Informations à propos de l'amateur Loockx Guido


(20/06/2018) Guido Loockx (Tessenderlo, BE): Provinciale zege uit Valence veegt de spons over het miseriejaar 2017

Nadat hij vorig jaar geen enkele provinciale zege wist te behalen, trok Guido Loockx twee maand geleden vol goede moed naar de vluchten van dit seizoen. Op Valence pakte hij de 1e Provinciaal, waarmee hij een streep trekt onder 2017, een jaar met zieke duiven om snel te vergeten.


(27/08/2015) Guido Loockx (Tessenderlo, BE) has another great season with 2 provincial first prizes and a 1st interprovincial

Guido Loockx has been doing great in the longer middle distance competition this season, winning a 1st provincial Tulle old birds and a 1st interprovincial Bourges old birds this season, adding to a total of about 40 provincial victories.


(15/04/2015) Guido Loockx (Tessenderlo, BE) has a new Olympiad Pigeon in his loft with Olympic Violetta

Guido Loockx has no less than four Olympiad Pigeons on his impressive palmares, the first one being his stock pigeon Pantani, Olympiad Pigeon in Blackpool in 1999. Then came Mrs. Blue Sky (Dortmund '09), Kai-Mook (Poznan '11) and now Olympic Violetta (Budapest '15).


(03/10/2014) Guido Loockx (Tessenderlo, BE) takes well deserved provincial win from Guéret II old birds after strong second half of the season

Guido Loockx managed to win four consecutive top three prizes at provincial level in the national races in August. His consistent level of performance eventually resulted in a well deserved provincial first prize from Guéret II, with his black coloured one year old hen Zwarte Kenji taking the win against 293 old birds. In addition, the 168/11 finished in 6th provincial.


(26/02/2014) Guido Loockx (Tessenderlo, BE) performed successfully in 2013 as well

After a magnificent 2012, in which he won the title of National Champion Yearlings and the Gouden Duif Belgium, the difficult task of trying to perform equally well in 2013 awaited Guido Loockx. Guido succeeded in this, even though he says that often other birds than the first-nominated ones came home first.


(27/11/2012) 1er Champion National Yearlings RFCB 2012: le couronnement d'une saison exceptionnelle pour Guido Loockx (Tessenderlo, BE)

Cette année, les pigeons de Guido Loockx étaient en grande condition. Bilan final : Champion National Yearlings RFCB 2012. Mais la saison fut à ce point extraordinaire que d'autres succès sont venus récompenser les efforts de ce manager hors pair.


(08/06/2012) Guido Loockx (Tessenderlo, BE) kent mysterieuze seizoensstart

Guido Loockx voorstellen is een open deur intrappen. Totaal overbodig, maar voor diegene die de laatste decennia in een winterslaap verkeerden: vader van twee bengels (Lennert en Luka), getrouwd met Helga, fulltime huisman na een carrière in de banksector én een uitstekende duivenmelker die zijn sporen meer dan verdiend heeft op provinciale en nationale vluchten.


(26/09/2010) Guido Loockx - Tessenderlo (BE) has a top candidate Olympiad pigeon in his ‘Kai-Mook’!

The region of Tessenderlo was repeatedly in the pigeon news during the last few seasons… especially in the provincial and national ‘extreme middle distance’ classics.


(09/06/2009) Verreckt-Ariën and Guido Loockx, Tessenderlo Surprise Chateauroux in Limburg from the 7th of June!

During the weekend of 6-7 June the Semi-National Chateauroux was on the calendar, a classic in the eastern half of our country. The weather gods put a ‘spoke’ in the wheels, because the rainclouds form Paris to the south of France, prevented the attendants from liberating the pigeons!