father of this hen was ‘NL71-1011040’ (direct Bakker Barendrecht) and the mother was direct from Lazeroms. The hen got lost as a youngsters but grandfather got it back one year later. The hen was raced and became a famous race bird on the long distance. All fanciers in the area new this hen, she could win 1st prizes! Hugo and Bas were glad with this gift and matched her by the end of the years with their best racer at that moment ‘NL78/322953’. This cock has won 11 times on the races 1000 km. The couple had only one youngster…. a beauty…NL81-1533120.

This late-bred was raced with excellent results:
14th national St-Vincent 16.629p
85th national St-Vincent 22.188p
146th national Dax 12.186p
300th national St-Vincent 19.343p

The first youngster that they have bred from NL120/81’or ‘Witbuik’ was ‘Bonte Kweker NL1273760/85’. The mother was ‘NL1597133/84 (100% Jan Aarden). These two cocks are amongst the best breeders ever in The Netherlands (the same level as ‘De Dolle’ or ‘Het Oud Doffertje’ or ‘De Spin’ or ‘Zilvervosje’. ‘Bonte Kweker’ was matched for several years to ‘Lourdes-duivin’ and to ‘Braakhuis duivin’. Both were successful. What a basic cock:

The father of
88/405: 16th nat. Perpignan, 22nd nat. Pau, 16th nat. Marseille, 192nd nat. St-Vincent
88/473: 60th nat. Perpignan, 91st nat. Pau, 119th nat. Perpignan, 144th nat. Pau, 150th nat. Dax
88/196: 7th nat. Pau, 21st nat. Perpignan
92/509: 41st nat. Perpignan, 50th nat. Pau, 87th nat. Pau
89/741: 73rd nat. Bergerac
87/772:69th nat. Dax
93/872: 1ste nat. Dax, 2nd nat. Dax, 126th nat. Bergerac

He is grandfather of
1st nat. Dax 12.979p, 10th nat. Montauban 5.711p, 11th nat. Marseille 2724p, 13th intern. Tarbes 6.603p, 18th nat. St-Vincent 7.999p, 8th World champion Very Long distance Versele-Laga 1999…
The birds of Bas and Hugo Batenburg had very good results on other lofts, many fanciers had success with their birds. The birds can win easy.

Results with birds from Batenburg and son 1991-1996
1st Internat. Barcelona Hens Felix Roosendaal
1st Nat. Bergerac C. v.d. Linden 16.828 d. 1996
1st Nat. Dax Felix Roosendaal 12.797 d. 1991
1st Nat. Dax J.H. den Haan 3.662 d. 1996
2e Nat. Cahors Chr.v.d.Velden 7.747 d. 1995
2e Nat. Orleans Piet v.d. Merwe 8.635 d. 1994
3e Nat. Tarbes Chr. v.d. Velden 1.541 d. 1996
4e Nat. Bordeaux J. Slangen 3.003 d. 1992
4e Nat. St.Vincent C. Sneekers 8.993 d. 1996
5e Nat. Carcasonne Bert Saarloos 1.371 d. 1994
5e Nat. St.Vincent H. Wijnands en Zn. 19.876 d. 1996
6e Nat. Barcelona D. van Es 10.575 d. 1993
6e Nat. Cahors T. de Regt 7.747 d. 1995
6e Nat. Bergerac P. de Zeeuw 16.828 d. 1996
6e Nat. Montauban A. Pegels 5.108 d. 1996
7e Nat. Pau A.P. Overwater 6.413 d. 1991
8e Nat. Carcasonne Mevr. Sturris 1.371 d. 1994
8e Nat. Pau Bert Saarloos 2.425 d. 1994
9e Nat. Dax J. Westdijk 4.620 d. 1995
10e Nat. Bergerac R. Hijwege 19.697 d. 1993

The birds of Bas and Hugo were sold in a public auction in 1996. The success was immense. It was one of the best auctions ever. Hugo started racing on his own. He started the partnership with his wife Anita van de Merwe. They could start with youngsters from the summer 1996, all from the breeders and racers that were sold in the auction. And the married couple got some birds from the father of Anita, Piet van de Merwe, one of the best middle distance racers in The Netherlands for many years. Hugo and Anita started breeding in 1997 and the good results started in 1999. Many other fanciers had success with the birds Batenburg-van de Merwe:

Results won by birds from Batenburg-van de Merwe 2000-2003
2002 1st International Pau 7.867 duiven - Pierre Verove (France) met 100% Batenburg bird
2003 1e National Mont de Marsan 7.245 d. - Ad Fortuin Strijen met 75% Batenburg-v.d. Merwe bird
2003 1st National Bergerac 28.402 d. - I. Van 't Land Naarden met 25% Batenburg bird
2003 1e National NPO Chantilly 13.953 d. - P. V.d. Merwe Dordrecht met 100% Batenburg-v.d. Merwe bird
2000 1e National Montauban 7.281 d. - G .I. van Kooten Krimpen a/d IJssel met 50% Batenburg bird
2003 1e National Bergerac 9.354 d. - 5e National St. Vincent 6.212 d.
2001 1e National Ace Pigeon - 2e National St. Vincent 6.330 d. - 5e National Mont de Marsan 3.902 d.
G.l. van Kooten Krimpen aid IJssel met 50% Batenburg bird
2003 2e Semi National Barcelona 3.915 d.- D. Van Es 's-Gravendeel met 50% Batenburg bird Witbuik)
2000 4eNationaal Perpignan 7.195 d. - 9th International Perpignan 18.426 d. - 5e International hens 3.703 d.
2002 1st Vincent 1.319 d. - 20e National St. Vincent 17.888 d. - A. Verhoeven Dinteloord met direct (100%) Batenburg- v.d. Merwe Pigeon
1e International Ace Pigeon Pau 1998-2002 - J. Polder Middelharnis met 50% Batenburg-v.d. Merwe Pigeon Witbuik)
Rambo- Barcelona van Fons van Ophuizen from Landgraaf is one of the best Barcelona birds in Europe and is 50% Batenburg (from Son Bonte Kweker)
Roger Senicourt from Gravelines (Frankrijk) many good results with Batenburg-v.d. Merwe duiven.
J.P .van Nederpelt Klaaswaal with 100% Batenburg-v .d. Merwe bird
2003 4e National NPO Ruffec 10.000 d. - G. Van Aken Wijk at Duurstede with 50% Batenburg bird Witbuik
2004 1st National Barcelona 7875p Vrosch-Meijers has blood Batenburg
2004 1st International Pau hens 1544p Delrue (France) has blood Batenburg
2004 1st National St-Vincent 6385p W. Schouten Strijen has blood Batenburg

Main racers and breeders in this loft Batenburg – van de Merwe
‘ Son Bonte Kweker NL1862047/95
The father is ‘Bonte Kweker NL1273760/85’; he is a son of ‘De Witbuik NL1533120/81’ (basic cock NL78/953 from Bas en Hugo Batenburg x basic hen NL72/371 from Barendrecht x Lazeroms) X ‘Mother Bonte Kweker NL84/133’ strain Jan Aarden. The mother is ‘NL2612847/93’ (NL2130067/91 Son Ruffec X Braakhuis duivin NL86/076). The father of ‘NL2130067/91’ is ‘Ruffec NL80/459’, halfbrother of ‘Witbuik’ and father of 3rd nat. Perpignan.
‘ Son Bonte Kweker’ is the father of 4th provincial Marseille, 184th nat. Marseille, 20th nat. St-Vincent 17.888p…

NL1449362/97 St-Vincent-doffer
11th nat. St-Vincent 8556p
Father of 86th nat. Mont de Marsan
Halfbrother of 4th nat. St-Vincent
26th nat. Tarbes
46th nat. Dax
62nd nat. St-Vincent
75th nat. Bergerac…
The father is ‘NL2181500/86’. He is direct from the Golden Pair of Piet van de Merwe (Dordrecht); the strain Tournier. The mother is ‘NL2129020/91’, daughter of basic cock ‘De Witbuik NL120/81’ X ‘Braakhuis duivin NL076/86’.

Grandfather of 2nd nat. Mont de Marsan 2003
The father is basic cock ‘De Witbuik NL120/81’ X ‘NL2905042/92’ (from Super 05, son ‘Bonte Kweker’ X NL 919/91)
Miss Bergerac NL1450565/97
13th nat. St-Vincent 7999p in 2000
15th nat. St-Vincent 8556p in 1999
14th nat. Bergerac 11.953p in 2000
27th nat. Bergerac 14.284p in 1999
583rd nat. Bergerac 16.843p in 1998
She is one of the best hens that have ever raced on St-Vincent and Bergerac. See against how many birds!!!
The father is ‘NL2204414/96’ , Batenburg-van de Merwe. He is 100% Piet van de Merwe. The father is’NL2181500/86’, son golden pair and the mother is ‘NL5587122/95, Tournier x Janssen. The mother of ‘Miss Bergerac’ is ‘NL2204405/96’(from Super 05 X NL744/89 daughter ‘Lourdes’). She is a basic hen in the loft Batenburg-van de Merwe.

This basic hen is the mother of ‘Miss Bergerac’. The father is ‘NL1763405/88= Super 05’; He won 16th nat. Perpignan, 16th nat. Marseille, 22nd nat. Pau, 192nd nat. St-Vincent… He is a son of one of the best pairs: ‘Bonte Kweker’ X ‘Braakhuis duivin’. The mother is ‘NL1239744/89’, a daughter of NL228/86 (30th nat. Barcelona, 80th nat. Perpignan) X ‘Lourdes duivin’ (mother of 7-21-31-60-69-73-91-92-96 national).
2nd prov. Cahors 5658p
3rd nat. Cahors 7231p
1st Pont St Max 4071p
59th Bourges 4594p
3rd Niergnies 418p
The father is ‘NL1919187/95’(Batenburg X van den Eynden). The mother is ‘NL1505326/97’ , direct from Chr. Van de Velden but strain Batenburg X van de Velde)

1st Ace Pigeon long distance
25th nat. Dax 5617p
121st nat. Bordeaux 4856p
198th nat. Perpignan 7083p
The father is ‘NL2204406/96’(Super 05 x 744/89), the mother is ‘NL2551367/98’ (from ‘404/92’ Piet van de Merwe X NL029/93 De Wit brothers).

Guus NL1542254/2001
1st Ruffec 3108p
4th National Ruffec 9207p
The father is ‘NL554/96’, direct from Guus van Aken (strain Wim Muller, Jan Aarden, M. van Geel). The mother is ‘NL120/94’. She is from ‘161/93’ (son ‘Witbuik’) X ‘776/85’ (Marseille hen)
Hightech NL1826188/2001
4th National St-Vincent 6334p in 2004 (1000 km)
36th National Bordeaux 8149p (850 km)
349th National Montauban 6781p (893 km)
377th National Dax 9405p (986 km)
The father of this cock is ‘NL932/93 The Barcelona’ (strain Kees de Baat and father of 1st nat. Montauban, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon, 2nd Nat. St-Vincent, 4th nat. St-Vincent, 5th nat. Mont de Marsan…). The mother is ‘NL914/94 De Bergerac’, strain Batenburg (line Ruffec and Witbuik) but bred by Md. V d Meijden.