Bart Geerinckx (Wommelgem, BE) excels with two Olympiad Pigeons for Budapest 2015

Bart Geerinckx’ Acy and Sweety are not just two of Belgium’s very best racing birds, they will also be sent to the Budapest Olympiad, as 1st Olympiad Pigeon cat. C and 2nd Olympiad Pigeon Cat. for Belgium.

Pigeons have put Wommelgem on the map

We assume many people from around Antwerp are likely to associate the town of Wommelgem with traffic jams. Wommelgem is the beating heart of the beltway around Antwerp, and it is the place where most traffic jams are occurring.

Still, many people don’t mind the traffic, especially when they are on their way to the Wijnegem Shopping Center, a place where many families have spent quite a bit of money on clothes. However, we assume many fanciers are willing to beat the traffic for the pigeons, rather than for a visit to the nearby shopping center. After all, the pigeons from Wommelgem have gained a wordlwide reputation. One of the trendsetters in this area was Jos Soontjens, a world class fancier in the sprint and the middle distance. His pigeons were truly intelligent, had great character and were really fast. These prize winners are tough to beat!

His neighbour Luc Geerinckx proved a worthy successor. Luc achieved his first successes with the bloodlines of his mentor Jos Soontjens but he quickly shifted to the middle distance and eventually the provincial and national races of the longer middle distance and light long distance. Luc managed to add strength and endurance to his fast Soontjens pigeons, which was a key requirement for achieving success in the national longer middle distance and light long distance competition.

Successful crossings and well considered introductions have enabled the Geerinckx breed to become one of the leading teams in national competitions. This is a magnificent pigeon family that seems to have reached full potential, becoming one of the world’s strongest breeds for races of 350 to 650km. Luc laid the foundation of this breed but unfortunately he has not been able to really reap the rewards of his hard work. His son Bart and his partner Jurgen, who joined the team recently, appear ready to take over the loft. In fact they have managed to get the most out of the world class pigeon collection that his father and mentor Luc has left behind.

The passing of Luc Geerinckx in February 2012 was a sad loss of a great person. He was modest, kind, and most of all very clever and friendly. He would never lose balance and he was very down to earth. He had also mastered every pigeon fanciers’ skill, while also passing his knowledge to his son Bart and his assistant Jurgen. He continued to offer support and give advice even during his disease. The Geerinckx family has continued to keep pigeons using a straightforward approach – they believe that the fancier who makes the least mistakes and who gets the most out of his pigeons is most likely to make it to the top.

A tribute to his father; a future success story

Bart and Jurgen put in a great effort, not only to pay tribute to Luc, but also because they were eager to prove themselves as successful fanciers. They wanted to show the world that the Geerinckx pigeon family is and always will be a world class breed. Bart and Jurgen delivered excellent results already in 2012, with a crowning national first prize from Argenton against 12,390 pigeons, as well as the title of 1st Olympiad Pigeon all round in Nitra. Their results in the following seasons were even more spectacular: they repeated their feat from Argenton one year later, winning a first and second national Argenton against 16,363 old birds.
They won two national first prizes in two consecutive seasons, and 2014 was a great season as well, with 2 national first prizes in the zone and a provincial first prize. This is without doubt a top class pigeon breed!

Acy and Sweety, two Olympiad Pigeons for Budapest

The invaluable hen Acy was the eye catcher of 2014 in Belgium, as 1st Olympiad Pigeon Cat. B in Budapest, after having won the title of 2nd national ace pigeon longer middle distance KBDB in 2013.
Acy does not have to make the trip to Budapest on her own. Another exceptional racing hen from Wommelgem, loft mate and super class hen Sweety, will be going to Budapest as well, as 2nd Olympiad Pigeon Cat. B in Budapest. Sweety was also 9th nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB yearlings in 2013. 

Let's take a closer look at the two stars of today's Geerinckx breed:

-Acy BE12-6042459

1st Olympiad Pigeon 2015 Cat C Budapest
2nd National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB 2013
In 2014:
Bourges   Zone  3,750 p. 1
          Nat  22,663 p. 8
Montluçon Prov  1,400 p. 2
          Nat  14,230 p. 52
Tulle     Zone  1,817 p. 3
          Nat   5,976 p. 9
Souppes           484 p. 8
And in 2013:
Chateauroux Zone  865 p. 1
          Nat   6,005 p. 11
Montluçon Zone  3,721 p. 2
Argenton  Zone  3,519 p. 3
          Nat  22,463 p. 92
Argenton  Zone    832 p. 3
          Nat   6,801 p. 110

Sire: Fast Boy BE07-6229105
A proven racing bird and winner of an 11th Orleans 4,281 p., a 53rd La Souterraine 4,459 p., an 82nd Argenton 9,901 p. etc. He is a son of Rapido I BE04-2298053 x Witpen Bourgeske BE04-6202172

Dam: Glamour BE08-6259134
A great racing hen, winning a 3rd Chateauroux 2,611 p., a 23rd Argenton 5,763 p., a 72nd La Souterraine 4,459 p. etc. She is a direct daughter of Superstar Gladiator BE03-6460062 x Schoon Witpen Willy (a daughter of top class breeding pair Wittekop Sylvester x Willyke).
Click here for the full pedigree

-Sweety BE12-6042332

2nd Olympiad Pigeon Cat B 2015 Budapest
9th  Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB 2013 yearlings
In 2014
Bourges I   Zone  3,750 p. 7
            Nat  22,663 p. 120
Vierzon   I.Prov 10,480 p. 49
Bourges II  Zone  1,193 p. 8
            Nat   8,005 p. 102
In 2013:
Angerville        1,389 p. 2
Argenton II Zone    832 p. 2
            Nat   6,801 p. 63
Argenton I        3,519 p. 4
            Nat  22,463 p. 115
Bourges     Zone  1,842 p. 4
            Nat  11,883 p. 28
Chateauroux Zone    865 p. 9
            Nat   6,005 p. 91
Gueret            2,593 p. 38
            Nat  15,007 p. 317

Sire: Lion BE07-6229056
This pigeon has won a 1st Melun 565 p., a 1st Noyon 256 p., and a 72nd Nat. Bourges 11,756 p. He is a son of De Leeuw BE03-6277418 x Bourgeske BE01-6179491.

Dam: Zus Fantasy BE08-6259132
Winner of a 1st Noyon 432 p. She is a daughter of Geschelpte Kannibaal BE05-6054247 x Super Willy BE03-6460054 (and she is a daughter of the outstanding pair Wittekop Sylvester x Willyke).
Click here for the full pedigree

The invaluable bloodlines of Gladiator, Wittekop Sylvester and Willyke

A closer look at some of today’s best Geerinckx racing pigeons reveals that they all relate to the same bloodlines: Gladiator and Wittekop Sylvester x Willyke. These ionic Geerinckx pigeons are at the basis of this success story, and they have the ability to breed equally talented descendants.
This explains why fanciers from all over the world would like to introduce Geerinckx pigeons into their existing breed. After all, these bloodlines have allowed the Geerinckx loft to become one of Belgium's most successful lofts in the national longer middle distance and light long distance. Well done!

The references of Geerinckx pigeons in other lofts


Congratulation, supper fancier and greet person, wish you all the best.

Van harte gefeliciteerd...
Zo kan men ook zien, dat oudere soorten niet zo direct verdwijnen.
En men moet dus niet verlegen zijn te zeggen dat de soort van Theo Gilbert(totale verkoop 1985) Zulte nog steeds hoge ogen gooit in onze sport.
Ik schrijf dit omdat ik het kan ervaren in de "Wittekop Sylvester"
Trouwens de mooiste duif(m.i) op de tentoonstelling bij De Vroe was deel 2 koop 2 JOS.
Het is dezelfde lijn.


Felicitations pour les 2 as olympiques, encore 2 de plus
Je suis très comptant de l' introduction de tes pigeons le 'CHIPO S LAD' petit fils du wittekop gladiator
chez moi le chipo s lad est le père de 'BENNY' 5 FOIS 1 PRIX, 1.I.PROVINCIAL PITHIVIERS PLUS GRANDE VITESSE 3664 P,
en 2014 son frère le 'BART' 240/2013 a remporté 1.NANTEUIL 400 P, 1.MONTLUCON 320 P, 26 I.PROV. 3262 P.
Merci pour ta simplicité et ta gentillesse


Proficiat, topduiven en topgast !!

Minner Geert

Proficiat Bart !!

Heel goede duiven en superresultaten, zeker de laatste jaren ook op de nationaals.
Mooi dat je het werk van je vader met zoveel succes verderzet.

Gerry Conaert

Félicitations BART !!

Beau reportage et beaux résultats !!
A bientôt , certainement au phone..
Salutations Colombophiles.

Dear Bart
Congratulations, you've won the pigeons wonderful and very good results.
I hope to have more successes in the future.


Hi Bart,

Really impressive results to all fanciers in the world! Congradulation!

Hung / PIPA Vietnam Sales Agent

I wish you success.