Kuiper Racing Lofts (USA) wins 1st Victoria Falls hot spot race, which has nearly no bird losses

The end of the year is coming up, which means one loft racing in Africa is reaching its peak. The Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race has held its first hot spot race on Saturday 9 December. A race of 1,750 pigeons of which 1,713 (!) returned home. An excellent balance and perfect race, won by Kuiper Racing Lofts (USA).

All pigeons were liberated from Dete Cross Roads, 133 km southeast of the loft. Visibility in the early morning was not bright because of cloud cover, so the pigeons were not liberated at sunrise but held for fifteen minutes. After liberation, the birds cleared quickly and headed off with a slight tail wind of 11 km per hour. The figures of this year's first hot spot race:

  • 1,750 pigeons were basketed
  • 136 pigeons arrived in the first 5 minutes
  • 203 pigeons arrived in the first 15 minutes
  • 1,053 pigeons arrived in the first 1 hour
  • 1,627 pigeons arrived in the first 2 hours
  • only 37 out of 1,750 pigeons missing when the race was stopped

The following fanciers took the first ten prize money positions:

Pigeons are generally split up by attacks from the high population of raptors. This makes it essential for pigeons to quickly re-orientate and continue flying to return in reasonable time.

The ace bird competition has 883 entrants. This is only open to activated pigeons in normal teams (not venture birds). The standing after the first hot spot race is as follows:

Check out the full ace bird championship list here.