Alfons and Helmut Klaas - Masters of One Loft Races

One Loft Races are popular in the pigeon world. The prize money which you can win in such races is inctredible. You can win 1000 or more Dollar in One Loft Races in the USA, China or South Africa.

Not many pigeon fancier are as successful in One Loft Races as Alfons and Helmut. They are not as well-known abroad as they are in Germany, but that will all change with this "Jewels of the Sky". It all started with the victory in the One Million Dollar Race in South Africa in 2007. The winning bird was "Konstantin" against 2.402 birds. In the same year they won the WORLD ACE Race in America (with 5 fllights). Also in 2007 they won the 22nd Prize in the "China-Race Beijing". It was the 2nd german pigeon against 2.200 birds. 2008 was another great year in Sun City with the 60th and 101st Prize. In the final race in 2011 they had 3 fast pigeons. "Maxi" the 13th, "Konsi" the 86th and "Cetah" the 197th Prize. And this certainly isn't the end of the story. Hardly anybody can produce such great results in One Loft Races.


En dan vermelden jullie nog niet eens dat Kitchenbrand in 2011 won met een duif gekweekt door Alfond Klaas ... Dus in feite heeft hij al 2x Sun City gewonnen ...