New auctions: Ivo Renders

Today, Tuesday February 27th, 1 new auction will start. This auction will end on Sunday March 11th. The Extreme Long Distance Auction will start on February 28th.
Ivo Renders (BE)
Complete racing team
Ivo Renders has been increasingly leaving his mark on modern-day pigeon racing in Belgium. He has had some spectacular results since switching over to the longer middle distance in 2010. Ivo has been winning an impressive number of prizes with just a small team of racing birds, including most notably the title of 1st Best Yearling of Belgium 6 races and 7 races PIPA Ranking 2017 with Eef. Today the entire racing team of this loft of champions will be sold in an exclusive PIPA auction!

This should give you an idea of the potential of the Renders racing bird: they win a 1st-2nd-3rd-6th Zone Montlucon YLs of 4,106 p. with just 14 pigeons in the basket, four 2nd prizes national, an 8th place in the national championship longer middle distance KBDB 2017, as well as a 3rd-4th-5th Nat. Champion KBDB in recent years. The icing on the cake is an unofficial title of National Ace Pigeon PIPA ranking yearlings, as well as a 6th and 7th Nat. with Eef, which will be the big star in this fantastic auction. Also included in this auction are Golden Willam (1st Prov. & 2nd Nat. Chateauroux), Viviane (1st Nat. Argenton 4,859 p. and 2nd National 22,319 p.) and such renowned ace pigeons as New Sproetje, Asduif 2016 and Grizzle Beauty.